Who is Courtney?

Sunday 24 October 2010

I never really did an introduction to myself so i thought i'd write a little something here.. So my names Courtney, I'm 16 and from a small town in Hertfordshire, England. I'm extremely clumsy and have a love for the majorly weird things in life, the oppurtunitys, the experiences and the people just to name a few. I have a small love for football and i play for a team Welwyn Garden City Ladies, although due to my recent operation i shall not be playing till next season unforutunately. I have a love for fashion + photography, though it's more the analyzing of the photos and finding the hidden depths behind the image which interests me more than the actual taking of them but i am thinking of taking photography up as a hobby. I'm currently studying my A-levels at sixth form, Drama, Media and Psychology. Drama and Psychology is something that i have always been very passionate about, i love drama as it's really improved my confidence which was knocked due to servere bullying, and psychology is something i've always wanted to learn more about as it interests me greatly. I hope to go to University, possibly in Edinburgh once they are completed to study Law and Psychology and then become a lawyer who deals with people with psychological problems, or something that includes both Law and Pscyhology. I am one of those people who cares deeply about what other people think about me, i understand you can't be liked by everyone, you can't be friends with everyone, and that you can't please everyone. But i always try to keep people happy. I like it when people are happy, i like knowing that a compliment, or a simple please and thankyou or even a hello can make someones day. Seeing their face light up due to the fact someone has taken an acknowledgement to them makes me happy, just to know that their happy. I suppose you could say i like to please people. I don't think much of myself at all, i don't really know why, but i just don't, i put myself down a lot and find it extremely hard to accept a compliment and usually reply with "thankyou but i'm not" or something along those lines. I care for my family so much, i seriously would do anything for them. I'm quite close with my brother, he's 14 and the thought of him getting hurt or being upset makes me feel sick to the stomach. My mum does a lot of me, i wouldn't be here if it weren't for her, and i'm seriously grateful to have a mother like her. My dad and i have our ups and downs, alot. But he's a great guy at heart. I love them all, thats no secret, and i'm not ashamed to admit it. My real friends mean a hell of a lot to me as well, i'd do anything for them. Lastly my boyfriend, i adore you, you mean the world to me. I've been through a lot in these 16years, i've got many many medical problems, some which i don't feel appropriate to talk about on here, i lost a best friend at the age of 13, i was severely bullied, i've dealt with my dads alcoholism and some more things. But i'm still standing, still going strong. Something you need know about me, I'm a very strong minded person, and if i set my mind to something, i will do everything in my power to attempt to achieve it. Another thing, when i get in the zone of writing, i babble on for ages, so i suppose i should stop writing now. But yeah, thats an insight into who i am. :)

This Is Courtney Melville.

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