Friday 12 November 2010

I was extremely bored so decided that after my friend Hogla saying that fairies and rainbows are a reason to be happy, and us both argeeing that cupcakes ALSO make ya happy,  i decided was going to make myself some cupcakes, :) It was my plan to keep myself busy for a bit, and it definately did. A whole 3 hours infact!
So by this point i had made all the mixture, and was just about to put it into the cupcake bases and then into the oven and then James Tozer, Danny Turner and Kris North appeared at my house, what a lovely suprise right?!:) Especially when James + Danny offered to help me decorate a few.

So these are the first lot out the oven, made 18 altogether. They smelt sooo good! Look at all the decorations next to it that i used. Two bowls for differnet coloured icing, and i couldn't want to start decorating them to make them look all pretty and nom'able.

14 of my lovely cupcakes, i planned on taking a picture of all 18 of them, but before i got the chance to  James and Danny decorated and munched on 2 of them each haha! But yes, here are my lovely cupcakes. I decorated one for Hogla, considering the cupcake thing was our idea in a way to be happy haha! and then one for mummy, scott, dad, sam and ellie:)

James's amazing cake!
I managed to get a picture of it before he ate it,

To make 9 cakes you will need:
100g self-raising flour
100g butter
100g caster sugar
2 eggs

yes, it's that simple!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow love the much detail, they look yum x

Anonymous said...

yummmm! xx

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