Quiz Clothing: Review

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I was recently contacted by Alice on behalf of Quiz Clothing, a fashion retailer at affordable prices. I was asked if i could give my views and opinions on how to look good this S/S13, as well as being able to keep warm on those chilly days!
Quiz Clothing is a clothing brand i have heard of, and i think bought from before, but honestly i've never really paid much attention to their products. They offer a variety of clothing while keeping up with the fashion trends and their prices are really reasonable. They've got a nice, easy to navigate website, with a simple design and bold logo.


For this outfit, i've incorporated a variety of graphic prints into it with the skirt and the tee. The pastel pink will look great tucked into this weird, yet wonderful skirt. Graphic print is on trend right now, along with pastels so these two little pieces will look great together. These cute little knee length socks will really add that missing oomph that was needed in this outfit, accompanied by these lovely pink pumps. This outfit would look great with or without something to keep you that bit warmer, but for warmth this biker jacket will sit nicely and really bring out the print on the skirt. There is no jewellery with this outfit as i think there is enoguh going on colour and print wise already.
quiz look2


With this outfit i've gone for a monochrome look, simple. I think the monochrome trend, which is huge right now, is great and it's always good to experiment with different pieces as this black & white theme, in my opinion, is a winner. I've gone for a bodycon midi alphabet print dress which is beautiful, the detailing is so quirky. Worn with a spike necklace and a pair of creepers, makes the outfit that extra bit interesting by giving it an edgier look. Then with a white shrug to totally contrast the shoes and necklace works making it more 
eye-catching as the pop of white draws your eyes to the white letter detailing on the dress.
quiz look1


For this last outfit, to keep it Spring and fresh i've decided to pair this pink neon flowered lace crop top, with these white flower print jeggings. I think the pop of neon pink. against the white really enhances both colours, making them more bright to the eye, and the floral lace pattern seems very similar to the pattern on the jeggings, which i think is just beautiful. Wearing this crop top would obviously make you more susceptible to the cold, so this chunky fur knit is the perfect piece. You can't go wrong with a faux fur coat, they are extremely warm and extremely fashionable. To top this little outfit off these studs on the pumps will look great when you've got these dangly earrings in, they will really compliment each other.    
quiz look3

So these are my views and opinions of outfits that i think would be great for this S/S13, allowing you to keep fashionable and warm. What do you think views? Do you disagree with any? I would love to know your opinions!

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Jigsaw S/S13 Dresses: Review

Monday, 25 February 2013

I was recently contacted by Rashed on behalf of the the fashion retailer, Jigsaw. He asked me if i would like to collaborate with Jigsaw in writing a review on their Spring/Summer collection of dresses
Jigsaw Clothing was a clothing brand i had never heard of before so i was quite eager to have a snoop on their website and see what their collection had to offer. Their website is well designed and has a lovely black and white theme to it, which for a minimalist like me, i quite liked.

Looking at the dresses that Jigsaw are selling in their Spring/Summer collection, the length varies between knee length, and just below the knee. This is a great selling point, as they are appealing to a variety of women, as these dresses can be worn by any age respectably, at work, at a dinner out, or for an evening out with your friends. Their dresses fit in with the current trends this S/S13 by incorporating floral, graphics, black, and pencil skirts, which are set to be huge. A lot of their dresses are much like the style of the dresses back in the 60's, another current trend. I think we can safely say that - yes, the dresses at Jigsaw are definitely something you'd want to be seen in, especially if you do follow the trends and want to look good. I've always been a lover of the monochrome trend, so personally, i would see myself in one of their black dresses. Below are a few of their dresses:
jigsaw dresses

As with all dresses, most people have their favourites, and yes, with this collection, there are some that i do favourite over others, for different reasons. For example, i prefer black on me as i think it makes me look slimmer, therefore making me feel more comfortable, hence why two of the dresses that are my favourites are black.

Dress 1 - My favourite of the four dresses. I'm a sucker for monochrome styling and a peter-pan collar. It looks like it sits really nicely when worn too.
Dress 2 - A teal, scoop neck, floaty dress that's fit for the day & night. You can't go wrong with this dress in your outfit as it's perfect to wear for any occasion. Due to it being floaty, if your bloated, you can still wear this, feel comfortable and enjoy yourself without having to worry.
Dress 3 - This is a wrap style dress, its bound to make you look sophisticated as well as stylish. The colours from the floral pattern are warm, which means that this dress shouldn't be a problem to wear and accessorize.
Dress 4 - This slight A-line shift dress allow you to look smart and casual for wherever your going, so if your one of those people who always likes to look like you've made an effort all the time, this is the dress for you.
1 3 4
jigsaw favs

Unfortunately, i don't have the funds at the moment to be able to treat myself to one of these beautiful dresses. They range from between £50 and £150.. But i definitely would treat myself if i could! But for now i'll have to stick to browsing through they're website. For anyone that is looking to buy a dress from them, they have free standard p&p on UK orders over £100, and  free UK returns.

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Week In Photos #15

Sunday, 24 February 2013

fanta zero mmm my fav, my blog diary i created, sorting out all my clothes made for a messy room, lipstick stain on while drinking tea, my boohoo package, one of my finalised photos from my photo shoot, on set for Love Struck Clothing, pretty bun, 'no photos please' boohoo top, typical drunken b&w photo, playing around with George at the pub, 4am not able to sleep waah

I've had an okay week, nothing special. I'm really ill, everytime i drink alcohol now it's making me ill, not hungover, ill. Maybe this is a sign that i'm not allowed to drink anymore, well if it is it surely can't be a bad thing, definitely good for my poor health anyways. It's 6am at the moment, i haven't slept, i'm freezing yet hot at the same time with 2 blankets over me, and a jumper on. I have really bad stomach ache, i feel sick and i have a headache. Not going to be a good Sunday for me! Hope you've all had a good weekend!


Wishlist #2

Friday, 22 February 2013

1. Miss Selfridge. £45.00
2.Boots. £10.50
3. Topshop. £12.50
4.Superdrug. £3.99
5. Topshop. £4.00 
6. Zara. £45.99
8. Next. £14.00

How gorgeous are these two dresses? One fits in with the pastel trend, and the other the monochrome trend. The dress from Zara is such a statement piece, the white stripe really makes it so eye-catching  I really love Soap & Glory products and have wanted to try this smoothie buttercream for a while, definitely going to have to treat myself to it i think. These two pieces of jewellery from Topshop are lovely aren't they! The spiked collar and this hope earring. I always go by the phrase 'never lose hope' because i believe there is always hope, even in the darkest of situations, so this is something which i was definitely drawn to. Love this colour of green nail varnish, Barry M never lets me down, so i'm hoping this colour will look great when on my nails! I'm redoing my whole room, and this vintage-esque photo frame is perfect to hang on my wall with the others, not too pricey either! I think this 'Good day sunshine' pillow would be great to wake up on. The first thing you'd see every morning would be the phrase on the pillow, surely that'd mean you'd be a bit more chirpier than usual in the morning. (chirpier, and there's a bird on the pillow - oh i crack myself up!)

Is there anything that your lusting for at the moment!?


"No photos please"

Thursday, 21 February 2013

xx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx DSCF9367
Jumper & Heels: Boohoo
Skirt: New Look
Love these heels, love these heels, love these heels. I had to buy them when i saw them, it was definitely love at first sight, aren't they just beautiful? Jeffrey Campbell cosmo lita dupes, so much cheaper, and i actually prefer these to be honest, i also treated myself to a black pair, naughty me ay! I saw this jumper on Boohoo when i was doing a little bit of online shopping, and had to have it. People always tell me i'm vain, funny that i actually don't like the way i look haha. This jumper is more or less a 'fingers up' to all the haters! I had to wear these two bits together, i think they look fab, so simple but easily one of my favourite outfits. Can never go wrong with simple & sweet. As you can see i've entered the Boohoo #GlobalStyler challenge, i'm from Hertfordshire if you can't see what i've written clearly - wish me luck beautys!

I've got a giveaway planned in mind or all my lovely readers, so watch this space!


How did we get here..

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

x xxx xxxx xx xxxxx
Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Ebay

Couldn't have a more easy or more comfortable combo when it comes to putting a jumper with a maxi skirt, why i've never thought of doing this before is beyond me! It looks pretty cool too, well it's definitely something i'll be doing again, can't wait to experiment with more of my jumpers and maxis. Usually i'm all for fashion over comfort, but here i'm getting the best of both worlds! I love this jumper, it's big enough that it's big and snuggly, but not drowning me and it sits really nice around my hips.

I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment with my life, don't really know how it's got to this, but got to keep plodding a long i guess. I decided to do a bit of retail therapy and spent a fair bit of money on some lovely bits & bobs from Boohoo last night which i cannot wait to come! For what i spent, i managed to get 6 different items, and i'm more than happy with what i chose!

Week In Photos #15

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ribbet collage
Beating eating disorder week, off to my photoshoot, little snap shot from my photoshoot, behind the scenes, new bed cover i ordered for my room, poser, blowing a bubble, casually in the bath, 'a girl should be two things, classy & fabulous' wall sticker, drunk, hungeover, 'don't rush anything when the time is right it'll happen' - so true.



Thursday, 14 February 2013

x xx xxx xxxx
Shirt: Unknown
Jumper: Hackett
Jeans: River Island
So, me being a singleton hasn't got a very exciting Valentines Day post for you, i don't know if it's just the fact that todays a day for couples, but i'm feeling rather lonely to be honest with y'all. Anyways, i decided my look was going to be very chilled and laid back today, but felt i had to add a bit of loving to the outfit, so behold - red  jumper haha! Red is the colour of love and all! I braved wearing the hated jeans today, and i can definitely say they won't be worn for a good while #ihatejeans. I've got a shirt on under the jumper, and i really love this collar looks, the white looks so good against the red! My outfit looked way too chilled, so i decided to wear these pretty dangly earrings to spruce up the outfit, hair up and a pair of sunnies (despite there being no sun) and i was satisfied.

My mum told me i looked a lot like Grace Kelly today,what do you think? I wasn't entirely sure! Well Happy Valentines Day to you all, i hope  your having a good day whether your wining and dining, or if like me, your going to order a big takeaway and majorly comfort eat as your single and no one loves you  okay, bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point! On the plus side, i'm going to see Wreck It Ralph in the cinema with one of my bestfriends, and i'm so excited, something about the trailer really appeals to me and i can't wait!

Wishlist #1

Monday, 11 February 2013

1. Bouf. £12.00
2. Topshop. £20.00
3.  Very. £12.00
4. Topshop. £25.00 
5. Urban Outfitters. £45.00
6. Net-A-Porter. £495.00
7. Topshop. £34.00
8. Yankee Doodle. £6.49

Just a few bits & bobs i've added to my wishlist. Some are necessary to make my bedroom look nice and someone are necessary to add to the wardrobe. I'm totally doing up my room at the moment and trying to make it look a lot bettr, these Yankee Candles will help it to smell divine  and the cushion will look great next to the others i already have. Since i've seen the bowler hat trend around, i've wanted one, just been to scared to purchase one as to me worrying about how it's going to look! I may just buy one anyway... I'm loving this dress i found on Urban Outfitters, the shape of it and metallic detail is what caught my eye! And this alphabet jumper is just so pretty, and these Victoria Beckham-esque sunglasses (P.S i love her!!).. Oh i just want everything!


Week In Photos #14

Sunday, 10 February 2013


my best friend has finally given birth to her little boy, really want this playsuit, eating sweets in the car, you are stronger than your struggles, finally had my roots dyed, my nautical outfit, poser, showing off my bunny onesie, been doing blog stuff a lot this week, mum caught me fast asleep, candle holder for my room, i need to live by this.

This weeks flown by for me, probably because i've actually had things to do and i've slept through the rest of it! I've got two photo shoots confirmed for next week, and despite how ill i am, i don't plan on cancelling them, i need to keep myself busy. I hope you all have a good week!


Floral Doll

Saturday, 9 February 2013

x xx xxx xxxx
Top: New Look
Dress: Shikha
I get told i look like a doll quite a bit so thought i'd attempt a doll-esque outfit today. I've tried to go make the dress out to be a pinafore by layering it over the long sleeved tee, and i think it works quite well. I really love this dress which i purchased from a Charity Shop a while back, they really are the best places to find nice little bargains, don't you think? I'm such a girl when it comes to what i wear, i hate wearing trousers or jeans, dress & skirts all the way for me

I've bought so many nice bits & bobs for my room this week and i can't wait to show you everything once it's arrived. Pretty bed spreads, cushions, photo frames, wall stickers and loads of nice things. My room is surely on it's way to becoming up to scratch and just how i want it. If you know of any good websites for home stuff please let me know as i'm still on the lookout for things! I've helped my mum out with a couple problems at the moment, and i feel really good about myself since doing that. Doing a good deed is something that should definitely be done daily!

It's a Nautical life..

Friday, 8 February 2013

x xx xxx xxxx xxxxx
Dress: H&M
Blazer: Vintage
I've gone for a nautical theme with this outfit. I love this dress that i bought from a Charity shot earlier on in the week, the only problem is with it is that it could do with being a size smaller. It keeps ruching  and i'm forever pulling it down to smooth it out. I love the way the stripes are vertical, yet horizontal on the side which really shows off an hourglass figure. Personally, that doesn't work for me as i think it makes me look rather large, so i've worn this red blazer to draw attention away for the side stripes. I really love how well navy and red go together, the nautical look is something i've always been a big fan of.

I got my cast off today, so happy about that as it really did become a bit of an inconvenience. I was told that i may never be able to straighten my little finger again which is a bit annoying, but i can't really complain as it's my own fault. I've got 2 photo shoots next week which i'm really looking forward too, will be good to get back into the swing of things, would love if you could follow my model page on Facebook here!


A little haul

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Went and did a little bit of shopping, good ole' Charity Shops, i find the nicest things in there! Today i managed to find a lovely nautical dress from H&M and a lovely grey dress from Topshop
. The blazer i managed to find is from Matalan, it's a nice just off white colour. I can safely say that these three pieces are most definitely going to look great in my wardrobe, and it came to £12.99 for all these 3 pieces, bargain? I think so!
These beautiful pillows were £4 each, definitely worth it! I've wanted to add some pillows to my bed for a while, and after tidying it yesterday i thought that i'd definitely treat myself to them. They'll fit the black & white theme of my room and it'd of been rude not to buy them when they're so pretty, right? I found this LOVE photo holder and thought it was gorgeous, can't wait to put some photos in there.
Obviously, my makeup isn't from a Charity Shop, i don't think it'd be very hygenic to ever buy makeup from a Charity Shop, only if it's never been opened would it be okay! I've totally run out of make up so quickly so thought i'd splurge a little bit on Rimmel products. I bought: Kate 08 Lipstick, Kate 07 Lipstick, Match Perfection Blush, Natural Bronzer, Waterproof Eye Liner, VolumeFlash ScandalEyes Mascara. I've heard great reviews about the Mascara and considering i'd run out i thought i'd see what it's like then give you my views on it! The other products are more or less my 'usual' products, well all of them besides the lipstick, we'll see how i do with them.

To anyone that read my last post they'll know that i was waiting to see what the doctors were going to say about my blood, well i'm suffering with Hyponatremia at the moment, which in other words is Low Sodium. Instead of being admitted as that's the last thing anyone ever wants, i've been told i can't drink more than 1/2 a litre of fluid a day. Ridiculous because that's about 1 drink a day but i guess it's that or hospital so i'm going to try my best to stick to that. It's always me who seems to get ill. On the plus side, i just won £4 on a scratch card!