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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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Blazer: Planet
Shirt: Next
Shorts: New Look

Thought i'd embrace the pink trend today by wearing two different shades of pink together and creating this outfit. I've had this shirt for a couple of years, it's nice and baggy and a lovely pastel shade. The shorts were a birthday present i got a couple years ago too and i'm loving the brightness of them, they're high-waisted and sit really nicely. I've tucked the shirt in and added this blazer to smarten up the outfit, making it just that tad classier. Due to the shorts being high-waisted the sit quite highly showing quite a lot of leg, something i'm not a fan of, i'd be a lot happier if the shorts were a big longer. Personally i think this is quite a loud outfit, the colours, especially from the shorts, really shout at you, and the colours compliment one another so well and the blazer really brings the outfit altogether.

I'm going to an AX Paris Event tomorrow, let me know if your going as i'd love to meet as many of my readers and other bloggers as possible. I don't really want to take my crutch but i think i'm going to have to take it with me and perhaps leave it in a cloakroom or something. I'm also taking a chance by wearing wedges, so wish me luck! #AxParty!

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! You look lovely xx


  2. Wow, this outfit is sexy! I love the professional, yet playfulness, particularly with the brightly colored, high-wasted shorts. Super adorbs <3


  3. Love the outfit; I'd never have considered wearing different shades of pink together.

  4. Love the clean lines of this outfit! And I really love the color combination you chose + I think I have a crush on those shorts- they are so cute! :)
    And you did a great job on your makeup- love the blush you are using! :)

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  5. I love your hair blonde! Can I have your hairdressers details?


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