Baby your a firework

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

top: H&M
underneath top + shorts + leggings: Topshop
necklace: Tiffanys
bracelet: Pandora
nails: Barry M bright red 262

I love these shorts, one of my best buys ever from good ole' Topshop i thinks! The rust colour is just so cute, and personally, i think they look nicest when worn with with greys, navys and blacks, probably white too actually. A lovely neutral colour is white. I did actually wear a chunky bright blue vintage jumper over the top of this as it was fer-eeezing, but i was in a rush so i didn't have time to snap photos.

Today i had my checkup appointment in London to see how the healing in my leg is coming along, and if any further procedures need to be done etc. Usually me and mum spend the whole day in London when i have my appointment, but no not today, it was train to Kings Cross, taxi to Starbucks, walk round corner to hospital for appointment, taxi back to Kings Cross and home. Boring, boring, boring. Normally we'll go for a nice lunch and shop a bit too. But ahwell. Good news for once! Bone in my leg is healing nicely, still not fully healed but it's doing well, i can scrap the crutches at long long last and start strengthening the muscles in my leg to walk properly! Will find out in 3 - 6 months time if anything else needes to be done, but at the moment, it's looking good!

My house is referred to as the 'youth club' because my friends just turn up randomly and stay for endless hours, and everyone gets on with my parents, it's rather amusing to be honest! So yesterday i get a call from my friend Abby to say she's bored and coming over, that was all dandy i like my gossips with her. Then as she's 5 minutes away i get a call from my  friend Danny saying him and 3 others are coming over to watch a movie cos' they're bored. So they all arrived at the same time. Then Demi, Hollie & Anna appeared outside and came in. So there was eight of us casually watching tv in my front room. Then my friend James tells me he's coming over as he's bored and hears i'm having people over too watch movies haha! Was not the expected evening i had in mind, but it was nice.. needed. I've been so self inclined for ages! It's good too because my parents intergrate with them all (cringeeee) but, my mum & dad are lovely, would happily do anything for any of them! Then Sam stayed over, so yes it was a nice, but unexpected evening haha!


  1. Love the colour of those shorts.

  2. Ooh I love your shorts (: Kings Cross is horrendous at the moment, was still one big construction site when I passed through yesterday and its been like that since last summer! xxx

  3. i'd never have thought to pair these colours but they work really well, i love the stripes :)

    Mollie from

  4. love this outfit! i can never pull off red+blue but i really really love this!
    hope your leg gets better honey :] xx

  5. Love the outfit, the shorts are great!

  6. Random, but I am in love with your collarbone! I happen to like them haha. I really like this outfit. Very bright and cheery! A huge difference to what I wear, but it looks very pretty. I should try something like this. Me like! Glad to hear that your leg is doing better. Yay for no more crutches!


  7. good news about your leg and these shorts really are gorgeous! x

  8. I love the rusty red and blue together xxxx

  9. oh wow great outfit & great blog dear :)
    follow youuu !!


  10. These shorts are so cute!
    Looking great :)

  11. Love this outfit, those pieces are put together beautifully.


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