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Thursday, 12 June 2014

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Dress: Glamorous via Charity Shop
Necklace(*): Lola & Grace
Sandals: New Look

Anyone that regularly reads my blog will know that i absolutely adore Charity Shops. Reasons being why i love them so much? Because i find beautiful pieces such as this dress in them. I love the colour of this dress, the pastel blue is perfect the summer season and i'm loving the pleats. I like how the back of the dress is maxi and the front is not, i think it creates a lovely piece. I thought this chunky necklace would go with the dress as the dress is quite plain and needs something to jazz it up a bit. Considering the hot weather here in the UK i'm wearing these pretty sandals to finish the look off.

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  1. Such a lovely dress and loving that necklace! xo


  2. The dress is really lovely and I love the design of the sandals!

  3. lovely sandals and what a great charity shop find.

  4. This is such a gorgeous outfit. Really beautiful.



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