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Saturday 6 November 2010

This skirt and jumpsuit got my attention when i was browing around They're both quite odd and edgy pieces. I'm not entirely sure if i could pull of the jumpsuit, but i really hope so, its so gorgeous, and I'm also loving that skirt, it's very classy. I'd wear the skirt with a shirt tucked in and a black cardigain, which would match the belt, most likely teamed with knitted tights and a either a pair of brogues or small heels. The jumpsuit on the other hand, could easily be a day outfit, if worn with a pair of flats, but can immediately be transformed into a magnificent evening piece, by changing into a pair of black heels.Very classy and sexy, without being too sexy. In the day time could maybe be worn with a cardigain, either a simple black one, or a chunky clashing knitted one, and in the evening a black blazer. I think the jumpsuit is a little over-priced for what it is, but the design of it is very unique and i haven't seen anything quite like it before, and perhaps thats why the price is rather high. Although, that skirt is rather unusual, and not highly priced.

ASOS tailored belted high waisted mini skirt - tobacco - £36.00
ASOS tailored short sleever blazer jumpsuit - tobacco - £60.00

It's now 2am. I wish i could sleep... stupid insomnia. It's ridiculous. I'm exhausted constantly, being on cruthces is realy taking it out of me. It really doesn't help considering these last couple weeks i have been under an enormous amount of stress due to the tragic cirumstances of my grandmothers death a couple weeks ago and her funeral being this morning, which was very emotional, seeing my mum in bits constantly, not being able to walk, and being behind on school work, aswell as worrying about other medical problems. My CFS is also quite bad at the moment, which is expected as i'm not resting enough, which is suprising considering i can't move much. But i've got to rest mentally as well as physically, and with so much going on at the moment, it just hasn't bee feasable. Understandably, i'm feeling a bit down in the dumps, not going to lie, i am actually feeling quite sorry for myself. Don't get me wrong, i know that there are many people in this world who are in worse off situations then i am, but i suppose everyone feels like this sometimes, especially when it seems like a numerous amount of tragic things seem to be happening in such a short space of time. My anxiety's sky-high at the moment too, i think it's because i know, that obviously being on cruthces, people are going to be looking at me, because people do stand there and gaup at the less fortunate than themselves, thats what makes us human. It most definately doesn't help, when i'm the type of person who gets extremely worried and panicky at the thought of someone staring at me, or talking about me. I suppose you could say, that unless i'm performing on stage, i don't like the attention, no matter how much of an attention seeker i may appear due to my medical conditions which i cannot help. I think i needed to rant and vent my feelings a little, i understand if theres a few of you sitting there thinking "she's crazy", haha, i'm not, just rather emotional at this moment in time.

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