Friday 31 December 2010

A pretty boring month, January was so long ago, i don't remember much. Um, my hair was brown! This is Me & Danny sitting, he's practically my big brother!

February made an impact on my life, so yes i actually remember quite a bit from there. Well the two guys i'm standing with i met in Tunisia in 2009 on holiday, made such good friendships that every few months they'll come and stay, and they stayed for 3 or 4 days in February half term. I remember them staying this time very well as they're was a lot going on with me. I had slipped on Christmas Eve 2009 on the ice and torn a nerve in my wrist, and i was prescribed this medicine which help nerve pain called amitriptyline, which is a tricyclic anti-depressant. I had severe side-effects to this medicine, so severe. Slight side effects consist of nausea, headaches, dizziness, etc. But i suffered from so severe that my mum nearlly had me admitted to hospital. I was suffering from mania, amnesia, suicidal thoughts, extreme paronoia and i wasn't sleeping. Apparently i packed my bags and drew loads of money out on planning to 'leave', i don't even remember doing this. I remember the boys staying, but that's about it. I can't tell you a thing that happened in February, it was horrible.

March was so very boring, don't remember a thing that happened and can't find any pictures, says it all really!

 The beginning of April was amazing, i loved it! My football tour to Holland with the football team. It was great. The fun coach journey from Amsterdam airport to Holland(such a long 2hours!), exploring the village, being followed by Dutch men, the football game, the bonding with the girls, the long bike ride. It was great! Once we came back from Holland, things went downhill for me, my nan had a stroke, i managed to dislocate my knee in the first football match back, my brother kept going to hospital was suspected appendicitis, my stressing about my GCSE exams, mum was down, then to top EVERYTHING off. due to the fact at this point i was still in a wrist splint as the nerve in my wrist wasn't healing, i was put on another type of anti-depressant for it called nortriptyline, which i reacted so badly to that i was hospitalized for 5 days, my breathing was bad and i didn't know who i was. So Yeah, first half of april = GREAT. second half of april = POO.

 Oh May, easily my favourite month i think. FINALLY FINISHING CHANCELLORS SCHOOL. I hated that school, it allowed me to be bullied so severely so the feeling of leaving was amazing! Don't get me wrong, was scary obviously as it'd be leaving friends and 6 weeks of exams.. but hello 3 months of summer! :D

 End of exams, and start of summer, whats not to love about June. My exams finished a week before prom which was good! Gave me time to relax and get a nice dress, shoes, clutch, have my nails done my first ever spray tan, my hair done.. ahh heaven! These pictures were me on my prom day :)

 The boys stayed again in July which was nice, loev spending time with them, they're so fab! Went to Wireless festival in Hyde Park which was amazing, apart from passing out at the end because of my M.E and having to have an ECG there and stuff, not good, but ohwells Have you heard of the artist Scorcher!? Well this is us here holding his towel which we managed to catch! Must say Tinie Tempah was actually amazing at Wireless to, as was Roll Deep!

August was the month of Holidays and exam results! Kavos for 10days which was amazing! Sun, Alcohol, Clubs...and managed to get a nice tan too! Then literally came home, had my nails redone, took out all my dirty clothes, repacked clean clothes, slept, and then went to the airport real early the next morning to fly out with the family to Tunisia for 2weeks. After my 10days of parting in holiday, my M.E caugght up with me. I spent the majority of my Tunisia holiday in bed, i managed to faint and trap a nerve in my neck which resulted in me being in a neckbrace and needing 3 god damn injections and breaking my toe, SO UNLUCKY haha! I came home after that holiday, and at home my exam results were awaiting! 1A, 3Bs, 5Cs, 2Ds... With an attendance of 47% i was ecstatic with those results! Oh also, me & sam finally got together on the 31st, after seeing eachother since May.. That was easily the best part of 2010.

 I decided on the date of my operation, which we scheduled for the 14th October, went to a few parties. started a new school and my a-levels which was scary. Decided to study Psychology, Drama and Media at a new school for A-levels, my boyfriends re-doing the year so he's still there and i have a few friends that go to that school who are either redoing the year like Sam or in their last year, i settled in quite nicely. Instantly preferred this school to my other one, everyones so nice! Also, got a definite diagnosis for my M.E, pretty sad, but we know i've defiantely had it a year prior so ohwelll.

 Hahaha, i had my preadmission for my operation, which i fainted at due to my bloodtest, and i also got diagnosed with a heart murmur., i find it pretty funny that the ward nurse i had in 2007 when i had my first leg operation remembered me really well 3 years later! I had my last day of school before my operation, and then come the 14th was admitted. A 4 hour operation which required my leg to be broken in half, twisted 35 degrees outwards, and plated with 6 screws, in an attempt to get me walk straight and make my hips better! I was in hospital for a week, but was meant to be in there for 2 weeks, but got discharged a week early as i was doing well. Oh morphine you beauty, i miss you haha! The day after i was discharged, my beautiful grandma died, r.i.p, and the day after that i slipped on my leg. October was horrible.

I'm 100% housebound since my operation, i think i left the house once and that was just to book ZANTE 2011 with Rosie & Joey for 10 nights, woooooo! I managed to fall twice on my leg, both times having to call an ambulance and be taken to hospital, one time i fell downstairs. Managed to fracture my wrist, which may need an operation. fml. Was also told that because of my M.E, i should either totally drop out of Sixth Form or continue with just one A-Level until the New School year (September 2011), otherwise i'm going to overdo it and end up in hospital. That was pretty stressful.

Found out that the bone in my leg isn't healing as well as they'd like which is annoying, hopefully it's gonna be a long but amazing recovery! My birthday wasn't very good, was feeling pretty low, argued with family and sam and got so so drunk on my own. But i got some lovely things. Christmas was a hell of a lot better though, got even more amazing gifts. It's now new years eve and i can't wait to say goodbye to this year. Bring on 2011. Hopefully will have amazing challenges and experiences!

Hope you all have a good New year!

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh you've had so many hurdles to overcome this year! I really admire the way you've just carried on though :) hope 2011 treats you better than 2010 did!

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