wow its chilly!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

the coldest part of my body all year round is always my hands, they always go blue!
& what's one thing i haven't purchased yet this winter?

yeah that's right.. a pair of gloves!
anyone know where i can get a nice pair from?


  1. Matalan have some cute ones in right now! I got a super cute pair from there a couple weeks back, fingerless but they have like a wee cover so they turn into mittens? So useful since i can't use my iphone with normal gloves.

  2. came across your blog today and i really like it!
    my boyfriend surprised me a few weeks ago and came home with cream cable knit mittens from h&m, they are fleece lined and so snug! but i want a pair of gloves too, i'd suggest accesorize if you want a matching set, i have my eye on some stripey fingerless gloves that convert to mittens


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