Just my luck!

Saturday 27 November 2010

Guess where I am right now?
In hospital, ugh :( I am not a happy bunny!
I fell downstairs and managed to hurt every part of my body!
They brought me to hospital by ambulance on a spinal board AND in a neck brace!
I've really hurt my right leg (one that had operation), my left ankle and right wrist :(
I can't be dealing with a possible fractured wrist/ankle!
I'm so angry, fed up + unhappy :(
I've had my xrays, just waiting for results, and even though I'm in a bad already, waiting time is still 2/3hours! blah.
Keep your fingers crossed for me!



Steph said...

Hope you're feeling better soooooon! x

Anonymous said...

wow, I am really sorry to hear that you took a spill down the stairs and the condition you're in. Hope you have a swift recovery!


jada and jon said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Feel free to come do some vintage shopping while waiting!!


Serina said...

Oh get well soon :(

And thanks so much for visiting/following xxx

Louise said...

I hope you get better soon! xxx

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