Friday 24 December 2010

jumper, top, skirt, tights, earrings, - topshop. ring, - accessorize.

Okay, so above there is more of less 3 different looks, all very simple too. So the orginal look is what i'm wearing in the first full-length picture. A brown slouch tee, so comfortable and goes with a lot of clothes. I decided to wear it with this coral waistband skirt, it's so dainty and is the kind of piece of clothing that can be worn in the summer and winter, very versatile. Teamed with black tights of a denier of 120 to bring the look together, it's too chilly to have bare legs, and i decided that tights would look better than knee-high knitted socks. Obviously, we all know that the artic weather has hit England, and we have disgusting minus temperatues to be dealing with, infact it's so cold that it's necesary to wear bundles of clothing in the house as heating isn't enough! I decided that this navy oversized jumper(still huge even in a size 6!) tucked into the skirt would bring a summer and winter look together, really keeps the warmth in too. In all honesty, i prefer the jumper tucked in, instead of hanging loose, because when it hangs loose i think it takes away all shape from the skirt and looks as if no effort has been made. However, when the jumper is tucked into the skirt, it oozes class for the fact that you can see the outfit has actually been thought about. I'm wearing gold jewellery as gold looks better with the coral colour of the skirt than silver. The gold buckle ring was a present for my birthday from my gorgeous boyfriend, it's really elegant i think, i'm also wearing gold studded earrings too, simple yet effective. Not too over the top, just how i like it!
-Someone asked for a closer picture of the rings i wear, unfortunately i don't have that good a camera, (will defniately be investing in one in the New Year though) this was the best i could do, check the last picture :)

Only 1 sleep left until Christmas day! ExcitedExcitedExcited!
Drinking Babycham - it's like Champayne. Parents decided to treat me to some of this yummy bevaerage as i'm too young to go out with all my friends who are nearlly all 18+, not to mentioned i couldn't go out anyways due to my leg& wrist.. but ohwells. Parents have just put all the presents under the tree.
Also.. my first Christmas as a vegetarian!


Louise said...

super cute outfits! i went to buy that top today but they never had my size :(
Hope you have a good christmas dear! xxxx

daisychain said...

Have a fabulous Christmas lovely

(I miss veggie Christmas dinners, I re-joined the dark side)

Tess said...

I love all these outfits.. you look so fabulous even with a broken arm!!
I'm following your amazing blog now!!

Merry Christmas!

cowbiscuits said...

chinchin! happy christmas have a great day mwah! xx

Golden Glow said...

You look like a young Mischa Barton! xx

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