Gomma Fashion

Friday, 29 November 2013


Gomma Fashion is a newly started up company by three induviduals, and they are based  Canada They're accessories are very unique, and are laser cut from natural rubber. Not only are the pieces unique but they are absolutely gorgeous too. The product does not break, or overheat, and they are weightless too. Their pieces are set to combine art and fashion by creating some lovely pieces of jewellery. Their first line of accessories, come in 3 colours, black, white and red, very classy colours.

Here you can see some of the products they have to offer.

How gorgeous are these necklaces, their designs are absolutely gorgeous, and i think these necklaces look so delicate and elegant. My favourite is the white one in the bottom right hand corner. I think it just looks so dainty and delicate and is very me.

Don't you think some of these bracelets look sort of tattoo like, i really love the look it gives. These bracelets are again, gorgeous and so fashionable. My favourite are the red one and the white one at the top, are think the look about them is just really fabulous and is definitely something i'd wear

I genuinely love each and everyone of these rings, they're so unique and i reckon would look great with whatever your wearing. The different styles of these rings are so attractive and they're so on trend right now.

Gomma Fashion are currently trying to get product funding by working with the Kickstarter initiative to start manufacturing their first collection that they've put together and are hoping to launch properly in Winter 2014.
The money from Kickstarter is their first stepping stone in hoping to make their dream become a reality, so please make a donation to them and in return you'll get a little gift for backing them. If you back them you'll have exclusive access to the items that they offer for the specific packages of a design of your own. You can see how to make a donation here. For example if you donate $12 you can get a ring with your choice of colour and design, plus a personalised thankyou card. So please get donating

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Treat me like bambi

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

x xx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx
Jumper: Miss Selfridge
Dress: New Look
I've had this jumper for ages, it's such a lovely colour don't you think? Knitwear is fabulous come the Winter months, i'm a big knitwear fan, i love getting all snug in it. I really like the deer print on the jumper, i think it's quite different to the majority of jumpers out there, and i just think the whole jumper is major cute. The deer print and the colour of the jumper compliment eachother really well. I'm wearing this jumper with a dress underneath, so i've worn it as a skirt, i feel really like a little girl in this outfit and all cute. The dress is quite flippy and i think the touch of grey goes really nicely with the pastel colour of the jumper.

So i've got an appointment with my psychiatrist this afternoon to find out more about when i'm going away, it'll all be explained as to where and why i'm going away the day before i leave. And tomorrow i've got an appointment with my support worker, it's the one i used to have, and i absolutely love her, she's just brilliant, so i'm realy looking forward to seeing her.

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Birthday & Christmas Wishlist #6

Monday, 25 November 2013


1. Karma Clothing Wine Velvet Dress 
2. New Look Chunky Necklace 
3. Mac Lipstick - Hang Up 
4. Boohoo neon-coral Blazer 
5. Honey & Spice Yankee Candle 
6. New Look Beanie Hat  
7. Fashion Union Cross Jumper
8. New Look Choker 
9. Topshop T-bar Shoes 
10. Topshop Bonjour Beanie Hat 
11. Boohoo Metallic Dress  
12. River Island Purse 
13. BarryM mnp1 
14 .BarryM mnp2 
15. BarryM mnp5 
16. Yankee Candle White Christmas 
17. Topshop Twist Fur Snood 
18. New Look Pork Pie Hat  
19. Topshop Knitted Cable Jumper 
20.  Topshop Big Floppy Hat 
21. Paper Chase Notepad 
22.Boohoo Embroidered Waist Dress 

My mum asked me what i wanted for my birthday which is on the 18th December, so i thought i'd devise a little wishlist to share with her and all my readers some of the things i'm lusting over at the moment. The pieces of clothing i've featured are gorgeous and so me and would be a great addition to my wardrobe. I want quite a few hats, i've really gotten into hats suprisingly. Really need some Christmas smells going through my house so that's why the Yankee Candles are on it. And as for the notepad, i'm just a bit notepad crazy haha.

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Week In Photos #48

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ribbet collage
Couldn't decide which one to have, but had the belgian mint and it was scrummy, cheeky little selfie, OOTD, took a selfie in the car, OOTD, in hospital selfie, on a drip in hospital..again, OOTD, selfie.

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Make my day brighter

Friday, 22 November 2013

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Blazer: Topshop via Charity Shop
Pashmina: Market
Dress: New Look

I love pashminas, i think they're so versatile, and are such a great accessory to have, and a black one just goes with everything. I'm wearing this little grey dress from New Look, plain and simple was the look i was going for. I've tried to do a pastel colour block, by adding the pastel pink blazer again the grey which i think is a really nice touch and the pashmina is just a great addition to the outfit, totally works with the colour block that i'm going for. I think simple outfits can be so nice as opposed the constant patterns going around this season.

I'm going away for a few months in the next couple weeks, so if any of you would like to guest post for me, let me know as i'd love to have as many guest bloggers as possible.

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A frosty morning

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

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Jacket: Selfridges via Charity Shop
Dress & Ring: New Look
I love tartan, i love tartan, i love tartan. There, i said it. It's my fashion must have this season, and i think it's just fabulous! This dress i bought last year from the kids range at New Look, it's a bit snug, but besides that it fits nicely, i'm so glad i bought it, it was such a bargain too. I've decided to wear it with this white jacket, which i think really compliments the dress, despite the jacket being a couple sizes too big. The pattern on the jacket is really subtle and sweet and i think it really looks good with the tartan print on the dress. I didn't think there was much need for too much jewellery, so i've only added a double fingered ring, which totally contrasts the whole outfit, but i think it works.

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte 107 by Kate Moss

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

DSCF1732 DSCF1734 DSCF1739

Personally, i really love this lipstick. It's one of my most favourites that i own. Not only is it a lovely colour, at a great dark shade of red, but it also leaves a lovely finished look. It lasts quite long on the lips and doesn't fade too quickly, lasting a good couple hours before needing to reapply.

It's got a lovely watermelon smell to it too, which is really appealing if you like lipsticks that smell, it's not too overpowering, but at least if i was kissing anyone, my kisses would taste sweet hehe.

The packaging is nice and simple, a lovely red casing, with 'Kate' and a little heart daintily written on the lid, and it's easy to get into instead of being a bit fiddly like some lipsticks

As you can see in the last photo, it looks lovely on the lips, and is great for this season. 

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Shine a little light

Monday, 18 November 2013

X XX xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx
Jumper: Hackett
Shorts: New Look
Necklace: ASOS Marketplace
So i got this mens jumper from a Charity Shop and absolutely love it, not only is it pure wool, making it extremely comfy and warm, but it's also a lovely shade of red. I like that it's got quite a high neck, well it is a mens jumper after all, but i think it's perfect for this Winter season. Definitely invest in a mens woolen jumper if you can't handle the cold, like me. I love these faux leather shorts from New Look, definitely one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe at the moment, i think they're great throughout the seasons, and can create such a fabulous look. I decided to wear my hair in a high bun today, to create the fierce look i was after, as opposed to the usual hair down look. I love this little necklace too, i think it really finishes the look off, and has such a pretty, yet grungey pattern on it.

So, nothing new is going on in my life really. I genuinely must lead the most boring life possible. No work and no studying, makes for a very bored Courtney. But it's down to health issues, not because i don't want to. I've got two hospital appointments this week, i've got my Psychiatrist tomorrow, which shall be, uhm...interesting to say the least and i've got my Occupational Therapist on Thursday which shall be good to see, as it's been well over a month. But yes, that's the life of Courtney. Hospital, Hospital, Hospital. lol.

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Week In Photos #47

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Ribbet collage
Karma Clothing dress, off to hospital for my procedure, 6th on up&coming on bloglovin in the fashion category, so so depressed, Pussycat London dress, in hospital again feeling sorry for myself, in hospital on a drip, selfie, BarryM Gelly nail paint, OOTD, lunch, reached 1st on bloglovin up&coming in the fashion category

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