Tuesday, 1 February 2011

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All these items are from my much adored Topshop. I'm a huge fan of block colours, i think you can do so much more with them as opposed to patterns. The beauty of the items that i have featured above is that they are able to be worn all year round, as long as they are accessorsized accordingly even though some items may look better worn at specific times of the year.

1. Knitted Ripple Stitch Cardigan, £38.00. This tangerine cardigan is cropped and has no buttons. It would look perfect if worn with a simple outfit which may include a pair of jeans. Would be the perfect piece to add to an outfit that needs a bit of colour to bring it all together. 

2. Black Notch Tea Dress, £38.00. The shape of this dress automatically gives this dress an ultimate elegant look,and  it goes in at the waist which would give the effect that your waist is smaller than it is. The dress would look nice dressed up with a pair of heels and a blazer, or dressed down with a simple cardigan and brogues.

3. Cupro Pleat Front Shorts, £34.00. These burgundy shorts would give the appearance of innocence to any outfit. The pleated front gives the impression that these shorts are smart yet due to the side pockets, they can be worn casually too making these shorts very versatile.

4. Mulberry Cobweb Snood, £16.00. Perfect for the days when your chest needs to be covered, yet you still want to achieve a nice stylish look instead of wearing a huge scarf. The burgundy is so beautiful and adds that much needed boost to an outfit. Snoods are huge this year.

5. Petite Denim Button Skirt, £29.00. I'm a big fan of floaty skirts at the moment, and as denim is big this season i decided this skirt would be perfect. The pale blue colour oozes cuteness and would make the most adorable casual look. 

6. Red Ponte Pinafore, £32.00. I just think this pinafore is gorgeous, reminds me of my childhood and the red colour is so eye-catching. The button detail adds slouchy pockets would make me feel so young again if i was wearing it, yet wearing it with the right accessories would allow me to see how much i've grown since i was younger.

7. Long Sleeved Tri Marl Top, £16.00. The mustard colour is going to be big this season, so for £16.00 it's well worth purchasing this top. The patch pocket gives the top a more of a casual look, and would look nice tucked into a pair of jeans/shorts.

8. Split Sleeve 70's Dress, £38.00. This dress in ivory would be the perfect item for summer, it's got a real summer feel to the dress, and would look good worn on a beach, however if worn with a pair of knitted tights, brogues and chunky knit cardigan, it would be the perfect look all year round.

Happy February Everyone; hope you all have a good month :)


  1. Ooh great picks, would totally wear them!

  2. all of this stuff is SO adorable.<3

  3. Oh wow, I love that blue skirt! Perfect for Spring!

    The Flower Girl


  4. Love the snood and the shorts.. their colour is really gorgeous! x

  5. I like how you did this 'wishlist' post.. I might have to steal your idea and do the same.. now I need to find some things that are on my wishlist:p hm.. I can see the second picture.. if more people are having problems with the second picture I might repost it!

  6. lovely wishlist! I love all of the items you've collected for this post! The dresses are my favourites! Topshop is always full of amazing clothes! Xx

  7. greta wishlist, i love the shorts! x

  8. I like the shorts, thanks for the comment.
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  9. oohh I love everything! colorblocking is super major <3 and topshop is my faaave!!


  10. i'm not kidding, i love 8/10 things here! ohhh dear x

  11. I think those shorts are so cute!

  12. Love the red dress!!!
    Great post<3


  13. CUTE! i love all these shades!! :)


  14. oh what a wonderful list! :)

  15. Gorgeous picks, I love the denim skirt xxx

  16. I love everything is from topshop...
    I like your blog too: it's nice and interesting. I follow your blog, hope u can follow me back.
    thanks, v


  17. ohhh i love the shorts <3 great selection deary!

    thanks for stopping by my blog too, your so sweet! following now <3

  18. i love the burgendy shorts!

    its all about my fashion label that i am starting.


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