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Monday, 5 August 2013

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Dress: Miss Selfridge
Blazer: Next via Charity Shop
Necklace & Ring: (*) Papa East
I decided to put this outfit together based on the jewellery that i was so kindly sent from Papa East, a fabulous online jewellery store. They sent me 3 pieces, a necklace, ring and bracelet, but unfortunately i couldn't incorporate the bracelet into the outfit, as it's way to big and wont' even stay on my wrist. The 'love' necklace is major cute, and i love the script that it's written in, something i would definitely buy. The victorian style ring is fabulous too, again, something that is so me. This outfit i've tried to keep quite simple by adding this red army-esque jacket to a simple black dress, making the jacket pop.

In other news, i went Charity Shop shopping today, and i seriously am the queen when it comes to doing some shopping in there! I bought some incredible bits, including a pair of shoes, which i would normally shy away from.

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  1. The Love necklace looks great, it'd go with so many outfits too! Lovely photos x

  2. Can I just have your wardrobe please? haha, honestly all of your outfits are amazing! xx

  3. Love this outfit courtney! The structure of the jacket and the dress go so well together - so jealous the jacket is from a charity shop so I can't buy it haha.

    L x

  4. Cute dress, love the shape its very flattering!


  5. Such a cool blazer!


  6. That blazer is amazing, it reminds me so much of the My Chemical Romance video for the black parade - I always wanted one SO bad! xx

  7. Gorgeous outfit, i love the dress & blazer! x

  8. You look gorgeous! The blazer is really pretty!


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