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Friday, 24 May 2013

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Dress: Tesco
Blazer: Topshop
Necklace: New Look
Different location for my photos just for today as it was pouring with rain outside, and as our house is being done up, i took full advantage of the blank wall haha. This blazer features in many of my outfit posts, since buying it, it's definitely my favourite item in my wardrobe! This dress is very 40's, so i tried to put my own twist on it, by adding the gold necklace and trying to modernize it a bit with the added blazer too. I love the black & white dots, anything black and white just always looks so smart!

So i'm waiting on my friend who i'm going for drinks with tonight, first time going out without my mum in about a month, so a big step for me. I'm also meant to be going to an EDS Fete tomorrow, will be good to meet some fellow sufferers! Busy weekend for me, but i really need to start stepping out my comfort zone otherwise i'm not going to get anywhere in life. I hope y'all have a good weekend.
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  1. I love the simplicity of this outfit, the necklace is adorable xo

  2. great look!!
    love the polka dots dress!

    Meital from Très Jolie fashion blog

  3. You look lovely girl!! I really adore that polka dot dress, especially paired with that blazer! Beautiful :) xo

  4. The dress is really pretty! X

  5. Looks lovely!xx



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