June Favourites 2015

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I haven't actually ever done a Favourites post on my blog before, but i thought it was about time i started to. Granted the photo backgrounds are not great as i'm yet to buy some background bits so for now these will have to do.  Below are 6 pictures of my favourite items and then at the bottoms you'll see that i've posted about my favourite songs, apps and what not.

Original Source Shower Gel in Lime: If any of you read my Boots Wishlist, which you can view here, you'll see i talked a little bit about this shower gel saying that i was going to repurchase it, and well, that's exactly what i did. I actually use this in the bath but it's my favourite wash item. It smells so much like lime, and it leaves my body smelling soo good! Out of the whole range that i've tried this is by far my favourite!

Oranges: I'm addicted! I more or less eat two oranges a day, i find them so enjoyable. Oranges are one of my favourite foods, juicy, delicious and healthy! I'm probably getting too much Vitamin C, but they're just so good!

Minions: If you didn't know already, i am Minion obsessed! If i ever see something thats's to do with minions nine times out of ten i will buy it. On the 26th June the Minion Movie came out and i haven't seen it and i'm actually very upset about it! In McDonalds right now, if you get a happy meal, it comes with a little Minion toy that says a couple of words.

Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Flats: These shoes are from New Look and i love them. I think they're a perfect Summer shoe and they can be worn with everything, shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts and they always look great. I love the simplicity of them, and i've been wearing them a lot throughout June. 

Primark PS Love Lipstick in Lollipop: This lipstick was £2 from Primark and is currently my favourite lipstick. You have to apply qutie a lot, but i think the lipstick is really pigmented. If you've seen some of my most recent Instagram posts, you'll see me wearing it. You can view my Instagram here.

FCUK Glasses: Because i've been spending a lot more time on the computer and really been trying to focus on my blog, i noticed that i probably should start wearing my glasses as i was getting headaches and my eyes felt strained. I found my latest prescription glasses in one of my drawers (probably about a year and a half old) and my eyes already feel a lot better, and i've been wearing them a lot. 

Aston Merrygold -Get Stupid: Does anyone remember JLS? Well Aston Merrygold was more or lesss the lead singer in that group, and now he's gone solo. I really like this songs, it's fun and upbeat and i just wanna start dancing around to it whenever it comes on! You can listen to the song here.
Rachel Platten - Fight Song: I hadn't heard of this artist until this song came out. This song is just beyond beautiful! The words really touch me and make me feel like i've got strength. Here are the lyrics from the chorus.
this is my fight song,
take back my life song
prove i'm alright song,
my powers turned on,
(starting right now) i'll be strong,
i'll play my fight song,
and i don't really care if nobody else believes,
because i've still got a lot of fight left in me.
Give this song a listen here.

Pinterest: I'm loving Pinterest and have really started using it more throughout June. I have a boards with posts from my blog, boards sharing my love for Victoria Beckham and even a board of yummy food! You can follow me here.
Simply Stats: I was introduced to this app by a girl called Becky during one of the bloggers chats. This app allows you to track your blog stats. It's kind of a condensed down version of Google Analytics and is actually understandable. If you struggle to understand Google Analytics i advise you to download this app.

So they are my June Favourites! Let me know what your favourites have been throughout June!

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OOTD: Casual Stripes

Sunday, 28 June 2015


I bought this black & white striped dress from New Look for a great price of £15, but unfortunately it's not available anymore. I have linked a similar one above for you guys though! My favourite thing about this dress is that it makes your eyes go funny if you're looking at it. I find it really amusing to be honest. Monochrome is always a winner in my eyes! I'm wearing this dress with a vintage cardigan that was once my Grandma's and i think it makes the outfit look a bit more casual! I'm loving pointed toe, ankle strap shoes at the moment, especially flats because i can't really go out in heels! They're so beautiful and perfect for the Summer! Jewellery is in the form of a variety of rings as a necklace would of been too much. I think this outfit would be great for a nice warm day either at a bbq or maybe at a picnic or something! I think my brightly coloured nails are perfect with this outfit as they add a pop of colour.

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GlossyBox June 2015

Friday, 26 June 2015


I recently re-subscribed to GlossyBox and i must say i am very impressed with the products i received. The last time i received a GlossyBox i was quite disappointed with what i was getting, maybe i was just getting a bit fed up of it. Since re-subscribing i think the content of the box has really improved, the products are very much up to date and they're actually things i will use. I'm yet to use these products but if i really like something i will be sure to either do a post about it or feature it in a favourites or something. I've taken quite a few photos that are posted below so you an have a look to see what i got.


Below are individual photos of the things i received in this months GlossyBox. As i've already said i am very impressed with the products, and i hope they continue to be this good over the upcoming months.

Flash Tattoos: If you haven't seen these in most shops and floating about the blogosphere then where have you been? Metallic tattoos are seriously on trend right now! I'm over the moon that these were in the box when i opened it, and i'm looking forward to using them, i just hope they stick well! This is the full size and would cost £6.50 if you were going to buy it.

Halo Fragrance Free Facial Wipes: I'm hoping that because they are fragrance free that they will actually be what it says on the packaging and that is 'suitable for sensitive skin'. I have incredibly sensitive skin and sometimes struggle finding good facial wipes that i can carry around with me. In this travel size pack yo get 10 wipes and the price is at £1.20 which i don't think is too bad for travel size wipes.

Kueshi AntiCellulite Booster: With this anti-cellulite product you're meant to massage it into your legs twice a day and for the full size, as shown above, i'm hoping that for £14.55 it actually does the job! I'm all about getting rid of cellulite, and although it's normal and everyone has it, i for one am not comfortable having it so i'm willing to try anything that may get rid of it.

MONU Spa Rosewood Reviving Mist: This product i actually have tried and really liked, it's for all skin types too which i think is great. It does what it says and really gives the skin a pick-me-up. It smells divine as well, and if a product smells nice and does what it's meant to, that's a winner for me. I'm even thinking of purchasing the full size for £11.95 though i have no where near finished this smaller size yet.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish: This nail varnish is £1.71 is a lovely royal blue colour, i think it's more of an Autumn/Winter shade than a Summer shade but that's just my personal opinion. Apparently this nail polish has a long-lasting gel formula that is meant to give you a fabulous shiny manicure. Currently i get my nails done at a salon, and will do for the foreseeable future, but i am interested in the formula, may try it out on my mum.

Let me know if you enjoyed seeing what's in this months GlossyBox and whether you'd like me to continue doing posts like these or if you'd rather have me try the product before posting a post like this.

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OOTD: Cocktail Hour

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

2 3 9 4 5 6 7 11 12 - Copy 7 10 1


I was sent this stunning dress to review from the lovely people over at House of Fraser and i absolutely love it. I think this is probably one of my favourite things i've been sent to review. The colours and the pattern are just so me! This would be the perfect dress to wear to a cocktail evening!

I really love the tulip style of this dress, i think if worn correctly with the suitable other pieces of clothing it can be very flattering. I decided to wear the dress with just a black pashmina as i wanted this look to be quite elegant and i always associate pashmina with being upperclass for some reason. I decided to also keep the shoes simple by just wearing some faux-suede black court shoes. I think the other black pieces of clothing with a dress this beautiful just completely capture the perfect look, I'm also wearing some silver rings as silver goes really well with the purple colour of the dress.

I'm going to a Wedding in October and i actually think this is the outfit i'm going to wear. It's perfect for a Wedding as the dress!

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Boots Wishlist

Monday, 22 June 2015

beauty collage

I'm trying to incorporate more beauty posts into my blog, and what better way to start then with a Boots wishlist! Above, i've put together a collage of 10 things i want, and the links above will take you straight to the page on the boots website! Now, let me tell you about why i want these products.

Firstly, i'm going to tell you about what i've tried, love and am going to be repurchasing. I love the Lime Shower Gel! If you haven't smelled it before, go to your local store and take a whiff of it, it smells so limey, and comes in a huge variety of flavours, such as lemon, mint and coconut. I've nearly run out of my beloved Rollerlash mascara, and i need to get to a Debenhams as soon as to repurchase it. If you haven't already bought this or tried it, where have you been? This curls my lashes so well, but it also adds length AND volume, what more could you ask for! I've tried the Soap & Glory Hand Food several times, if you can't tell by the title, it's a hand cream. It leaves my hands feeling so soft and it's got an average smell, but it does the job! The last thing i've also tried is the face mask, i find this range do good face masks for very cheap prices. I find the mud ones are a lot nicer than the peel off ones and do the job better.

Now on to things i haven't personally tried but have either heard reviews of or like the look of. The Smashbox primer mascara looks really good and i really like the idea of mascara primer as it just protects your lashes. I've started learning to contour and i've currently been using my concealer as a highlighter so i thought it was about time to buy one. This highlighter hopefully stands buy it's name 'Good To Glow' and hopefully really highlights your face in all the places you want it to, The reviews look good and this is something that i would like to try as it's really inexpensive at £4.99. Speaking of contour i actually need a contour brush as recently i have been using my fingers and a foundation brush, this flat contour brush is a must have for every girls make-up bag, it's pretty with it's rose gold handle and is a necessity for contouring. I have really sensitive skin, so when it comes to face products i have to be really careful. About a week ago i had an allergic reaction to a Soap & Glory face wash, it really irritated my skin and took about 4 days to clear up. Since then i have been using a Simple face wash and i thought as i know the Simple products agree with my face, that i might as well get the cleansing lotion. I'm new to skincare, so i'm not entirely sure what to do with it yet, i just know it's good for your skin, thank god for YouTube tutorials! I've never been able to curl my hair, or even add waves, i've always had to get my friends to do it as i find it impossible to do it with a straightener. When i saw this it was a definite for this wishlist. Firstly, it's rose gold, and who doesn't love rose gold! Secondly it has different parts that you attach to the wand, that will create different types of curls! It's quite expensive normally at around the £60 mark but it's currently on sale at £44.99. I really want to vary the lip products i own at the moment, and a high-end lip gloss is something i'd like to add to my make-up collection. I have a variety of drugstore and high-end lipsticks, but only one lipgloss. I've heard great reviews about this pure colur lipgloss, apparently the pigmentation is really good, i just hope it lasts a long time. There's a huge array of colours to choose from also!

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OOTD: Positive, Honest, Proud

Saturday, 20 June 2015

1 2 6 3 4 5 7 9 10 8 11

Today is a lovely day, the sun is shining and i just want to be sitting in a beer garden with a cocktail in my hand. But no, i'm stuck inside. But i've had quite a productive day as i've spent it catching up with loads of blogs! Haven't read blogs properly for a long time, so thought i'd login to my BlogLovin and start going through the huge amount of reading i need to do. I find reading blog posts is great for inspiration & motivation, as it can give you great ideas for your future posts, and you can see the different types of photography too.

This is a simple 'me' outfit. A top, blazer & a tube skirt and i'm ready to go. I thought i'd show you this outfit as i think it's quite nice. I bought this top from Boohoo and it came in the next day delivery along with the blazer i'm wearing and a couple other bits. (I didn't pay for next day delivery so was pleasantly surprised by this.) I love horoscopes, i don't avidly follow it, but every now and again i will have a little looksie and see what's going on in the world of a Sagittarius! This top has the symbol of my star sign with the words 'positive. honest. proud'. Well positive and proud are two things i am not though i try to be. I thought the tee was really cute and it was so inexpensive at £6! I've needed a new blazer for ages now, i think i said in my last post which you can view here, that all my blazers are tatty or don't fit me as nicely anymore, so i bought this one which was an absolute bargain at £15. Normally to get a cheap blazer that's still alright quality you need to be spending £25+ but when this arrived i instantly fell in love with it. It's so soft, and the layered pocket detailing that's shown in one of the photos above is just so cute. I thought a nice off-red tube skirt would look quite nice with this look, this skirt is ribbed and i just love, it's so comfortable! I'm not actually wearing smart shoes in this outfit *everybody screams*, i decided to wear some black plimsolls instead. Yes, i still more or less only wear black footwear (hopefully that changes soon), but i think they make this outfit look a bit more relaxed.

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