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Monday 8 November 2010

It's really beginning to annoy me. Okay, when you have CFS you usually have a food intolerance aswell. Wheat, Gluten, Lactose etc. Mine happens to be lactose, which means i really shouldn't consume dairy products because i get kind of ill. Whenever i do, i get extremely bloated and usually am sick within about 2/3 minuties of consuming it. It's so annoying, especially if when your on your period! The one thing i personally crave is chocolate. UGH. I don't like cheese or yoghurt much so that's alright, it's mostly chocolate. I've just eaten an extra large twix and a kinder egg, and it's literally bounced off my belly and come straight back up. It's so gross! It's really irritating me, because within about an hour, the chocolate craving is going to come back, and although i know i probably shouldn't eat it, because it's going to make me ill, i probably will! It's actually really hard not eating any dairy products! I'm  not a a big chocolate fan, but when i eat it, i eat a lot haha, same with ice-cream. I also LOVE pizza, but i can't really eat it, because of the cheese, and a cheeseless pizza, isn't really a pizza now is it! Hardest thing, this time of year, when i want to be all snuggled in bed, watching movies with a hot chocolate with whipped cream & marshmellows.. mm. but no.. i can't.AND when your favourite drink is  a frothy strawberry milkshake! now that was hard to stop drinking :'( Blah, ohwell, nothing i can do about it really. Probably shouldn't have written this actually because now all i want is either some chocolate or a milkshake...oops!

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