Spring has sprung

Thursday, 23 April 2015

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Dress: Fashion Union
Shoes, Sunglasses & Wire Ring: New Look
Rings: Primark
Nails: Barry M Speedy Quick Dry - Lap Of Honour

I bought this dress from New Look, it was in their part of the store where the boutiques are, and this dress was actually infact from Fashion Union. I love the colours on this dress, the pastel pink colour along with the grey and the black, and the pattern, come together to make a really beautiful dress. My favourite part of this dress and one of the main reasons of me buying it was due to the fact it's layered. I think the layered effect on dresses gives such a nice, flattering look, and for me i find it looks good on my figure, as well as me finding it really comfortable to wear. I have a couple layered dresses, but this is the first one with a print on it, and i really like it and am now on the hunt for more similar to this. I forgot to take a photo of my shoes in this outfit, but i'm wearing black patent loafers. Also, don't you think the blossom on the tree is just beautiful? I think it was such a nice background for these photos and it really compliments the dress.

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