Sunday 5 December 2010

 Cardigain - New Look
Dress - Topshop
Knitted Socks - River Island
Earrings - New Look

Todays outfit isn't something i'd usually wear because i really hate my legs due to my operations, but i thought ahwell, i'll take one for the team haha. So i'm wearing this dress which i bought in the summer for about £35, the colours really nice and pretty summery, but i thought teamed with a knitted cardigain it would make for a great winter outfit too. The cardigain was an item i also bought in the summer, but chunky knit cardigains have been really on trend this year and still are, and as it's in such a neutral colour i thought it would go well with this dress. The difficult decision was whether to wear tights or knee-high socks to keep myself warm,  i decided on knitted knee-high socks because i thought it brought the look together quite nicely and add a bit of edgyness to the look. This outfit would look nice with a pair of ankle boots or biker boots which would  bring the whole look together. Jewellery is kept very simple, i thought bracelets would be too much and that a necklace would draw attention to my bust so i refrained from wearing one. Instead i wore cute little victorian-plate like earrings and a fox rhinestone ring to jazz it up a bit. Also, i apologize for the frizzy hair, i really couldn't be bothered to anything with it as straightening it is such an effort with my fractured wrist.

001. I've had another extremely boring day, i've spent majority of the day infront of the sofa watchin Two and a Half Men. Such a funny show, it's brilliant and never fails to cheer me up!
002. Right, i've come to the conclusion that i'm definately going to do a GIVEAWAY which i'm going to finally announce on Wednesday evening, i just want to get the items first. The giveaway is going to consists of a purse size bottle of insolence perfume from a perfume giftset, an owl ring, a nail varnish or two from New Look, a face mask, some Christmas Chocolate, and maybe a couple others bits and pieces.
003. Every year around this time of year, a sledge, pulled by a car goes down my road and roads nearby with Christmas Carols blaring. People come to the door to collect money for charitys and the little kids are presented with little lollies. They've just come down my road now, and all my childhoods memories have come  flooding back about how i used to run out there in my pjs and slippers and watch the sledge as it went down the road. Oh, i used to be ever so cute haha.
004. What do you want for Christmas!? Me.. i want a cute little puppy so badly!


Serina said...

That dress is such a lovely colour! Thanks so much for the comment too x

Kaleido Mind said...

you remind me of emma watson;)

daraziivana said...

love the cardigan dear !!
very cool thing !
visit and follow my blog if you don't mind <3

Louder Than Silence said...

Cute - love the otk socks, and that ring is devine!

Sally x

All Made Up said...

Gorgeous outfit!! Absolutely love the cardigan and the colour combination is great. Oh and cool jewellery! :)

I want a puppy too! well not a puppy exactly but a friend of mine is looking for a new home for his little mini yorkie and I really really want it! Just not sure if it would get along with my dog and 2 cats ♥

Anonymous said...

I love the cardigan, it's very pretty.
I used to love Carol singing as a kid, we don't see them anymore where I live.

Voodle said...

if you don't mind me asking, what have you done to hurt yourself?!?!
your hair looks lighter than it usually does on these pictures, maybe that's just me though :) hehe
and i frickin' love that ring too <3

Madeline said...

this is precious, you're stunning! <3

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