Saturday 23 October 2010

That was definately one of the most painful things i've experienced in a long time! For those of you who don't know, i had whats called a femoral osteotomy on the 14th October, which is a 3 hour operation that requires your leg to be broken in half and twisted, and then plated with around 5 or 6 screws. My right leg needed to be twisted 35 degrees outwards in the end, and i have a beautiful 7 inch scar healing quite nicely on the outside of my thigh. But on the plus side, when i've totally recovered, i will at last walk straightly! But anyways, i was just in the bathroom about to go to the toilet and i lost my balance, as i lost my balance i put my crutch on the scales accidently and slipped, therefore putting weight on my leg. I'm not meant to put weight on my leg for 6 weeks, so it's pretty dangerous that i've done that because it can lead to fracturing up the leg as the bone isn't healed properly. Fingers crossed it's okay, if it isn't any better in the next day or two i'll have to take a trip up to the much hated a&e just to get it x-rayed to ensure it's alright.

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