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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

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Blazer: Valentino
Scarf & Top: Charity Shop
Skirt: Jane Norman
Tights: Tesco

I did a bit of Charity Shop shopping yesterday with my mummy, and picked up some lovely buys! Looking through the rails we came across a blazer and skirt Valentino suit for only £25! WHAT A BARGAIN! I was so excited to get to wear it, the skirt  is not something i'm overly fussed about, but this blazer.. it's absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly.The buttons are so stunning as well, big and chunky,, yet they are something i needed to photograph so you could all appreciate them as much as i do!  Decided to go for a bit of a Wintery outfit incorporating some grey into my it. I've worn it with this bright floral skirt to make it less boring and plain, and i think i've achieved that with the skirt and this cute scarf.

I'm really making some progress with my anxiety! I went out and did some Charity Shop shopping with my mum yesterday, i've planned to go for a coffee with a friend today, tomorrow i've got a Beauty Photo Shoot in London and i've got another Photo Shoot on Sunday. I'm really determined to achieve all the things i have planned and i'm pushing myself more and more everyday. Yes, it's small progress, but at least i am making some even if it is at a snails pace! Really feel like i'm beginning to get the old me back! Hoping to be able to go out and do some proper Christmas shopping soon too, online shopping bores me incredibly and just doesn't get done!!


Phase Eight Party Outfit Challenge

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

phase eight party outfit


I've decided to enter the Blogger Party Outfit Challenge this morning after receiving a lovely email from one of their Social Media Executives letting me know of their Press Day Event they had just held showcasing Phase Eight's Spring/Summer wear for 2013, then they mentioned the competition. This competition was something i was surely going to enter though as it appeals to all Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers. The winner will receive £250 worth of vouchers to spend in store or online!  This Challenge closes tonight at 5pm!

I call this look 'CM Elegance' - my initials  'CM'' and elegance, yes it is a very plain name for this outfit, but that's because i think the party wear outfit i have put together speaks for itself. This Christmas party wear outfit would be perfect attire to wear if your attending any meals at a restaurant or another persons house. You could even wear this to a bar. Preferably not out on the town in my opinion, the bottom of the dress would end up ruined which would be a shame. The outfit above is something i would be happy & comfortable in, instead of feeling all self-conscious in another type of dress. This jersey dress allows you to relax, yet you'll still look like you've made a good effort. Due to the square buckle detail, not many accessories are needed. I decided not to put a necklace on this outfit due to the v-neck because the v-neck always makes your neck appear longer than it is, which i personally think is beautiful, and it'd be a silly idea to try and crowd that area. Whether you've decided to wear your hair up or down with this outfit, you will still see the shining of the tassle earrings which of course, add a little bit of sparkle. The shoes are just simple metallic t-bar platforms. They are most likely not even going to be seen under the dress, but without them, the whole outfit wouldn't come together and they do just add that bit of oomph that's needed to complete this outfit.

This is my Christmas Party Outfit, and it would cost me a total of £242.00. Have you got any ideas on what you want your ideal Christmas outfit is?



Monday, 26 November 2012

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Top & Tights: New Look
Skirt: H&M
Pashmina: Market

This blouse was bought yonks ago, but i'm loving the autumnal feel to it, such a cute floral pattern. The collar is one thing i'm not too keen on though, it just sits horribly making my face look fatter in my opinion. I've decided to wear this pashmina with it. The beige pashmina compliments the beige within the blouse, making it a bit more noticeable. I really like the colours in the blouse, the teal and the maroon surprisingly go very well together along with the beige. I'm wearing this maroon skirt and i think altogether with the blouse and the pashmina creates a beautiful little outfit.

I've updated my blog theme getting into the Christmas spirit n'all. I love the festive time of year with all the Christmas spirit flying about. I really need to start doing some proper Christmas shopping, i'm so lost with it all to be honest!


Week In Photos #3

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ribbet collage
Cute gingerbread socks & a cuppa tea, me about to destroy that marshmallow, favourite chicken is my favourite chicken, me & Brody, a clean new notepad, me waiting in the car, i miss my football days, me trying to get a photo with the bestie, an empty ketchup bottle is bad, i found my Dior lipstick, me all au natural, my bestie writing something pretending to be me.

I haven't had the best of weeks, but i've had worse. I'm ill at the moment, and my M.E is playing up! Typical that it's happenned just as i'm ready to start tackling some anxiety issues but i guess it can't be helped. Can you believe it's December this week!!! New Start, new month an all! I can't wait to put up some Christmas decorations, i love the festive season...... to be jolly fa la la la la!


Blow me away..

Thursday, 22 November 2012

x xxxx xxxxx xx xxx DSCF8472
Pashmia: Unknown
Blazer: Primark
Dress: Miss Selfridge
Tights: Tesco

These photos were taken earlier in the wind.. as you can tell due to my hair and dress blowing about everywhere! It''s been so windy here today in Hertfordshire! This dress is something i bought off ebay for £2 back in the Spring time and for a stupid reason, i haven't actually worn it! I put it on and then remembered why... i don't have the boobs to support it! and my chest and some of my bra are openly on show. Not a good look for anyone! Then ta-da Pashmina to the rescue, bright and bold! I've turned this dress from a summery dress into a smart-casual wear look. I love the gold on to bottom, the pattern is so cute and the fact it's shimmery too emphasises the fact that it's perfect wear when getting close to Christmas time!

I've been so chirpy and bubbly today which is a major change to my mood yesterday. But i'm thinking positively at the moment and intend to keep it that way as long as possible! Unfortunately, it was my last appointment with my support worker today for one of the therapies i'm under as it's coming to an end on the 3rd December when i'll say goodbye to my therapist, as she's pregnant and also the service just isn't working for me at the moment  But yeah, saying goodbye to my Support Worker was very emotional, we said our goodbyes and i gave her a box of Lindt chocolates and a box of Roses chocolate along with a Christmas card with my thanks to her written inside. We ended up having a long hug as she was leaving, and she said to me quietly, 'Good luck baby, i believe in you'. Really trying to keep those words in mind and hopefully make some progress. So i've decided i'm going to TRY and do a Time For Print Photo shoot and build my confidence up and see if i'm able to start modelling again... BIG STEP, but i'm going for it. Wish me luck!


BooHoo #PartyPose Campaign: Review

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I was sent an email yesterday evening by the lovely Rosie from Boohoo, asking me to check out their new #PartyPose Campaign video! Firstly, i'm loving the whole fairground theme to the video, it really reminds me of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London which is on during December. The models are absolutely beautiful, and they really make the campaign look so realistic, while still being able to show off their outfits on the carousel in the best way possible. Each individual look worn by the female and male model are great for this time of year, and all can easily be worn as party wear, for you to look absolutely fabulous in!

Look 1:  This beautiful mini dress with the sequin detailing is divine and is going to be great for the party season! This is absolutely perfect if your going to a fancy do, where making a statement is a MUST and you want to get noticed! The faux fur coat and the maroon heeled boots really brings this outfit together, making it not seem to OTT therefore toning it down a touch, while also adding that extra bit of class and glam.

Look 2: This skater dress allows you to feel pretty and feminine, while still allowing the feeling of comfortableness to be there. This will allow you to feel most at ease while you get your party on! The deep purple/blue colour is warm and inviting making you appear easy to approach, and the baroque print detailing on the dress shows that you may have a slight wild side to you also. Such a cute little piece!

Look 3: This dress is stunning! Reminds me very much of the Victorian era, the cream colours are so cute and are definitely going to be a hit this Winter season, along with the nude shades. The pleated skirt of the dress makes you look so lady-like and the whole dress just oozes femininity. The floral jacket goes very well, complimenting the dress extremely well along with the unique headband.

Look 4: A lovely eye-catching dress for the girl who wants to be the centre of attention! The sparkles and the low neckline will show that you have bundles of confidence, hiding behind the chunky faux fur coat that you've got on. Everyone will be waiting to see the whole of your outfit that your hiding, as they're already able to see a hint of your personality judging by your dress. The long necklace goes really well with this outfit, and draws attention away from the low neckline.

The male dressed in his suit, then the waistcoat and bow-tie looks like such a gentlemen, funny how a males persona can be interpreted and judged just by the attire he's wearing. There is something about a male when dressed in black tie wear that just totally changes the way you look at them due to how sophisticated they look, and you kind of expect them to ooze confidence.


Simple & Sweet

Monday, 19 November 2012

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Jumper: Charity Shop
Pashmina: Dubai Market
Leggings: New Look

This is one of my go-to outfits, it's so easy and comfortable. This jumper cost £2 from a local charity shop and i absolutely love it! Little bargains such as this one are absolutely perfect! This jumper is made of chenille yarn, something i'd never heard of till i researched this, but i'm loving the style of it. Easily my favourite jumper, and i love the length too. I've teamed it with this pashmina, me and my mum share the ones we have,  which are bright pink, black and beige. Considering my Iraqi heritage, i love things such as pashminas! I look kinda scruffy today, but i'm loving my little top knot!

Had an review appointment today which i was a bit nervous about, but it went a lot better than i thought, and instead of them just closing the book on me for this break, they've given me options and put with another therapist, so i'm over the moon about that to be honest. In other news, i've been looking at Christmas present ideas, and does anyone else LOVE the Keep Calm & Carry On items.. i think they're so darling! The fact you can create your own text for either a poster or mug is so good, definitely think someone will be getting a cute present from there from me this Christmas!


Week In Photos #2

Sunday, 18 November 2012

My brother playing football for Crawley Youth Team, My best mate writing rude things on my twitter, me posing, made a feast of nuggets & chips, Brody giving me kisses, Papa Johns pepperoni pizza, Topshop tartan blazer i like, wearing my old football hoody, flying saucers, i miss Dubai, favourite photo of 4 of my cats, XFactor's Rylan = my fav, votee!

Been a rather boring week actually, well despite a few antics & arguments. Chelsea (my bestmate who i keep referring too) has been staying which is always good, she's 7months and 2 weeks pregnant and i felt her baby kick for the first time, was SO cute and made me so happy! I'm really down today though, not looking forward to my appointment tomorrow with a couple of my therapists, hence my bad mood. Ohwell, atleast my birthdays exactly a month away today... EEEEEK!


The little things..

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

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Cardigan + Tights:  New Look
Top: River Island
Skirt: Urban Outfitters

I've always adored this cowl neck top but surprisingly even though i've had it for yonks, it's never actually been worn. Shame to waste such a beautiful top! It's something i'd love to wear to a really posh do, but due to being 18, unless i'm going to a big family party where everyone is dressing up there is not really any other occasion to wear it. I personally love how the cowl neck sits when worn, and it's different to many other tops around too. It sits nice and lightly and is very thick so it's probably not the most practical thing to be wearing with weather like this. Sometimes you've just got to make those sacrifices though, all for the love of fashion! I've dressed the top down a bit by wearing a simple black cardigan instead of opting for an obvious choice of the blazer. I've left it untucked sitting over the skirt loosely as opposed to tucking it in which would still look appropriate and wearable!

I haven't really being doing much recently, i still am finding it incredibly hard to do anything out of the house but i'm trying, just got to take everything day by day. I'm not sleeping either which doesn't help anything, so i've been sent a prescription from one of my doctors for a short course of sleeping tablets which should hopefully help! I've been spending practically all my time with my best friend Chelsea who might as well be living at my house! It's funny how spending time with someone who you are extremely close with makes you realise just how much the little things matter! I've been laughing so much, acting mischievous and just being a bit of my old self really, and it's made me realise how much i miss that side of me. Something i'd of never even taken much notice of before!  


Week in Photos #1

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Coca-cola bottle sweeties/snuggled in my coat/my beautiful baby Brody/my new anxiety tablet that looks like a pea/the most relaxing bath i'd had in ages/my favourite snack food/me trying to share my hair with Brody/casually jammin' on my driveway/the best moisturiser i've ever used/a cute note my doctor attached to the letter she sent me/magazines i bought on my first trip to the shops on my own/in honour of rememberance day.

Just trying out doing this 'Week In Photos' post.. let me know what you think about it and whether i should keep it as a regular Sunday post or not? :) P.S i went for my first walk to the shops without telling anyone, and i survived. I'm very proud of myself and i needed to share!  


Hey ho, here she goes

Thursday, 8 November 2012

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Coat: Vintage
Top + Skirt: Primark
Tights: New Look

This coat. Yes, it is about 3 times too big for me, but i don't care, i soooo tried my hardest to make it work haha, and i can't explain to you how warm it is. This is my Mothers faux fur coat which she's had for a ridiculous amount of years, and it smells just like my Grandma, so surreal, but so beautiful. It's weird how when i put this on, i just automatically felt sexy, i mean can clothing do that? Totally change your mindset just by putting a piece of clothing on? Well, for me it did. Anyway! Underneath that masterpiece i was wearing a white pussy bow blouse and a dark blue tube skirt with the blouse tucked into it. Simple. The beauty of wearing such simple outfits such as this one is that they can be worn for any occasion  Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Lunch, Dinner or Clubbing. Perhaps i just like being prepared for any occasion where just the change of shoe can determine where exactly i'm going without actually being consciously aware of the fact i'm doing it. Just another thing i add to my quirky personality i guess!

I was recently awarded as being one of the Top Fashion Blog's on eCollege Finder. I feature along with other Top Blogs as a resource for students they've helped to enrol in fashion merchandising programs, as well as to help educate others who aspire to work in fashion and merchandising or become fashion bloggers themselves. Pretty cool ay? My Award badge is located in my sidebar on the right! Felt i had to share this, ii was really proud to be honest, hardly ever get recognised! Hopefully i'll get noticed by more people and companys etc.. Blogging really is such a passion of mine!

Besides that, is anyone else having such a hard time trying to find Christmas Presents this year? I'm really struggling! My brain just won't work! Any websites in relation to Christmas Presents, including Online Clothes Shops too would be much appreciated. Note to self: Teach brain to function properly! -_-