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Saturday, 15 June 2013

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Hat: Peacocks
Shirt: Market
Blazer: Valentino via Charity Shop
Leggings: H&M
Necklace, Ring & Earrings: New Look
Nails: Barry M 134

I got this shirt from a Market in Camden a good while ago, it's quite long so it's something i only ever tend to pair with leggings, as i have done today. I was going to just lounge about in it, but thought i'd jazz it up and do an outfit post so tada! I'm wearing this hat and gold jewellery to add a bit of a grunge touch to the look, as well as still making sure i look smart, appropriate and not too OTT. The blazer just adds pure class, it's chunky, and it's warm and it goes with practically anything. It's quite a simple outfit today, but i've tried to make it more fashionable by adding the accessories and the hat. I'm wearing quite a bit of jewellery for me today to be honest, usually i'll just stick to a ring or a bracelet, but today i went for the whole shabang, and i actually quite like it, and thinks it really makes the outfit.

I went to a carboot sale today with the mumma, it was lovely and a lot bigger than expected. We were there for about 10 minutes and then it decided to absolutely chuck it down with rain (damn you English weather) I managed to still buy a couple pieces of clothing, and an extra fathers day gift for the father who is golf obsessed, so that was really good. Went for a coffee after to get away from the rain and checked out one of the Charity Shops, where i bought a couple nice bits which i'll be sure to show you at some point this week.

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  1. Great video hun! Wonderful finds, xoxo.

  2. YOu look stunning, I love the colour of the shirt xo

  3. you look amazinggg! love the hat - really finishes the outfit off!

    bec X

  4. Beautiful outfit, you look gorgeous! Love that hat xx

  5. really like the colour of that top, great necklace too!

  6. perfect mix and you look so gorgeous <3

    Im following you, hope you will follow back, kisses <3

  7. I love this outfit, you look amazing. I especially love the shirt, the colour looks gorgeous on you! x


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