50 Things About Me!

Thursday, 31 January 2013


I've seen this idea floating around a few blogs lately and i thought i'd give it a go myself! It's taken me quite a while to think of these 50 things, which really does make me think that i need to have some more fun in my life and spice it up a bit. But anyway, enjoy!

1. My name is Courtney Jayne Melville.
2. I have no idea what I want to do with my life.
3. My dad was born in Scotland, and my mum was born in Iraq.
4. My natural hair colour is practically black, and it doesn’t really suit me.
5. I was nearly called Peach.
6. I am clumsy beyond clumsy, I even trip over air
7. Most girls love shoes or handbags, I have a love for notepads. When I buy them I don’t even right in them because I think they’re too pretty and clean.
8.  I only drink diet drinks.
9. I never feel like what I do is good enough.
10. I HATE conflict and confrontation so much., I try and avoid it at all times and if I happen to engage in it, I will end up crying.


11. Family is very important to me.
12. Sentimental gifts to give or receive are the best kind.
13. I want a tattoo symbolizing hope/strength, but I’m too scared to just go and get it done without being 110% certain on what i want.
14. I have broken more than 10 bones, and I’m in a plaster cast at the moment.
15. My mum is THE cat woman. We have 8 cats! Summer, Barney, Tizer, Lucy, Ruby, Teddy, Domino and Jack! 
16. I suffer from a couple mental illnesses. But that does not make me crazy.
17. I watched my friend fall from a balcony, luckily it was only 2 floors and he is fine.
18. I have 2 dogs, they are both Labradors and one is black and one is yellow. They are called Pepper & Brody. 
19. I love Brody more than anything, he truly is my bestest friend.
20. Sometimes when I come in drunk I will get into my pjs and sleep next to Brody.

SAM_0392 21. I LOVE Slush Puppies
22. I’m 5’6 and ¾. I want to be taller so bad. 
23. I love just looking up at the sky and watching the world go by. Starry nights when the moon is bright are the best.
24. I try and use every Monday as a ‘Fresh Start’, but it never actually works.
25. I once had a panic attack in the Oxford Street Topshop and ended up collapsing.
26. I started this blog on the day my Grandma passed away to help me cope, hopefully she’d be proud of how far it’s come and what I’ve achieved due to it. RIP <3 
27. I eat sweets more or less everyday #sweetaholic
28.  Im very shy and I hate knocking on peoples doors.
29.  I would rather everyone else was happy instead of myself. 
30.  My favourite hair colour on myself is blonde, but I liked my hair when it was kinda ginger too.  

379361_529205333778538_2009434338_n31. I have a 17 year old brother called Scott, he is a semi pro footballer and currently is living in Crawley on a football scholarship. 
32.  I’m scared of spiders.
33. My idol is Victoria Beckham and i've idolized her since a young age. I’ve been told I like her too.
34. I’m allergic to Penicillin, Erythromycin, Ibuprofen and elastoplast. 
35. I have a weird phobia about touching cheese that’s not melted, I just won’t do it. 
36. I used to play football and I miss it so much. Our kit was bright pink! 
37. Kelly Clarkson’s album ‘Breakaway’ got me through the major bullying I went through in Secondary School. I listened to a few songs and sang along everyday in the mornings on my way to school. 
38. All my Grandparent’s have passed away. 
39. I have read the majority of the Cathy Glass books. 
40. I still haven’t seen the last 2 movies of Harry Potter. 

41. I love eating popcorn, whether it’s sweet or salted, I love it. 
42. I have always been very self conscious
43. I have a 7 inch scar on the outside of both of my legs from having my legs twisted round so I could walk properly. 
44. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini as my phone. I really wanted an Iphone but I would of broken it just getting it out of the box. 
45. I was once told I had a tumour on my spine. I freaked out, but luckily it was benign and was just dissolved into it’s self. 
46. I love taking photos to save the memories. 
47. My best friend is just about to give birth. She is a definitely going to be a MILF.
48. I love charity shop bargains. 
49. My favourite food is bbq ribs.
50. I've been to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which is the tallest building in the world.


Rockin' Dots

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

x xxx xx xxxx
Jacket: Unknown

Yes, i'm wearing another monochrome look. You just can't ever  go wrong with a black & white outfit, and who am i kidding, i'm a simple girl! Dots are set to be big this Spring, so i opted for this dots on dots outfit. This shirt has little black sequinned dots on it, and over the the black skirt with white dots, i think it makes a great combo as they really compliment each other. I have a thing about buying tops in a bigger size than i actually am, it's the only way its i can end up feeling comfortable and a little less self-concious then i usually do. Decided to wear this cute little head band with this outfit too, not something i'd ever usually wear and i can't really decide if i'm too keen on it or not. I felt really little girl in this outfit, but with the leather jacket and dark lipstick, i now feel like it's added that needed oomph by make it look a bit more rock-esque.

I love the fact that i have a busy week this week, i'm never ever busy, dont't get me wrong, the majority of these appointments are hospital appointments, but it's nice to get out the house! I've got an appointment this afternoon which i've been waiting ages for, it's to review all my medication in regards to my depression etc. It 100% needs to be upped a lot or change, because things are just getting beyond ridiculous now and i'm well and truly fed up. Also, i've just got my appointment through for my Hypermobility Syndrome which i'm so happy about, i;ve been waiting ages for this! 

Double Floral

Monday, 28 January 2013

x xx xxx xxxx xxxxx
Blazer: Primark
Top & Skirts: New Look
Skirt: Topshop

I've been having a little look at what are meant to be the key trends this coming Spring, and something that really struck me was the floral trend. I was seeing a lot of floral on floral so thought i'd give it a go myself. The colours in the skirt and top are quite similar, and personally, i don't think it's that bad, rather nice to be honest. I really like the warm tones and i like how the top and skirt clash and compliment each other at the set time. I love how the trends evolve and change steadily!  

I'm really looking forward to getting through this last few days of January, it's been a bit of a struggle for me in many aspects! At least i'm spending the 31st on my first photo shoot this year and i'm really looking forward to it, it's definitely going to help me start February off well! I'm going out in London this weekend and i have no idea what i'm going to wear, may have to treat myself to a new piece of clothing... may as well start February off properly, a new, a clean, a fresh!


Week In Photos #12

Sunday, 27 January 2013


5.25 inches of snow, pretty snowy tree, yummy lemon & sugar pancake, cute Brody in the snow, fluffy socks, turban for my wet hair, smiling modelling photo, outfit of the day photo, don't ever ever lose hope, i love my beautiful mummy, lets get ducking hammered, posing on a night out. 

I went out last night to my local club, and actually had one of the best nights i've had in a long time! To be fair, i did ingest rather a lot of alcohol, but ohwell! Checked my purse this morning too and still had £15 in there, and considering i took out about £40, i'm VERY pleased with that! I hope you all have had a good weekend whether you've been chillaxing or partying!


A Grand Adventure

Saturday, 26 January 2013

I was recently contacted and asked if i would like to take part in the 'A Grand Adventure' competition. The competition is running in collaboration with the financial comparison website MoneySupermarket.com and the most creative entry has the chance to win £1,000! The top 3 entries will also be featured on MoneySupermarket.com too. Such a great competition!
Whether or not i was to win the £1,000, which is obviously a great amount of money and i'd be totally shocked as i never seem to win anything, it's just nice to actually share my views on where i'd like to go and why.


On my adventure, i'd like to take my mum to Hawaii. I wouldn't want to go backpacking necessarily because  i don't think that i could handle it with my hip or that that's something we'd enjoy doing. Hawaii has so much to offer, and so many of it's beautiful attractions are all natural. The main reason i want to take my mum to Hawaii is for the fact that i know between December & May, the gentle giant Humpback whales migrate from Alaska to Hawaii. It's something that my mum has always wanted to see up close and personal, and it's something i've always promised that one day i'll be able to take her to see and enjoy. Whales are so beautiful   aren't they? It's crazy to think of all the damage they're capable of though considering they weigh tonnes!


Not only would we be able to see such beautiful whales, we'd also be able to experience some of Hawaii's culture, from clothing to cuisine. Experiencing the culture of Hawaii would be something which is fun, while also educating you in the process. A local dish which is well known and served in most restaurants is called a Loco Moco, which is hamburger patties, served with gravy and topped with two fried eggs. Doesn't sound like something we'd have here in England, but that's the joys of going to a different country, i love experiencing different cultures. Something else Hawaii is also well known for is there hula dancing, something that i would love to have a lesson in while soaking up the hot sunshine! Though i'm not entirely sure i'd be very good at it, but i'd be on holiday, i'd be allowed to make a fool out of myself in a coconut bra and grass skirt haha!

Obviously, while there, we'd go and look at some of the history behind Hawaii too, by going to their National History Park and also going to look at some of the Volcanoes. Hawaii is formed from a Volcano and is known well for that, so going and looking at all the craters and geysers would be so fascinating as it's like nothing we'll have ever seen before! My mum and i usually watch that Natural History channel so we've watched about things like this but to be near to it, walking on it, or just touching it would be such an amazing experience. Natural disasters really intrigue me and the natural forming of things really intrigues me.


I'd want to make the most of my time there by experiencing everything Hawai has to offer and educating myself as much as possible. While we weren't out, i'd be sunning myself on one of their delightful beaches, with a cocktail in one hand and book in another. I can hope that there'd be a nice, tall, dark, handsome, topless man fanning me too, but i somehow don't think that's going to happen!

I'd make sure i left enough money while treating my mum in Hawaii to whatever she wanted, to get a couple little gifts to bring home with me. I'm a sucker for sentimental things, and i think i'd have to buy a photo frame to put in my room, with a photo of my mum and I inside to remind of such an incredible holiday. I'd also get a couple other bits and bobs, maybe a cute little bracelet or a painting or something like that.

I'm getting so excited just writing about this holiday, but i know my mum would absolutely love this. She deserves it so much, she's my best friend and she does so much for me. So to be able to spend some real quality time with her and spoil her rotten, just like she deserves would be amazing, i couldn't ask for anything better.



Lost & Cold

Monday, 21 January 2013

Jacket: Closet
Scarf: Lacoste
Dress: Topshop
Tights: New Look
I wish i could take credit for this lovely scarf and say it was mine, but it's not, it's my friend Dans, which i've stolen for a while! I really like the colours of the cardigan and scarf against the dress, the soft colours sitting on the sharp black creates a lovely look. I'd never wear brown usually with black, it tends to just go well, but with the scarf being a grey-brown it works, especially against the light golden cardigan. The cardigans got some sequins on it too, i think it's great to wear on a Monday considering people never to be too happy on a Monday, maybe the sequins will brighten their day! Really struggled with my hair this morning, so top knot it is, bit of a change to the usual loose hair!

I went out and measured the snow here in Hertfordshire this morning, 5.25 inches!! Absolutely crazy! I really want to go and be an absolute kid in it, making snow angels, building snowmen and probably starting snowball fights, but i'll either end up slipping, hurting myself, or getting my cast wet. Meh :( I hope your all enjoying the snow wherever you are! Any plans i have for the week are most likely going to be cancelled, so i can safely say i have nothing planned now... how boring! I've got a lot going through my head at the moment, to be honest i don't know whether i'm coming or going, just feel a bit lost.


Week In Photos #11

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Me posing, broken hand in a plaster cast, frozen spiders web, snow photo, my huge full sweet tin, drunken photo, trying to make mummy take a photo with me, morning cuppa, kisses with Brody, Brody lying funny, going to teach myself Arabic, snow!

The snow here is ridiculous, so thick and there's so much of it! I absolutely love it! 


January Snow!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Hat: Topman
Blazer: Planet
Jumper: Charity Shop
Skirt & Tights: New Look

I love this shade of blue, i think it's one of those colours that looks even better in the Winter. I was so happy when i realised that this jumper & hat are exactly the same shade of blue because i think together it looks fab. Bright neon colours are back and these are certainly bright and the snow and black really emphasises that! I thought this beanie was so cute and perfect for this weather! It's quite funny how i love blazers/skirts and looking smart yet i love beanies too. I just think they look really weird and wonderful together, but i like my own individual style, it's not the same as anyones. Worn with a tube skirt adds the femininity that was taken away by the beanie and the blazer just adds sophistication.

So despite the really positive mood i'm in, i spent the early hours (i say early - it was like 9am) at fracture clinic. I have a 'boxers fracture' in my hand and i'm in a plaster cast for 3 weeks minimum.. all my problems usually take ages to heal, but fingers crossed! I love the snow and i think that's the reason for my good mood. It's so beautiful and peaceful when it's just sitting there. So delicate. So fragile. Absolutely beautiful! I really want to go and make a snow angel, i'm so tempted, but i don't like the thought of getting even colder! Here in Hertfordshire it's ridiculous temperature, -1 or something i think. Copious amounts of tea is getting me through!



Thursday, 17 January 2013

x xx xxx xxxx 25995_527725613926510_1996615930_n
Blazer: Valentino
Dress: Charity Shop
Tights: Tesco

This whole 'back to the 90's' look is set to be huge this SS13! Quirky pieces are meant to be an absolute hit, so get digging through your parents wardrobes! I bought this dress from a Charity Shop, i thought it was so different and had such a great feel to it! It can be passed off as pretty retro, but i think due to it's quirkiness and the bright colours it looks like something you could easily wear during the 90's too! I love bright colours but have a tendency not to wear them as i don't like drawing attention to myself, but i thought i'd give it a go today!

I spent my afternoon in A&E after still being in agony after punching a wall in frustration at the weekend like a muppet. Surprise Surprise i have a noticeable fracture on my knuckle, so hello plaster cast. Not the best news ever, but hey ho, learn from my mistakes guys and do not punch walls in frustration, punch pillows! This doesn't really help my low mood much, but things always get better. So glad i have a positive attitude at the moment.

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Sweet Peach

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

x xxxx xxx xx xxxxx
Blazer: Primark
Top & Tights: Tesco

I bought this peach top from Tesco, their F&F range at the moment is really good at the moment, i bought two more shirts from there earlier! I was drawn to this top when i saw it, and the back opens up, so it really is an attractive top! I decided that i'd steer away from my mostly black outfits, and team this lilac skirt with it, i think it goes great with the peach top. I've had the skirt for ages, like a good couple years at least and i'm so glad, tube skirts just never get old though, whatever the colour! I was thinking of wearing a cardigan as opposed to a blazer but i'm definitely more of a blazer girl unless i'm having a lazy day!

I'm feeling rather positive right now, i really need a hobby. Yes, blogging is a hobby, but i don't consider it a hobby tbh. I need an active hobby! Something where i can run around, get fit again, and just have a bit of fun i guess. Decided i'm definitely going to try my best to get back into my football team again, i miss it so much!

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