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Friday 3 December 2010

This post is going to be extremely random, but i HAD to blog about it!
I bet your all sitting there thinking.. oh is that it!? but to me, it's a proud moment!
It's one step closer to recovery and getting rid of these stupid crutches!
My operation wasn't simple either.. i'll give you an outline as to why & what happened.
I was bullied about the way i walked, so i got it checked out, i walked with both feet in-toeing. It was later found that i happen to have an 'inversion of my hips' which means that my pelvis is formed in such a way that my legs point inwards. I had my left leg operated on in 2007, and later again in 2008. On the 14th October 2010 i had my right leg operated on. The operation is called a 'Femoral Osteotomy' and required my leg to be opened, my thigh bone(femur) to be broken in half, twisted 35 to 40 degrees outwards and plated with 6 screws. I was in hospital for a week and it was extremely painful. In about a years time, i will have to have it operated on again to have the plate removed. I also need further work done to my pelvis and hip joint to stop me needing an early hip replacement. I had my operations done at RNOH Stanmore, which is a truly amazing hospital, and the physio they're currently giving me is amazing. (plus, he's extremely gorgeous!)
But yeah.. so this 'first step' literally for me is great!

I found this picture on a friends tumblr and had to save it!
I will definately be making these little beautys!
- A simple recipe for the cupcakes
- blue buttercream icing for the sky
- white buttercream icing for the clouds
- a little sweet to create the rainbow.
mmm going to be making these in the next couple days
they look DELICIOUS right!?


Unknown said...

awh congratulationnnssss! you are too cute, love those cupcakes too! that surgery sounds crazy painful :/

xoxo said...

Congratulations, that's AWESOME! Well done! :) And oh my, don't those cupcakes just look like the most magnificent things ever?!

Emily said...

Glad you're on the mend!! Sounds like you had to go through a lot so hopefully the worst is over. I don't think I've ever seen a prettier cupcake!x

Ife said...

OMG!! well done girly!! that is such a great achievement !! I hope evrything goes well for youu !!

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