It's funny how things change

Thursday 4 November 2010

I miss times like this. Don't get me wrong, me and my brother are still close and all, but times like this. My hair was long and extremely dark brown, i didn't care how i looked, or what i wore, and i didn't have any worrys in the world. This was my second experience in Dubai, for Christmas with the family. I loved jumping into the pool first thing on Christmas morning fully clothed, not worrying about whether my hair was to go frizzy or my top riding up. Now things are totally different, i'm still up for a laugh, but i would worry about whether my hair was to go all frizzy, if my boobs were to fall out of my top, if my make-up was too run, etc etc etc. It's funny how over a period of about 10 years, things can drastically change. Back then, me and my brother were close, but not that close. My hair was long, always plaited and dark brown. I didn't care what i wore, how i looked, and i didn't wear make-up. I also didn't really care if i got in trouble with my parents, don't get me wrong, obviously i wasn't some little rebel, but i found it funny to disobey what they said. Now things are totally different, i wear make-up, i always care how i look, i worry about upsetting people constantly and my hair is shoulder length and blonde. Also, i have this thing called responsibility. To have nothing in the world to actually worry about, there are now so many things. I'm currently worrying about my A-Levels to a major extent, although i'm only doing my AS i've already started looking into Universitys, and what courses i'd like to do. I play football, and for the fact i can't play at the moment, i get so angry, hoping that i'm not letting the team down. I have an amazing boyfriend, who i'm scared i'll never be good enough for. Many things change. You can't help them, they just do. People come and go, people change their looks, their personality, they may move country. Things change, but there is always responsibilitys wherever you go. Such as looking after your pets, your siblings, your children, your parents, your house, your health, yourself!
In the picture at the top, myself and my brother were no older than about 7, we were totally carefree. Now, me being nearlly 17, and him nearlly 15, everythings change. With each new year, comes different responsibilites i suppose...But hey... that's life..

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Sara Luxe said...

such a beautifully written post

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