Cocktail Evening

Friday, 29 April 2011

 1) Creating a Strawberry Daiquri. 2) Me & Sam. 3) Me & Sam drinking a Strawberry Daiquiri. 4) Me & Sam drinking a Strawberry Daiquiri. 5) A Strawberry Daiquiri. 6) Cuddled up drinking Sex on the Beach. 7) Cuddled up drinking Sex on the Beach. 8) A Sex on the Beach

Sams Top: Topman
My Top: Mothers Wardrobe
Had a lovely evening with Sam yesterday, we thought we'd try something a bit different, and we decided on having a Cocktail Evening, which was actually a real good idea. We ended spending about £70 on different varietys of alcohol then researching lots of different cocktail recipes. We created three cocktails Sherbet Dick, Strawberry Daiquiris and Sex on the Beach. Sex on the beach was easily my favourite, tasted so good out of the three we made! As we got so much alcohol and fruit juice we're just going to make random cocktails and try new ones whenever he's over, it's something to do and actually really fun.

In a Sherbet Dick
1 tbsp white sugar
1 shot lemon juice
1 tsp grenadine
3 shots of bacardi

In a Strawberry Daiquiri
30ml vodka
30ml lime juice
4 strawberries
1 tsp white sugar

In Sex on the Beach
3/4 shot peach schnapps
1 shot vodka
1 shot grenadine
splash of pineapple juice
splash of orange juice
splash of cranberry juice

We blended each one with ice too! We substitued bacardi for vodka in the Sherbet Dick as we had no bacardi though. Definately something i'd advise you to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend or a group of friends, was a fun evening!


Weekend Away :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

1) The Plymouth Eye. 2) Adam bowling. 3) Walking down to the beach from chalet. 4) Adam & Me. 5) We buried Ben & Adam. 6) Sunset from the chalet. 7) Me & the lads. 8) View of cliffs. 9) Ben, Giselle, Me & Moley. 10) Ben, Adam, Me & Moley. 11) Adam, Me & Giselle. 12) Adam, Me & Giselle. 13) View of rocks.14) Adam,Me, Ben & Giselle. 15) Adam, Me & Ben. 16) Giselle, Adam & Ben. 17) Me & Josh at chalet party 18) Me & Moley.

I had the most amazing time away, i needed it so badly! Only suckish thing was the 3 and a half hour train journey down there from Paddington Station, along with the underground getting there beforehand, but oh my it was so worth it. I met Adam, Ben & Moley (real name Adam, but we call him Moley cos' his surnames Molyneux) in Tunisia about 2 years ago on holiday, we all bonded so well and became great friends and every couple months we stay with one another, it's so good to see them because we won't see eachother for months on end, and then when we do see eachother it's like we haven't been apart. Theres always something interesting to talk about and to do and they're such lovely guys! Giselle is Ben's girlfriend and was nice to meet her and have her stay with us for the long weekend, don't know how i'd of coped without a form of girl conversation otherwise, made me feel a lot more comfortable too.
Me & Moley got to Plymouth about 3pm, then we went back to Adams and chilled for a bit, then a much needed trip to McDonalds was on the cards! Then we went to Plymouth Hoe to admire the sea, then went bowling. SO funny. I definately did not realise just how bad i was at bowling, although, i must add that i was very proud of the fact that i got a strike in each game, WOO! On Saturday, the weather was beautiful. i made them take me to Primark to get me summery clothes as i was burning, we then got the car ferry over to Cornwall to stay in Adams Grandparent's chalet for the weekend. SO cute! The chalet was lovely, and the scenery from the chalet was absolutely beautiful!We Spent the remaidner of the day catching rays on the beach, then went to the little campsite pub, and then came back, all snuggled up in the little Living Room and we watched 'The Human Centipete' (SO GROSS). On Sunday, we went into the villages of Cornwall, went to this little historic castle thing, walked up and down the cute little villages and admired the beautiful surroundings. Then, we sunbathed again! In the evening Adam & Ben had invited lots of their friends to the chalet to camp outside, and there began the Chalet/Beach party! Was so good, a nice drink and some lovely people.Met some real nice people actually! On Monday we travelled back to Plymouth and then went to watch Argyle Play! The Atmosphere was amazing, and Argyle beat MK dons 1-0 woo! Then we had a nice BBQ at Adams house with his family. He had his little American cousin over, who i think i single-handedly fell in love with, SO cute and SO smart. + for an 8 year old, absolutely hilarious! On Tuesday, me & Moley got on the train and started our long travel back to London.
Was actually one of the best weekends, was so nice to get away and spend time with such good friends. I really needed it, a lot more than i thought, a break from hospital appointments, the house and just having nothing to worry about. Was PERFECT! Already planning to go back in the Summer and spend another long weekend with them, can't wait already!


Cya sooooon!

Friday, 22 April 2011

I'm going to Plymouth till Tuesday to see these lovelies !A busy day of travelling today, lucky me! Sam thought it'd be funny to get me drunk last night at the pub, not that i'm old enough to be there, but i actually had such a good evening! Obviously gonna do a major post when i'm back! :)



A little different

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


tights: Topshop

Rather different for me, midi skirts are so difficult to pull off i think, i don't think i've achieved it? Hmm, you tell me!? I'm really trying to wear new things, to find what suits me, see if i can pull it off etc, so i'll let you be the judge! As you all know i'm major self-concious of my legs, so yes i'm wearing tights. I haven't worn any jewellery because the pattern on the skirt is so eye-catching and i didn't want to draw attention away from it. I have such a soft spot for floral patterns, so pretty!

Hello beautiful weather, happy that you've decided to reappear, love love love the sunshine! The weather improves everyones moods, it's so nice to see everyone all chirpy and smiley. Had family therapy this morning, always manages to make my family a bit closer, which is really helpful for all of us obviously. Plans for this evening... the Arsenal VS Spurs  game!  C'MON SPURS! I plan to watch the game with Sam and have a little drink. I really need to start packing for Plymouth on Friday, i'm going till the Tuesday and  i'm useless when it comes to packing, i take forever and i ALWAYS forget something!


18.04, lovely little day

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

1) Sam munching his lunch. 2) Me trying on things in the changing room.
. 3) A few movies we rented. 4) ME jamming. 5) Bucks Fizz is so good!

I had a really bad morning yesterday, i had a blood test which apparently i turned green at, and passed out. Wasn't good, hatehatehate needles. Then i had therapy, which was actually quite good, i had so much to get off my chest. My therapist thinks i have Body Dysmorphic Disorder and wants to get me diagnosed with it. I don't really know how i feel about that, but i suppose it makes sense as to why i can't take a compliment. On the plus side though, i spent such a lovely afternoon/evening with Sam yesterday! We went shopping in Brent Cross, we've both been feeling rather glum so was nice to spend some quality time together while buying some nice new items. Was actually such a lovely afternoon. We went and had lunch in a little cafĂ©/reasturant place called Leon, he had a garlic chicken wrap and i had a diet coke as i wasn't feeling to hungry, mmm diet coke! We both really updated our wardrobes with some new key pieces and was just nice to walk around, holding his hand being with him. We watched Brotherhood last night, which suprised me and was a real good movie, we didn't get a chance to watch the other two as we both fell asleep, obviously the shopping took it out of us haha! Lying in bed, drinking Bucks Fizz, watching Brotherhood all snuggled up, oh my we sound like a married couple!

+ here's what we bought!
1) Sams item: River Island - Beige Chinos, £32.99
2) Sams item: Topman - Grey Vintage Look Denim Shirt, £30.00
3) Sams item: River Island - White Boat Shoes, £24.99
4) Sams item: Topman - Printed Tee, £20.00
5) My item: Topshop - Moto Denim Stripe High Waisted Hotpants, £32.00
6) My item: River Island - Beige Print T-Shirt, £14.99
7) My item: H&M - Tube Skirt, £3.99
8) My item: River Island - Beige Print Vest, £14.99
9) My item: River Island - Light Blue Wrap Linen Shorts, £24.99