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Friday, 29 June 2012

Brought you to by the God's at Miss Selfridge!
They've only gone and created a range with your styling essentials, and i must say, they really are your essentials! Pieces that you truly can't go wrong with! Blacks, nudes & whites, true perfection when worrying about an outfit. I know from experience, that whenever i'm stressing about an outfit last minute, i will 99% of the time turn to something black/nude. I have a bit of a relationship with the colour black, it's my 'safe' colour and a part of it is nearly always incorporated into all my outfits.
These colours are perfect for any occasion and any season which is what makes them so wardrobe-worthy!

Ofcourse, you can your very own styling essentials from any High Street store such as Topshop, New Look, Next, River Island, etc.. But i found it very helpful that Miss Selfridge had actually gone to their trouble of creating their very own range.

miss selfridge black zip frill playsuit 37.00

This is Black Zip Frill Playsuit from Miss Selfridge is one of the pieces i the range, This   think i may have to treat myself to a little pre-holiday present to myself. It's quite pricey at £39, but i think i may have to dip into my holiday funds for this beauty, i mean holiday just wouldn't be the same without now, would it?


Who'd of thought it?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

  • With Scratchy at the Roll Deep Music Video
  • Backstage at Dutch Dubstep Music Video
  • Hair & Makeup from the Aroma Magazine Photoshoot
  • Modelling hats at the Jump 4 London Press Launch
  • Modelling at the Jump 4 London Press Launch
  • A still from myself in Hollyoaks
  • Modelling Georgia Gough's Collection at the Exhibition at London Graduate Fashion Week

Thought i'd just give you all a bit of an update as to what i've been up to in my great absense. Well i'm now modelling and doing some extra work. A bit weird considering it was always a dream i never thought i'd manage to fulfill i'm proud of myself for once. You can view some photos from my portfolio here. I'm really enjoying it. Even though some of it's unpaid work, it's just great experience and i'm trying to build up my CV for it. I've got some more work coming up soon, i''ll be working in a film too! It's exciting stuff and i'm happier than i have been i a long time, i'm doing what i want and i'm loving it!

I'd advise anyone who has a dream to follow it! Yes, you will get knocked down along the way, but if you are that determind to do well, don't give up and persevere! It'll be worth it in the end when it pays off! Determination and Motivation is all you need!

i'm back!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Seems like forever doesn't it? Ah, well i needed some time out from the blogging world, my life was just too hectic due to medical reasons more than anything really. But i think it might just be time for me to come back and readjust to the blogsphere. Not everythings sorted with me, but hey-ho, theres no quick fix with anything right? Not going to lie, i have missed the reading through blogs on a daily basis and getting fashion inspiration, and after a bit of inspiration today courtesy of London Graduate Fashion Week(which i will go into detail about more) i'm back!

So yeah, this is just really an update post to say. HELLO. IM ALIVE, and all that jazz.
A blog update is 100% on the cards too.. a few updates for you all though.

- i'm now modelling
- i'm now doing tv and extra work
- i now have long hair
- my hair is now brown
- i'm more pale than ever
so yeaaah, i'll update with some photos soon and get back to business within the next couple days :)

ALSO, i'm doing a sponsored walk for charity... PLEASE SPONSOR ME you can find link in the top right hand corner of my page under 'BUTTERCUP WALK' that big yellow banner :)