Djerba & Magaluf

Saturday, 4 August 2012

After a very relaxing and lovely holiday in Djerba with the family and a very fun yet traumatic holiday in Magaluf, i can safely say it has never felt as good as it does now to be in England.
Djerba was lovely, everything you could ask for from a family holiday, met some lovely people, got on with the family and we really bonded, the sunshine was incredible and it was just amazing. I can't compare any other holiday like it, it was just pure bliss! I even did an acting piece with the animation team out there who kind of took to me, i was rhe flute girl in the Lord of the Dance, was such an honour being asked and it went quite well too!


Magaluf on the other hand was not so much like that. On my second night, which was my friends first night, he fell 2 storeys off a balcony right before my eyes while trying to get to his girlfriend. I went to hospital with him and made sure he was okay etc, but the experience of not knowing whether he was dead or alive was unbelievably scary, and it has seriously traumatised me. I spent the next few days just in the hotel room only going out in the evenings. Don't get me wrong, we all still managed to have a good holiday, and with only serious ligament damage to the leg (THANK GOD), even he had a good time, and we made sure he could still get very drunk every night! We did a Booze Cruise, a Bar Crawl, a Club Crawl, there was so much general banter and jokes too. Despite the devastating event that happened, it really was a good holiday.
It's so good to be home though!