Tuesday 26 October 2010

I did a little modelling when i was younger, but nothing major, and it's kind of a fluke that i managed to get that job, considering it was nothing special. But the last month or so it's been really playing on my mind.Many people have told me that i'm really photogenic and that i should approach agenices; truth is, i wouldn't know where to start! I know i'm not that pretty, and i don't have a models figure, and i'm not tall enough, but i would love to model. Along with fashion and photography it is something that i'm very passionate about, it really interests me and i'd love to do it! It's something i hate admitting to people because i'm afraid they'll laugh at me. Although i think it really is every girls dream to be the next Kate Moss or be on the cover of Vogue, it's definately a dream of mine...


Law1sfab said...

just go for it, you have to give it a shoot. The greatest icons were once told 'your not right' or ' you won't make it' if you don't try and throw yourself into the unknown you will always regret not trying. Good luck and I hope you get somewhere, just have give any money to an agent, a real agent/model company will take a % from your client. xxxx

Anonymous said...

just do it :) if other people can see it then i am sure agencies will too :) just have some confidence keep your head high and go and do it, the worse that can happen is they say no. Wouldn't you rather give something a go rather than wonder what if? Good luck though! Nice blog


Anonymous said...

I know that agencies LOVE height. How tall are you?

Audrey♥ said...

go for it hun! Don't be embaressed or hate to tell people what your dream is. Anyway, your true friends will support you!
My nan used to be a model - even though she was not tall at all, although things were different then - models didn't starve themselves to be thin - the look had to be curvy.
You shouldn't worry about your height - agencies need all sorts of heights for things like clothing advertisements for shops etc.
I've thought about modelling too ..but like i've always been put off by height etc like you.

courtzmelv said...

thankyou for the support :)
+ i'm about 5'6.5" - not very tall at all :( i've always wanted to be about 5'9" but thats not going to happen ! :(

NURA said...

if you never try, you will never know!
(thanks for all your lovely comments!)

ASD said...

were in the same boat her cjjjjj.
have no clue where to start. i need to tone a bit and i recon i would be sorta sset?
dw i will mention you when im rich + famous ;)))
< 3333

courtzmelv said...

yupp, you've got more of a chance than me.. you don't need to tone -_-, pretty, long hair, tall, skinny.. ugh BITCH! andandand.. you best do hehe :P

ASD said...

yes i do!
i have put on 4 pounds :O wtf is this. salad from now on!
oh i will 'i thank my mum, cj. NOT MY DAD' ;))

courtzmelv said...

um.. shutup. no you don't..
and if your lucky it'll all have gone to your boobs ;) butbutbut... 4lbs abby? seriously, thats nothing! so shush:) ++ haha.. xx

zogabog said...

doo it, even if you arent tall enough you can do beauty modelling ;) (yeah i watch too much britains/americas next top model)

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