Monday, 28 March 2011

Had my first busy weekend in ages. Was nice to have be constantly occupied with something, and was lovely to actually get out of my god damn house haha! I ended up going shopping with a friend i hadn't seen in a while on Saturday. Mum gave me some money to spend in an aim to cheer me up as i was feeling so low, and i must say it cheered me up alot! I bought quite a few nice bits & pieces and had such a good catch-up! Got to love Retail Therapy!


(left to right)
1. River Island purse. - £16.99
2. River Island earrings.
3. Topshop ring.
4. Topshop 'peace' bracelet.

I planned on blogging about this the day i bought the items (Saturday) but i've actually been feeling too low. Majorly Sucks! Ended up spending Saturday evening at a bowling centre, so it had an arcade. My brother had some football bowling bonding sesh, and my mum went bowling with the parents. Me & Sam decided to just be kids really. We played air hockey, and tried to catch sweets and shooting games. Was actually real fun, made us feel so childlike! Then dragged Sam into a photo booth, that gives you old style photos. We ended up with these beautys, was a lovely evening!

Spent all of Sunday at a football stadium in the centre of London with the family and a friend watching my brother play in a Cup Final. His team won 1-0 and my brother scoredd the winning goal, (WOO!) Blesshis heart though, he started complaining of a pain in his elbow on the way home, which we thought he'd probably sprained from being hacked so many times. Only to find out today after Daddyoh took him to Hosptial that he's gone and fractured his elbow, just after he scored. Such a brave boy, insanely proud of him, he didn't complain much or cry. See, if that was me, i'd of been screaming! Like i said, really am SO proud of him!


I had therapy for the first time today, i don't really want to talk about it, we addressed some things i had never even realised about myself, and revealed some things about mysel which are hard. Yeah, i've been a bit of a mess since, hence why i haven't blogged till 10pm+ UK time.

ALSO. Eyeko contacted me today asking if i wanted to be one of their Ambassadors! I'm planning on creating a paypal account tomorrow and setting it all up ready to get the code out there to my lovely readers!
Lastly.. if you love good tweets, which make you laugh, then please follow my friend James Tozer on twitter, he's absolutely G-REAT!

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I'm about to lose my mind

Saturday, 26 March 2011


jumper: Charity Shop
shorts & tights: Topshop

This was an item i found in a Charity Shop this week, the label says its from George at Asda. It's real nice and warm, so soft, and i'm loving the mustard colour. Decided to wear it tucked into my rust cord shorts, there easily my favourite pair of shorts! I have no jewellery on today, just wasn't really feeling any. This outfit is so comfortable, it's smart, yet casual. Although very simple, it works.


I was one of the lucky winners of Gem's Boots giveaway! The product i chose was No.7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum. LOVE that stuff. The product arrived this morning, and put such a smile on my face. Would recommend this to everyone!

Want to apologise to anyone who's following me on twitter. I'm so sad at the moment. BUT on the plus side, i've finally been offered an Induvidual Therapist and i FINALLY after a ridiculous 3 month wait have been given an appointment on friday to discuss anti-depressants, cannot express how happy i am about that, because i know i need them. My leg, my M.E, other medical problems, and always being in the house is enough to make anyone feel rubbish about themseleves. So yeah, once again.. apologies for being such a moany cow. I already have FOUR appointments set for next week. so it's going to be another busy week.
I'm in such a bad mood at the moment, that i actually have bundles of energy for the first time in forever, i think i'm running off adrenaline. I'm meant to rest when i feel like this, but no way is that going to happen, i think retail therapy is in order. TOPSHOP IS CALLING MY NAME! I'm off shopping with my friend Rosie now. Have a good weekend!

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Summer Outfit #2

Friday, 25 March 2011


1 2 3 4 5 6

I just  can't seem to get Summer off my mind at the moment, i really need a break, and the thought of laying by the pool in a bikini, feeling the suns rays against my skin while sipping a cocktail would just be PERFECT right now. So heres another little summer outfit. I've chosen the pieces from Topshop once again. The colour scheme is a variety of white, nude and browns which i think go quite nicely together. This look is very feminine and girly. I've never really been a big fan of wedges, but i am to buy a pair this Summer for the Summer evenings when i'm not out partying. The look is a perfect day/night outfit. Accessory wise i've gone for pieces which have that 'bohemian' look to them, i think they're perfect to achieve a nice summer look, the wooden butterflyring is just adorable!

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A hint of summer XOXO

Thursday, 24 March 2011


top + shorts: New Look
cardigan + tights: Topshop

This is such a majorly summer outfit, i like pastel colours, they have such a summer vibe to them. Was searching around for a pair of sunglasses and found my mums, they've got a tortoise shell print, and they're just great. Most needed at the moment, as although it's still pretty chilly, the sun is shining rather brighty. I bought these shorts the other day from New Look and i love them. They're a bit too big (stupid things) but so comfortable, and denim shorts go with everything. I took these photos early this morning, but now at half 1, it's got a bit colder, and cosnidering i'm watching my brother play football in an open field at half 4, i think i'm gonna be changing into something a lot more warmer.

I had family therapy yesterday, and at LONG LONG LONG last they've assigned me an Induvidual Therapist who i've got to see weekly, she seems alright, no where near as twatty as the last one. I really hope seeing someone and expressing al my bottled up feelings help. I ended up crying at family therapy yesterday, i've had therapy for over 4 years and it was the first time i've ever cried. Hopefully that was the wakeup call they needed, that i'm slowly crumbling and need someone to talk to. Hmm we'll see i suppose :) I had counselling this morning, and yes that helped too.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I was contacted yesterday evening by a member of the Marketing Team at MissGuided.co.uk. She was lovely and told me she liked my style and the contents of my blog posts. She asked if i would be interested in promoting the Online Fashion Store by posting a link to their Store in my sidebar (which i've done). I've also decided to write a little post on the Fashion Store, showing you which pieces are my favourites.

MissGuided.co.uk are an Online Fashion Store which offer the latest in Women's fashion clothing and footwear online. They have a great variety of pieces and replica's of items that have been seen on Celebritys. Their pieces are reasonably priced, so make sure you check out their online Fashion Store!

Some of my favourite pieces!

carol frankie tailored pleat dress in red 24.99
Carol Frankie Tailored Pleat Dress In Red £24.99

natalie cord turn up shorts in teal green 19.99
Natalie Cord Turn Up Shorts In Teal Green £19.99

abby bodycon textured mini skirt corla 9.99
Abby Bodycon Textured Mini Skirt Corla £9.99

rhona bow front mary jane platform shoes in black 34.99
Rhona Bow Front Mary Jane Platform Shoes In Black £34.99

amele diamante owl ring in silver multi 4.99
Amele Diamante Owl Ring In Silver Multi £4.99

adamina oversized floral print top 17.99
Adamina Oversized Floral Print Top 17.99

aria sheer pussybow blouse in nude 18.99
Aria Sheer Pussybow Blouse In Nude £18.99

What are your favourite pieces from MissGuided.co.uk!?


Ignorance is your new bestfriend

Monday, 21 March 2011


jumper, top, skirt, tights: Topshop
nail varnish: Barry M, Mushroom

I think we can safely say judging by the amount of Topshop items i wear, that yes, it is my favourite High Street clothing store! It's just so me y'know? I bought this skirt a while ago, back in September i think, but it's got such a nice Spring vibe to it! It seems to have got bigger aswell, cos' it doesn't fit properly now, i had to keep pulling up, grr, ohwell, was worth it, i like this skirt! Decided to wear it with this white cobweb jumper which leaves fluff EVERYWHERE! I seem to have taken quite a few side view photos today, sozzz!

Had physio today which went well, booked in for hydrotherapy next week with him, pretty borign stuffs. Uhm, been told i need to be put on a real strong painkiller such as Tramadol for my leg as it's keeping me awake at night. Insomina, M.E & severe leg pain really doesn't go well together. No wonder i have no energy, i'm getting about 2 or 3 hours sleep a night, meh!

Weekly plan..
Monday: - Physio & watch the bro play football (he scored 6!!!) See the gorgeous boyfriend!
Tuesday: - dentist. SCARED.
Wednesday: - Family Therapy(yeah, no way i'm going) See Joey & Demi
Thursday - Counselling, Beautician, then watch bro play football with Abby.
Friday: - M.E physio. (possibly go out Friday evening)
Sunday: - Watch bro play football at some stadium with Sam & Adam.
I'm going to be dead by the end of the week haha!

I'll leave you with this, oh yes! NEW LOOK HAUL. muchly appreciated mumsy! <3