On Wednesdays we wear pink

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

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Top & Necklace: New Look
Leggings: Boohoo
Shoes: Amazon

Another pair of gorgeous added to my collection. These tropical palm tree leggings are the newest pair. I'm loving the blue colour along with the black palm tree print, it's a bit different as opposed to a lot of tropical pieces out at the moment. I thought i'd wear these leggings with this pink top from New Look, i think they really compliment eachother. This pink top is rather new as well i bought it a few weeks ago and it's a firm favourite of mine. It's so simple that it can be very versatile. To top the outfit off i've added a 'ME' necklace and white flatform sandals.

I had to incorporate pink into my outfit today as it's the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls today, and obviously 'on Wednesdays we wear pink' hehe. Happy Wednesday!

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Colour and Mood

Saturday, 26 April 2014

New Look recently got in contact with me and asked me if i would do a post on colour and mood, the secret meaning behind those colours. Of course this was something i wanted to be a part of.

To see the New Look graphic to see what their views are on colour and mood click here


Anyone that regularly reads my blog knows that i love the colour BLACK. The reason i wear black a lot is because i feel safe in it, it's a colour i feel confident in and i think it leaves a lot to the imagination. I think most women feel the same about this colour and go to it as a safety option.

A colour i'm a big fan of is the colour PINK. I feel so girly wearing it, it really is enough to make any girl feel feminine and pretty. It's a perfect colour for summer too.
nl 3
A colour that i've recently started liking is BLUE. I prefer pastel blues to deeper blues as i think pastel blues give you more of a sweet look, whereas the deeper blues can make you look a bit too confident in my opinion.
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The colour YELLOW is something i wear occasionally. I think this colour gives a bold statement look. It makes you seem very outgoing, confident and bubbly. This colour is sure to get everyones attention.

RED is a colour which i think a lot of women like in small doses. It's such a romantic colour, and if you want a males attention, this is the colour to wear. It also shows you have power too.
nl 2
So, this is what i think the colours i say mean. Would you agree or disagree?

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Shoe shopping

Thursday, 24 April 2014

I've been recently browsing shoes online, (which have become my latest obsession) and i came across this site called Spartoo. They do many different types of shoes, from heels to plimsoles, in different colours and different styles.
Here are a few of my favourites.

These gorgeous white Victoria trainers are my first pick. They are perfect for the upcoming summer and will make a great addition to your outfit, turning it into more of a tomboy look. The heeled trainer are a lot nicer than the usual flat trainers and the pure white colour means that they can be worn with more or less anything with no limitations.

My second pink has to be these stunning Gwendolyn nude platform heels. Not only are they stunning, they are also bang on trend! The triangular studs add a bit of oomph to these heels. The ribbon on the front makes these look rather cute and would look perfect with a LBD.

These classy Ted Baker shoes are just fabulous. They are very smart shoes and would look great worn with most outfits. I'm loving the detailing on this shoe, as it really makes it stand out against other similar shoes.

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Calling all hearts

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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Two piece: Missguided
Coat: Ebay
Sandals: Amazon

I'd been looking for a two piece that wasn't a suit, and i came across this beautiful set on Missguided. Firstly, it's pink which is always a winner in my books, and the dogtooth print is really cute. I'm still not comfortable in crop tops, and i don't think they're very flattering on me, but i considering i've bought this two piece, i'm gonna have to get over it because it is too nice not to wear. I especially like the skirt, the style of it is a bit quirky and i think that's why i'm so drawn to it. I'm not wearing any jewellery with this outfit due to the fact that i think the faux fur coat is enough and i didn't want the jewellery to make the outfit look too over the top. I'm wearing my white flatform sandals which are really comfy and i think finish the lok nicely.

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I'm so fancy

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

xxx xx x xxxx DSCF4489 DSCF4487 DSCF4492
Coat: Ebay
Dress(*): Miss Luxe
Shoes: Amazon

The lovely people over at Miss Luxe sent me over this gorgeous black bodycon dress to style and review. As much as i love bodycon dresses i usually shy away from them due to the fact they're so figure hugging, showing all your lumps and bumps. As nervous as i was about putting this dress, it felt great to be back in a bodycon dress, i really do have a love-hate relationship with them. This dress is so me, and i love the leather look of it. The mesh panel in the middle is a really nice touch to the dress making it more edgy and making this the perfect dress to wow everyone come the evening. I though the dress would look nice with this faux fur pastel pink coat as opposed to any jewellery. It makes this dress look more glamorous instead of super sexy. I'm wearing a pair of white sandal flatforms to finish the outfit off.

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I know just what your thinking

Monday, 14 April 2014

DSCF4421 DSCF4422 DSCF4423 DSCF4426 DSCF4430 DSCF4432 DSCF4434
Blouse: H&M
Necklace(*): Lola & Grace
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: River Island

This blouse is relatively new, i bought it while on rehab (when i was at the hospital - it's when a few of us go into town.) I was really attracted the floral print on this blouse, the colours are gorgeous and really compliment one another. I like the way the blouse is designed so that it drapes a little, creating a really feminine look. I decided to wear this blouse with a cute little pink pleated skirt, again, i think the colours compliment each other, creating a nice outfit. For jewellery i've added a little chain necklace which i think goes really nicely with the outfit. For shoes i'm wearing a pair of brogues, i was going for a cute girly look with this outfit and i think with that pair of shoes i managed to achieve it.

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BarryM Gelly Hi Shine Pomegranate 332

Sunday, 13 April 2014

DSCF1727 DSCF1728 DSCF1731

I love BarryM nail varnishes, they're definitely my favourite brand that i've found out on the High Street and i was really looking forward to trying the Gelly Hi Shine range. I won this nail varnish in a giveaway, so was a great treat to be able to use on my nails.

It's a lovely dark pink shade, it looks a bit red, but it's definitely a reddy pink. I really like the shade, i think it's perfect for this season, and looks great with the majority of pieces of clothing.

 I only applied one coat, and that's all it really needed, which is great as opposed to having to wait to apply a second coat, but with this luckily you don't need to. The nail varnish doesn't chip easily, and lasts a long while. I'm writing this review 5 days after having the nail varnish on, and only now is it just beginning to chip, so with just the one coat, it does last a long while.

The packaging is simple, a glass square bottle, with the logo and brand written on the front. It's like all other BarryM packaging just what's written on the front is different.

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