Friday 19 November 2010

I think we all have our own views on what beauty is.
 Some will say beauty is from within, whereas others will say that beauty is only skin deep. Some will find the extremely thin beautiful, whereas others will find the extremely curvy. I personally believe that there is no wrong or right answer to what beauty is. I think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is a characteristic which everyone perceives differently. Everyone views beauty differently, and theres nothing wrong with that, and just because in your opinion you do not find someone beautiful, does not mean that they are not, because someone will find them beautiful. Beauty can also come in many forms, some of them being seduction, satisfaction, attractiveness, knowledge and pleasure. This reinforces my statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because everyone is different and different qualities will appeal to diffrerent people. Unfortunately, beauty is very stereotypical, and majority of people will say that just because you are  pretty on the outside means that you are beautiful. I don't think that's right in the slightest, because in many ways knowledge is much more beautiful, and useful then just having good looks. If you judge people just by their looks, you could be classed as being rather ignorant. What about people whom have been in serious car crashes or had a traumatic experience which has caused them to lose whatever looks they had? I feel sorry for these people, no, i don't pity them, i genuinely feel sorry for them. Imagine how they must feel now, knowing that society may brand them as being ugly because they've had to have their face reconstructed, or have had part of a limb removed due to a serious disease or traumatic event. It just shows us how shallow society really is. Society is also really ignorant when it comes to race and colour too. What makes the black different from the white? That's right nothing! I understand that everyone has their type, but that doesnt mean that someone whom isn't they're 'type' isn't beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own induvidual way, and although everyone likes to say that they themseleves are unique, which technically could make everyone the same, everyone actually has their own unqiue qualities, and this is what makes them their own induvidual person. Just because someone becomes a beauty queen or a supermodel, does not mean that they are beautiful. For some, yes that is beautiful, and that is beauty, and nothing else matters and although yes, they have a stunning faces or body, do they aquire other traits such as knowledge and courage?
everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! This is so weird! I look back at my feed after I posted my last post and I see a post about beauty! Sorry Courtz I didn't see you had posted one. It's a great post. If you want me to remove it that's fine. I think it's quite funny we were both thinking about beauty x

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