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Friday, 24 February 2012


Cardigan: New Look. Top: H&M. Skirt: Next. Belt+Tights: Topshop.

This skirt was something i won off Ebay, it was something i was really excited about arriving, but when it did i was less than pleased. It was in perfect condition, i just really dislike the sizes at Next because they're just so out of sync. Such a shame because i love their clothing, but i find it so hard to find something which isn't ridiculously big, even if it's my normal size in any other shop, i must say, it's very annoying. This is quite a cute look, i love this cardigan and i'm so glad i ended up buying it! I got it in a medium as oposed to a small because i love baggy cardigans, i think they look a lot better to be honest. The grey really compliments the beige of the skirt too.To bring this outfit into this day & age, to stop me looking quite Grandmaish, i added this metalic belt. The colour of it actually looks like a mix between the beige and they grey, so i think it works well.

Tomorrow i'm doing my sponsored 4k run, well i'm doing it in a wheelchair due to my leg. Trainers & Tiara's is in aid of the charty Beauty With A Purpose. I would love it if you could take to the time to click this link HERE and sponsor me. However big or little would be much appreciated and i can accept sponsors until the 18th March. So please.



*I decided to only write about Day 5 and not Day 6 of London Fashion Week as i wasn't as interested particularly interested in the Men's collection in Fashion Week, and i never tend to write about Male Clothing*
Can you believe that it's London Fashion Week 2012. It's come around so quickly. LFW is showcasing some of the A/W 2012 trends, what colours, materials and structures are meant to be in trend once Spring & Summer come to a close.
Below you will see a range of different designers listed who showed their pieces on Day 5 of London Fashion Week. Obviously more designers then the ones i've listed were there, but these are some of my favourite designers based on their pieces for A/W12. From all their pieces i've picked a few of my favourite pieces from their that were shown during LFW and created these collages.

Mary Katrantzou Collection

Mary Katrantzou
About:  Mary Katrantzou is orginally from Athens in Greece and  previously worked for Sophia Kokosalaki and freelanced for Bill Blass, as well as working with/for other designers. Design Signatures of Mary Katrantzou are Bold Graphics, Industrial Jewellery, and a Hyperrealist Aesthetic. Her inspiration for her A/W12 collection happen to be quite simple things; Still Life, A Crayon Box and Victoriana. When it comes to a Trademark Piece, Mary says that the it would have to be a dress inspired by the filtered beauty in design, mapped around the female figure.

David Koma Collection

David Koma
About: David Koma is orginally from Georgia but grew up in Saint-Petersburg. He says that his trademark  piece has got to be The Sculptural Dress with Metal Embellishment. Marchesa Luisa Casati, ancestral portraits and gambling were all inspiration for him when designing the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. There are lots of exciting projects that 2012 has to offer David Koma, so keep your eyes peeled!

Holly Fulton Collection

Holly Fulton
About: Holly Fulton is a designer originally from Edinburgh in Scotland. Graphic Print, Hot Accessories Luxurious Materials are signatures for Holly Fulton. During 2012 the Company hopes to grow and expand its capabilities. Three A/W inspirations for this collection were a Rainbow, Kit Williams, and what it means to be sexy and chic, and her Trademark Piece happens to be a Full-Length Digitally Printed Monochrome Dress in Silk Jersey.
Emilio De La Morena Collection

Emilio De La Morena
About: A designer who orginates from Spain, Emilio De La Morena has worked for Rafael Lopez and Jonathan Saunders before creating his own label. He says that his design signatures for his label are that of 'Sculptural Chic'. The pieces in this collection have a strong,yet modern look to them and are meant to make the woman feel like she is not afraid to stand out by wearing bold and vibrant pieces.

I'm really liking the designers of the outfits i've showed above. Their collections are truly great and each very different. I'm enjoyng Mary Katrantzou's very abstract outfits, clearly very art-inspired. due to all the different colours & funky patterns. David Koma's collection has a lot of weird styles incorporated into it, but i like how he's kept the colouring simple, yet expanded a tad on the detailing in weird, yet wonderful ways. Holly Fulton's collection is full of bright eye-catching colours, such as bold pinks and vibrant blues, shows major femininity and it doesn't suprise me that one of her inspiration for this A/W 2012 collection was 'Rainbow'! Emilio De La Romena's collection is full of classy pieces, that could be worn to work or to an evening event. There's nothing really too striking about this collection there's nothing that particularly stands out due to the simpleness of the designs and the colours, but the fact that it's not too OTT, is what makes it work!

All the designers that showcased their collections on Day 5 of London Fashion Week are as follows.. Mary Katrantzou, Peter Jensen, David Koma, Anya Hindmarch, Roksanda Illinic, Holly Fulton, Emilio De La Morena

Can you believe that's London Fashion Week over for another year, Some of the pieces we've seen ready to hit us in the upcoming 2012 Autumn/Winter are going to be fabulous, we really are in for a treat this year!
What did you think of London Fashion Week 2012 then? Were there any Designers, Collections or Pieces that really stood out for you?! I'd love to hear your opinions!




You've Been Remade

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Scarf+Bracelet: Unknown. Shirt: Vintage. Skirt: River Island. Tights: Topshop. Ring: New Look.

I love adding a big splash of colour to a simply coloured outfit. This bright pink pashmina gives the outfit a bold, vibrant edge to it. I love this black skater skirt which is a recent purchase. It's just so easy to wear, it can be worn with more or less anything, but i think my favourite thing to wear with it is going to be a blouse or shirt, keeping it simple, yet classy. Skater skirts are meant to suck in your waisst and slim your legs and blacks known to be a slimming colour so you can't really go wrong with a skirt like this, it's something every girl should have in her wardrobe. Readers of my blog will know i'm very insecure and i'm not going to lie, i think i look incredibly chubby in these photos, i do have a couple small tops on under my shirt, and the pashmina does hide my neck which probably doesn't help, but still, i'm not best pleased with how i look in these photos. Although, bearing in mind it was ridiculously early as well, i'll just blame it on that.

I need to look into booking a tattoo, i'm very picky about tattoo's, i know i want something personal to me and meaningful. Something to represent how much i've been through and that i'm still here after it all, that i'm still strong and growing. Anyone got any ideas to help me out? I think i want the writing 'never lose hope' in script written with it too, but i'm not entirely sure.



Can you believe that it's London Fashion Week 2012. It's come around so quickly. LFW is showcasing some of the A/W 2012 trends, what colours, materials and structures are meant to be in trend once Spring & Summer come to a close.
Below you will see a range of different designers listed who showed their pieces on either Day 3 or Day 4 of London Fashion Week. Obviously more designers then the ones i've listed were there, but these are some of my favourite designers based on their pieces for A/W12. From all their pieces i've picked a few of my favourite pieces from their that were shown during LFW and created these collages.

Margaret Howell collection

About: The Designer has used her own name as the name for her company, behold Margaret Howell, who is a woman orginally from Surrey in England. Her Label is all about providing enduring quality and contemporary clothes for both Men & Woman. She says that her inspiration for this Autum Winter 2012 is that of a frozen English landscape, Shetland ool and Traditional fabrics with Modern constructions. The Trademark pieces for this Collection are a White Cotton Shirt, an Unstructured Tweed Jacket, a Garbadine Raincoat and the Flat Leather Lace-up Shoe.

Mulberry Collection

About: Mulberry does not have a single designer but the Creative Director for Mulberry is Emma Hill. She says the highlight of her career was when Mulberry won Designer Brand of the Year Award at the British Fashion Awards in 2010. Mulberry's Trademark pieces in the part have been that of the well-known Bayswater and the Alexa. This season though the Trademark piece is all about our 'new families' they're keeping it very secretive though!! You can view the Mulberry Lookbook here.

Marios Schwab Collection

About: Marios Schwab has also used his own name as the name of the company, to be fair though, his name is very out of the ordinary, so it works! Marios is orginally from Austria, but is currently living in London. Before starting up his own business Marios Schwab used to work for the Menswear Designer Kim Jones on Jones' Womenswear Label. He says his Trademark Piece is that of a Seductive Little Dress and his Three pieces of Inspiration for the A/W12 Collection is Eau De Nil, The Portrait of a Lady and a No.5 in C Sharp Minor by Gustav Mahler. Marios Schwab also has a new line launching in September 2012.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Collection

About: Vivienne Westwood is a worldwide, well known Designer who is originally from Glossup in Derbyshire. She has one plenty of awards such as the title of British Designer of the Year in 1990 and The Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Award in 2007. The adaptation of historical garments construction into Modern lothing is the Design Style that Vivienne is trying to achieve with her pieces. To seek ideas on a new upcoming Collection Vivienne Westwood will venture out to Museums and Galleries and will also look at Books, Paintings, Culture and Classical Music.

Sophie Hulme Collection

Sophie Hulme
About: Sophie Hulme the Designer of 'Sophie Hulme' is originally from London and set up her label 2 months after graduating from University. Her price range at Retail price is from between about £200-£800 and she tries to make all her pieces unique yet still wearable. The trademark piece for this is The Outerwear in general because it is very popular. The armoured tote bag has had to be re-run a couple of times due to so much attention being paid to it.

Pringle Of Scotland Collection

Pringle Of Scotland
About: The designer director behind this label is Alistair Carr who joined the designing team in 2011. The design signatures of Pringle of Scotland are clean, modern and active. Alistair's personal design heros are his Grandfather, Azzedine Alaia and Nicolas Ghesquière.

Michael Van Der Ham Collection

Michael Van Der Ham
About: Michael Van Der Ham is orginally from The Netherlands,and has worked at Sophia Kokosalaki and Alexander McQueen. He says that he likes to mismatch different references in each item of clothing and that his trademark piece is Knitwear with chiffon tops and multi-fabricated dresses. His Autumn/Winter 2012 inspirations are special and unique fabrications, intricate cuts and custom-made textiles.

Christopher Kane Collection

Christopher Kane
About: Christopher Kane is a designer whom is originally from Scotland and set up his own label as soon as he graduated from University. He loves incorporating fine detail into his pieces and loves embelishment as it can transform a garment imediatelly. He says that 2012 is going to be an exciting time for his label as they are really working with growing as a business and the bredth of their collections.

Burberry Prorsum Collection

Burberry Prorsum
About: The cheif creative director of Burberry is Christopher Bailey and he is responsible for the design of all the collections and products. In 2008 Christopher Bailey set up the Burberry Foundation with Burberry Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts. The Burberry Foundation is committed to dedicating global resources to help young people realise their dreams and achieve their goals and potential through their power and creativity.

Giles Collection

About: Giles Deacon, the designer behind Giles and was awarded 'Best New Designer' in 2004 at the British Fashion Awards and in 2006 he was awarded with 'British Designer of the Year' at the British Fashion Awards! His design signatures are playful, statement and confidence-giving clothes. The National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery are great sources of inspiration for his 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection.

So here are some of my favourite pieces from the Designersm  who showcased their collections on Days 3 & 4. Marios Schwab, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Sophie Hulme, Michael Van Der Ham and Burberry Prorsum were collections that really stood out for me. They've all got some really gorgeous pieces in their collection for the upcoming A/W. We've seen a lot more brighter colours in Days 3 & 4 as oposed to the simple colours on Days 1 & 2 of LFW. Vivienne Westwood's Red Label collection really stands out to me for this due to how colourful it is, and you can see it's quite obvious that she gets her inspiration from art. I'm a fan of the belt over the coat in the Burberry Prorsum collection, it's a shame that that look took over the majority of the collection and is obviously the signature piece, but it does look absolutely great. But would be such a pickle to get off, would take you a good while. Sophie Hulme, Michael Van Der Ham and Marios Schwab's collections are all very different but have that similarity about them. I can see pieces very similar to those in the collection being in local highstreet stores during Autumn/Winter 2012. The patterns, yet effective are very simple, hence what makes them such great pieces. I'm really happy with what these designers have designed, gorgeous pieces.

What do you think of London Fashion Week midway through? Are any Designers, Collections or Pieces really standing out for you?



Monday, 20 February 2012

Can you believe that it's London Fashion Week 2012. It's come around so quickly. LFW is showcasing some of the A/W 2012 trends, what colours, materials and structures are meant to be in trend once Spring & Summer come to a close.
Below you will see a range of different designers listed who showed their pieces on either Day 1 or Day 2 of London Fashion Week. Obviously more designers then the ones i've listed were there, but these are some of my favourite designers based on their pieces for A/W12. From all their pieces i've picked a few of my favourite pieces from their that were shown during LFW and created these collages.

Felder Felder Collection

About: The Designers of Felder Felder are Annette & Daniela Felder who are orgininally from Germany. They created their own label in 2006 and reckon 2012 will be a year that is full of suprises for us. There trademark piece for Felder Felder's A/W12 Collection is a Tailored Jacket worn with one of their signature jewellery pieces.You can view their lookbook here.

Jena Theo Collection

About: The designers behind Jena Theo are Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis, and they are from England and Greece respectively. Jenny used to work as a buyer whereas Dimitris used to work freelance for British and Greek fashion companies. Together they aim to make 'timeless clothing that the owner can treasure forever'. The trademark piece behind their A/W12 Collection is the Soft-Structured, Geometric Winter Coat.

Daks Colleciton

About: The designer behind Daks is Sheila McKain-Ward who is originally from the USA. She has a BA(Hons) degree in Textile Design. Sheila says that woman dressed in Daks will have the look of 'timeless, classic elegance'. Daks is all about Style and Attitude yet still manages to incorporate Simplicity and Elegance into that. 

J. JS Lee Collection

About: The designer behind J. JS Lee is Jackie Lee, a woman originally from Seoul in Korea. J. JS Lee's design signatures are that of chic, minamilist and modernist tailoring and the trademark piece for this collection is the Embossed Details that you'll see on Solid Fabric. Jackie says that her inspirations for the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection is The Cloud, The Shadow & The innocence. If you want View the J. JS Lee Lookbook you can see it here.

Jasper Conran Collection

About: Jasper Conran created his own label at the young age of 19 and was among the first group of designers to showcase at London Fashion Week. The aim of Jasper Conran is to ensure Timeless, Contemporary British Style. He hade many A/W12 inspirations, some of them being; the purity of the cut and the simplicity of the shape. Jasper doesn't have a favourite decade in fashion because he manages to find different things, from different times that inspire him.
Simone Rocha Collection

About: Simone Rocha has used her own name as the title for her company, and Simone is originally from Ireland. Simone has completed her BA in Fashion and she graduated from her MA in 2010. Simone Rocha aims to give the pieces of clothing a romantic yet strong and modern look to them. She says that her trademark piece is the Floating Perspex Brogue in the upcoming A/W12. Her favourite decade in fashion dates back to the 1800's.

House Of Holland Collection

About: The designer behind House of Holland is Henry Holland who is orginally from Ramsbottom and before Henry set up his label he used to be a stylist. His label aims to incorporate irreverent, colourful and bold looks into his pieces. Judging by the bright colours in all his pieces you won't be suprised that his favourite fashion decade happens to be the 90's. Tour De France, 70's Sportswear and Mork & Mindy are his inspiration for his A/W Collection. His trademark piece cannot get much simpler, it is none other than.. The T-Shirt.

John Rocha Collection

About: It is not uncommon for designers to use their own name as the name of their company. Well, that is exactly what John Rocha who is orginally from Hong Kong has done. He now lives in Ireland. The key piece is his Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection is a Hand Crochet Jacket because the tassles, silk and cashmere work beautifully together with a shearling collar. His designer hero is none other than, Alexander McQueen.

Temperley London Collection

About: The designer behind Temperley London is Alice Temperley who is orginally from Somerset in the UK, she now lives in London. The highlight of her career is that she is still around and being independent. Alice says her three 2012 Autumn/Winter 2012 inspirations are; Rick damask textures, Paintings and Portraits from the beginnings of the Renaissance and tapestries & wallpapers with ornate jewel-tone colour palletes, and exagerrated gilt carvings and sculpture. Temperely London has grown as a company and the Collections have evolved as the pieces are much more sophisticated and have a streamlined shape.

These are just some of my favourite pieces from the Designers. My 3 favourite Collections from the ones above are The Felder Felder Collection, The Jasper Conran Collection and The Temperley London Collection. The colours in each of these collections appeal to me and the pieces in these collections are really extravagant, yet still simple and some pieces may even be able to be worn without looking to OTT. In Jasper Conrans Collection the colours Nude and Gold which seem to work exceptionally well together, creating soft yet sharp looks. Colours to watch our for this A/W12 are gold, black, brown and red, they are colours that seem to be cropping up a lot. What i like about the Temperley London Collection is that a lot of pieces seem wearable to non-fashionistas as they don't look too daunting like some of the other pieces in the collection. Even though these pieces are High Fashion i don't reckon it'll be too long till we are seeing replica's of some of them all over the High Street. I'm not going to lie there are a lot of the items that i want in my wardrobe now, oh how i wish i had that kind of money.

What do you think of London Fashion Week so far? Are any Designers, Collections or Pieces really standing out for you?


Better Late Than Never

Friday, 17 February 2012


Dress: Miss Selfridge. Bracelet: Pandora.

 An Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit, the monochrome dress, the high messy bun, and the dark eyes.

A Belated Valentines Day.
Says it all really.