No one is invincible.

Wednesday 3 November 2010

The girl who seemed unbreakable, broke.
The girl who laughed, cried.
The girl that never stopped trying, gave up.
She dropped her fake smile as a tear rolled down her cheek
and she whispered to herself "I can't do this anymore"

I saw this and i had to copy it down. It just made realise how ignorant we can be. People are fighting different battles each day with mental, emotional and physical illnesses and they put on such a brave face so their feelings are not questioned. I suppose it makes us rather naive in some ways. Not one single person is invincible and is able to deal with everything life throws at them. Don't get me wrong, everyone deals with different things in different ways, and everyone copes differently, but when it comes down to it, everyone will eventually crumble. Just because someone stands there with a constant smile on their face, tries extremely hard at everything they do and tries to get by without complaining, does not mean that everythings is alright. Chances are that when asked how they're feeling they will reply with a simple 'im fine' to avoid anyone attempting to find out what they are struggling with. It makes me sad to think that people go by everyday battling such extremes and we turn a blind eye because we may not be able to see their pain, especially if the battling a mental or emotional illness. Physical illnesses are just as bad, because obviously if someone has has a traumatic physical illness, their emotions are going to be running sky-high, thats just an automatic effect. We are extremely naive to this though. NOT A SINGLE PERSON IS PERFECT. No one is able to handle everything life throws at them. A single compliment can brighten up someones day and a simple hello can bring a smile to many people. Imagine if you were the person that had said what i have quoted in red at the beginning of this post. To feel so low, to feel that not anyone can save you from that blackhole which is slowly beginning to swallow you up.  In my opinion, depression is one of the most awful, self-destructing mental ilnesses, having being diagnosed with it a couple years ago, i can safely say that in some ways, i can relate to the quote in red. I genuinly feel deeply for people suffering it, because i believe that unless you've experienced something, you can't begin to properly understand it. 

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