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Thursday, 11 July 2013

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Dress: Motel Rocks
Pashmina: Market

I'd being eyeing up this dress which also comes in a playsuit for ages, i couldn't decide which i prefer, but i thought the dress was more 'me'. I absolutely adore the colour and pattern, it's got a lovely Victorian theme about it, which is something i've always been a major lover of. The light blue colour is perfect for the Summer, and i love the off shoulder look, i've never actually owned anything that sits like this, so that's what actually made me prefer this to the playsuit. I decide i want to keep the classy theme, and due to the fabulous weather we have here in England at the moment, i decided to keep the breeze off of me by adding this black pashmina, i think it really compliments the dress too. No video for this post i'm afraid, the heat was killing me!

So i've recently been dating this guy, and for once, things are going really well at the moment, weird right, i never have any good luck. He's such a gentleman and just genuinely lovely, and i'm going on my 3rd date with him on Sunday for dinner and to see Despicable Me 2 (can't wait), so keep your fingers crossed for me that it continues to go well! I've also been looking after mumsy who recently had an operation on her elbow and shoulder, bless her - she's so frustrated not being able to do anything!

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  1. Gorgeous dress! Hope your date goes well on Sunday x

  2. Love the off the shoulder style this dress has! Enjoy your date!!

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  3. The dress is really pretty and it looks so classy styled with the pashmina! I think it gets some sort of hollywood glamour feel to it.
    Hope your dates goes well, darling!

    Isabela ♡

  4. The dress is gorgeous, and how is your tummy so flat?? Haha, jealous!

    Good luck for sunday, are you going to do a post on your outfit? Please do!

    L x

  5. Hope your mums recovering well - also good luck with date three, keep me informed! This dress is lovely xxx

  6. cool dress pattern, nice post!


    New Post!

  7. This is stunning, I lvoe the scarf with the dress xo

  8. I love this dress, and you have such a lovely figure too :) Claire xx

    PS - hope the date went well!

  9. What a lovely summer outfit, especially now we have the perfect weather for it! You look wonderful! Hope your date was good :)


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