Knitted Cable Jumper

Thursday, 1 September 2011

topshop pale pink knitted cable jumper 44.00

I love cable knit and this jumper is just perfect for the upcoming colder seasons we have fast approaching us. Pale pink is such an innocent colour, maybe because it resembles a new baby girl? Would go quite nicely with many other colours and a variety of different pieces of clothing too. With a skirt, a pair of shorts or trousers or even worn over a dress. This jumper is from Topshop and is priced at £44.00 which is a bit on the pricey side for a jumper, but if it's going to keep you warm, then it's definately worth it. I'm always feeling the cold so i wouldn't mind splashing out a bit for a jumper of this sort.



  1. That's such a lovely colour :) I like it! x

  2. working now hahah! what i was going to say is...
    I want it bad, i bought a blue one from Urban Outfitters for £45
    I do find white quite hard to wear for me actually but it is so lovely xx

  3. Aww, that's a lovely jumper! x

  4. It is really cute but I'm not sure I'd pay £44 for it. But you're right, if it does it's job and looks pretty then I guess you can't complain.

    I'm quite lucky. My boyfriend's mum is an amazing knitter and she's knitting me a cream cardi with a hood with that exact pattern. Can't wait til it's ready! :D

    Natalie x

  5. I have bought this and it arrived last week but I've just decided to return it because the fluff from the jumper molts! I tried it on over a black dress and the dress is covered in jumper hair, it's also all over the sofa. I wouldn't mind but as you say, it's £44 and to me, that is pricey! I've taken a pic of it so will blog about it for you all but i am sadly returning the molting jumper! :( xxxxx


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