Run Away

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Jacket: Vintage. Top + Shorts: New Look. Tights: Topshop.

It's been a while, i really seem to go off the radar now and again now a days. Must stop it, such a bad blogger i am! Anyways, this jacket was something of my Grandma's. It's cute right? Hasn't got a label or anything which is a shame, i love little things like this. It's annoying though, the colour isn't black, but it isn't navy, it's that awkward inbetween colour, doesn't look too obvious though, so it's all dandy. Wearing my trusty denim shorts, haven't worn them in a good while and they go with everything and they're just so easy to wear. They're like my go-to piece of clothing! Every girls got to have a piece like that right!? Or just me. haha.

Little update for y'all. Mmm, i'm getting my portfolio in the next 10 days, i'm excited! It's done wonders for my confidence, i've been aproached for a few jobs too and i've had a couple of castings. Things are actually on the up in that department! The jobs i've bee approached for i've had to turn down which sucks, they were Music Videos and my legs deteriorated, so i can't dance, which means i can't work with them. Such a shame, the experience and the opportunity would of been amazing!
I hate April, everyone has a day or a month they don't like. This is mine. Everything just goes wrong and sucks. Literally, besides the modelling kind of taking off, everything else has gone belly-up. Ohwell. Also, Mums going into hospital tomorrow for an operation too. Wishing her the best of luck!!