My my, what a beautiful day.

Monday, 28 February 2011


dress: Vintage
belt & cardigan: New Look
tights & necklace: Topshop

I was in a jumper & pair of leggings majority of the day, but decided that perhaps i should make some form of effort. Me & Sam have been together 6 months today, so i used this as an oppurtunity to dress up without going OTT. Love this floral dress, it's just gorgeous, yet, it's huge on me, hence why it's belted, but i think it beign belted gives it a really nice shape, although it would most likely look more flattering if it was fitted. I think it looks pretty and girly, it's got a nice Spring look about it too. I've worn three rings (totally forget where they were from, sozz) + a heart pendant necklace. Also, painted my nails white, i think white nails just look ah-mazing. I used the Models Own brand which i found amaazing. Oh how i wish my satchel was a Mulberry Alexa, but no, it's from Topshop, and cost around £40, love it! Also, i apologise for the rubbish photo quality of the photo where i'm smiling, don't know why it decided to go all weird.

But yeah, like i said, Sam & I have been together for 6months today (well, it would be on the 31st, but there is none, so therefore it's today:]) Like, i know it's not like 'omg we've been together for 10 years - happy anniversary' etc, but it just makes me so happy, i don't know, he just never fails to amuse/impress/amaze me. Eeeek, he makes me so happy! So yeah, tonight we're planning on spending a lovely night in together. He really cheered me up earlier when he popped in, just kind of gave me a 'happy boost' that i most definately needed. Hence why i decided to do my make-up, hair, and wear somethig nice :)




Sunday, 27 February 2011

tunic + skirt + tights + ring: Topshop.

I love this skirt. Most likely one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. The coral colour is so fun & girly, the fact that it's floaty means i actually feel comfortable wearing it without worrying about what my thighs look like 24/7. This tunic is so warm and snug, and i thought it would look good tucked in as to hanging loose. Even though it was pretty sunny(ish) today, i was so so so cold and my lips turned blue! I'm still freezing now, so this worn over a long sleeved top was alright, when i went out though i grabbed my chunky coat too, yeah was still freezing! Hate feeling the cold so easily!! I think how i feel is written all over my face in these photos too, which i must apologise for. Randomly wanted to burst into tears all day, feeling pretty low for no apparent reason.

I love Ebay at the moment, in the last few weeks i've managed to bid & win some amazing items. A purple H&M tunic, a striped pair of shorts, check shirt, a cream tunic & snood from Topshop and a ruffle layered skirt from River Island. Pretty successful! I've bid on this cream pussybow blouse which ends in a few days, and i really hope to get, i've been wanting a cream pussybow blouse for absolute ages and just haven't been able to find one anywhere! Plan to raid some Charity Shops this weekend too and hope to find some nice bargains. Also i hope to find either on Ebay or in a Chairty Shop a pair of denim shorts, cupro shorts, scallopped hem shorts & a ponte skirt. So be on the lookout for me guys!

So, i know it was nearlly a week since Mondays Glee epsiode, but i need to express my new love for Gwenyth Paltrow! I've always thought she was exceptionally beautiful, and if you saw her in the Glee episode, you'll see what i mean. She's ever so talented too, her voice truly did shock me, i never knew she could sing like that. AH-MAZING! Her cover of Cee Lo Green's 'Never Forget You' was amazing, but when Gwentyh Paltrow sang a duet with Matthew Morrison (who plays Mr Will Schuester) of two amazing songs i actually got goosebumbs. They put the songs 'Umbrella' by Rihanna, and 'Singing In the Rain' by Gene Kelly together and created a masterpiece! Singing in the rain used to be a favourite song of mine when i was younger, if it was raining and i was out with my Dad i used to run down the road with him jumping in puddles singing it, just like he does in which you can see a video here. To see the Gwenyth Paltorw & Matthew Morrison version, you can click here.. get ready to be amazed, i personally think it's amazing!

Hope you've all had a good weekend and have a good week XOXO


a week in photos #3

1. I got my car, I got my car, I got my car. Okay, so i can't drive it, but i have it now, it's offically mine. Took this photo on the way home from getting it, thought you could all have a good chuckle at my 'DEATH KILL' number plate.

2. A lovely night in with the boyfriend, a nice, funny movie, some snacks and drinks. Was a really nice evening, love spending time quality time with Sam, it was much needed. love love love <3

3. Me and Sam decided to buy some jellybeans, haven't had these in years so was definantely worth buying them, they're actually mega expencive! We managed to have a fight with them too as neither of us liked the liquorice flavour, yet managed to keep getting them, was amusing!

4. My favourite sweet at the moment, they're just so yummy!

5. Opened a pack of candy sticks to find this little devil inside. A SPIDERMAN TATTOO. I used to remember opening up a sweet and getting a tattoo and bubblegum inside it many years ago! Brought back so many childhood memories, i use to have tattoo's such as these stuck on by water all over my arms haha!

6. The best Soap & Glory product in my opinion! 'The Breakfast Scrub'! Okay, it's a tad strong, but smells like maple syrup, or flapjacks, it just smells yummy! It's an amazing exfoliator and makes my skin feel great. Would definately advise peopple to purchase this!!

7. Yes, i finally got this DVD, 'Despicable Me', i've had it for a couple days now, but i still haven't got round to watching it! I saw a trailer for it of the little girl in it shouting 'ITS SO FLUFFY!', from the on i knew i had to have this DVD, everytime i hear that little phrase i laugh for ages, hahaha, i'm such a child!

8. My Beautiful Car, a proper photo! I think i'm going to call it Delilah, what do you think?

& i'll take the blame if it's for your sake

Saturday, 26 February 2011

dress: H&M
snood + tights + socks: topshop
bracelet: Pandora

First outfit post in what actually seems like forever to be honest. The dress and snood are actually two of the items that i have recently purchased on Ebay. The snood was £7.99 and then dress i got for £3.99 (excluding p&p chargers) Extremely pleased, both were in amazing condition too! My friend Abby found me the snood on Ebay and we both decided to purchase one, MUCHLY appreciated Abs! :) I like the small crochet detailing, it's cute without being too OTT. As you can probably guess, i still havevn't managed to purchase a pair of suspender tights, although i really would like this pair from ASOS. Suprisingly i found that my beige snood and the purple dress went rather well together, two colours i would not of thought to put together. I've kept jewellery simple, i'm actually wearing silver stud earrings and i have my gorgeous bracelet on as well as a little bird ring.

I went to the beautician yesterday for the first time in ages.. OH MY, my eyebrows were such a state and it hurt my wrist to much to pluck them so i got them waxed. Must say i feel so much less grubby then i did before, and i think for £6.50, it's definately worth it. I also got my lip waxed, i have this major complex about having a shadow as naturally i have dark hair, so i also pay £6.50 to get that waxed. so for £13, SO worth it to make me feel a bit better about myself and give me a bit of confidence. Another beauty moan, my roots are so bad.. as my natural hair is practically black hair and i dye it blonde, yeah well when my roots come through it doesn't look too pretty! Also, my skin & nails are so bad too! Definately need to get some more of No 7's Protect & Perfect Day & Night Serum to attempt to sort my skin out (that stuff is amazing by the way, i'd advise anyone to buy it!) If you follow me on twitter you'll know how much i moan about my skin haha!

Everyone has that one person that they look up to right? I look up to and admire my cousin Nina so much. She lives in Scotland and i don't see anywhere near as much as i'd like to, but we talk near enough every day or two. I feel like i can really talk to her about anything. We're both so similar too, for example, neither of us tan, are pale skin just goes red instead. She's so beautiful + intelligent and i'm incredibly jealous of her beautiful Scottish Accent! She's like the big sister i never had, have so much love and respect for her! This photo was taken a couple of years ago, but can you see the resembelance!? Is there anyone close to you that you really look up to?

Also, i just want to apologise for anyone that thought i was being selfish in my last post where i moaned about the NHS. I just want to say that yes, i'm very grateful that i live in the UK where healthcare here is free due to money paid from tax payers. But, i for one am someone who has several medical problems, of which i can not help and need treatment for, so when i'm kept waiting for absolute ages it does get rather frustrating. Someone also mentioned about how i don't have a job and it was wrong of me to 'expect' my parents to pay for me to have private healthcare? Yes, your right i don't have a job, but i want one so bad, but i doubt most places are going to employ someone who has waddles due to a severe operation on my leg and has M.E, both also conditions which i cannot help. I do not 'expect' my parents to pay for my healthcare privately, but when you've had on-going problems for years, it does take it's toll and you begin to get rather inpatient and want them sorted asap. Obviously i don't expect my parents to pay for it, as nice as it would be to finally know whats going on with my body etc. So yes, may be i did come across as a bit 'blah' in my last post, but i was rather angry when i wrote it. Apologies to anyone i may of offended.


Friday, 25 February 2011

Majorly hating on the NHS at the moment.. i understand that they have a lot of people to care for etc, but sometimes i kind of wish my parents had enough money to pay for all my health care privately. I have so many medical issues, and some appointments just take forever to come through and when your in so much pain or whatever, it really gets to you having to waiting ageees. Makes you feel kind of forgotten about if i'm honest. Like, remember me saying a few posts ago how i decided to go back to Induvidual Therpay because i thought it was necessary? Well, that specific sector can send me like 2 letters about something totally irrelevant, yet not assign me an Induvidual Therpaist even though i know i need to see one for many reasons. I let things bother me way to easily, and things eat away at me and play on my mind forever, i bottle more or less all my true feelings up and i sometimes don't even feel i can talk to my mum or Sam about them, and they're the two closest people to me whom i feel i can trust solely. Meh, ahwells, spose' i'll just have to keep waiting.. although my GP is going to go mental when she finds out they still haven't assigned me an Induvidual Therpaist, but hey ohwell.
Whats your opinion on the NHS!? Have you also been let down by them?

I'm sorry i still haven't managed to take a picture of my car or blog properly yet. This is the only pic i've taken and i took it while driving behind it on the way home. Bet you thought i was all lying though when i said my car numberplate looked like it read 'DEATH KILL' haha, well you can judge for yourself! My M.E's been really bad last 2 weeks and i think thats my reasons for not blogging as much, i just haven't had the energy.

Me & Mumsy are going to go check out a couple Charity Shops tomorrow, see if i can find a few nice bits & pieces.. waiting for 2 deliverys to come from Ebay too. This purple tunic with some nice crochet detail around the neckline, and a ruffled skirt. That skirt is a must have. I also purchased a beige cobweb snood which my friend Abby found on Ebay and we both decided to get one. Will upload pictures when they come through.

Going to leave you all with a quote which has kind of been keeping me sane recently. Percieve it how you will, but it means a lot to me, because just as i think of giving up on something because i don;t like it BAM this quote pops into my head. Hope you all have a good weekend lovelies!
It'll all be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

Update for y'all

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Okay, so first things first, let me apologise for doing a total disappearing act. I don't really know what happened, i just lost all motivation to blog. I started to really doubt myself and at one point did even debate totally closing my blog downm kind of thought 'whats the point?'. Don't really know what came over me, i've been ill and just feeling all yuck, hence why the posts have been majorly dull, uninestering and 'same-ish' when i have been bothered to blog. BUT, after a good long think, i've decided to not get rid of my blog and to carry on with it. I don't claim to be some amazing fashion designer, i don't try to be anyone that i'm not, and i don't know what i'm talking about half the time. Anything fashion related is usually through research and my own opinions, and i wear what i want depending on how i'm feeling that day. For example, if i feel in any way whatsoever too 'big' you won't catch me in jeans. I'll be as covered up as possible. Days where i'm feeling a bit more comfortable in my skin, i'm more likely to wear something skin-tight. Thats just me. So, whenever i get asked opinions on what type of clothes, i wear, or would chose, it really would depend on how i happen to be feeling. I give my honest opinion when i'm talking, i mean this is MY blog, and ofcourse i'm going to express my opinions on everything.  Sorry, that was a bit of a long whine about nothingness.

Anyways, on a good note... I GET MY CAR TOMORROW! Majorly excited, like crazy! It's a Black Seat Ibiza 1.2, has 3 doors and is just gorgeous. Although, my number plate read DE54 KLL, which automatically made me think 'DEATH KILL'.. Great start there aye, in other words 'get off the roads when i'm driving' haha! I haven't had a single lesson yet, so i'm going to try persuade my Dad or Sam to show me a few bits and bobs tomorrow. Ofcourse, i will post pictures for you all.. Also, feel free to leave me any ideas you may have about a name for my car (oh my, how unoriginal, but oh so necessary - also must be a girls name!)

Also, these happen to be my most wanted items from Topshop currently, and as i have no money, if any of you want to give them to me as a gift, would be kindly appreciated ;) I MUST GET A JOB.

Hello Monochrome!

Friday, 18 February 2011

underneat top: Topshop
tunic: Topshop
leggings: New Look
necklace: River Island

I wanted this tunic for a while, and when i finally saw it advertised on Ebay for a price of £17 with only 2 minutes remaining of course i put my bid in, and got this beauty for £17.50, BARGAIN! Was advertised in the shop of Topshop for £40. So, i managed to get it for less than half  price, in the size i want, and in amazing condition. You can't get better than that! It's so comfy and to be honest it suprised me how warm it is even though it's full of holes. I like the diamond cut, i think it's just really cute, very me! Pair of leggings instead of tights because i didn't particularly want my bum on show!

In other news, i went and looked at a car today!! We've decided that i'm getting a Seat Ibiza! Obviously not the new model as i'm not made of money, but the one i looked at today was a 03 plate, and in navy blue, absolutely gorgeous! This isn't the car, but i found an image of the exact car, which you can look at here. Most likely going to be getting it, but i've got another 1 or 2 to look at this weekend. So excited! As scared as i am to start driving i can't wait for my Provisonal to come through so i can start, and get myself on the roads, need some independence in my life!

Lady Gaga's new song, AH-MAZING! It's called 'Born this way',  If you haven't listened to it already, listen to it! You won't regret it! I'm not a big fan of Lady Gaga's style or attitude to be honest, but her music on the other hand is beautiful and so so inspirational. The lyrics of her newly released song i feel i can relate to, and when i feel i can relate to i song, i just fall in love with it. You can listen to it here.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! :)

It must be love, love , love

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

jumper: Tesco
leggings: Topshop

Isn't much of an outfit post as this is not the most interesting outfit, but i really like this jumper so thought i'd show you it! It's from Tesco, and i got it in a size 16 so i could wear it as more of a jumper dress. I think the pattern on its really nice, simple yet effective. It's got a huge Christmas/Winter feel to it, but ohwell its pretty! I love the colour burgundy, i think it just goes with everything and its such a rich colour, most probably my favourite colour when it comes to items of clothing.

Oh Valentines Day, i'm such a soppy romantic, i had such a lovely evening with Sam. Was absolutely perfect and couldn't have been any better! I got him a Hollister jumper, Hollister polo, socks, and a CD that i made him of songs which remind me of him and some i know he likes. I forgot to take photos of it all, but i hope he liked what i got him. I don't like going out for dinner as i don't like eating infront of strangers (yes, i know i'm weird!) so we didn't go, SO instead, i got him his favourite food which is fillet steak and got my dad to cook it for him, cos my dads a good chef, so yeah! Then we got rather drunk and watched movies. Seriously couldn't of asked for a better evening, happiest i've been in a long while!
He got me a boquet of a dozen red roses delivered to my door, was so unexpected and SO cute, so beautiful! He also got me a gorgeous charm for my Pandora bracelet, it's like a boquet of flowers with a 'love' tag on it, SO nice & thoughtful. Must say, i do love my sam :)  

What did you lot do for Valentines Day?
Did you have a good day?

a week in photos #2

Sunday, 13 February 2011

1. What a nice way to start off the week, with a lovely melon & grape fruit box, yum yum yum! Was actually soo good & refreshing, i love melon.

2. So, before my operation i used to be able to twist my right leg 180 degrees inwards, now i can do it the other way... silly stupid hips!

3. Spent the evening with Sam and this photo was taken early in the morning before i went to London, we took like 50 or 60, but he'd of killed me if i posted more than 1 or 2 haha!

4. Oh Starbucks, i needly my fix of green tea every day, it's just a necessity! I'm not a coffee fan, and i can't drink tea anymore because of my lactose intolerance so green tea it is. I love it!

5. Tired Courtney, i think this is about half way through the week, after majority of my appointments, you can see the effect it was beginning to have on me, WAY exhausted!

6. Found my old passport from when i was like 3 years old, must say i've definately changed a lot in my opinion, but hey...  I WAS CUTE!

7. Topshop apricot belted wide leg trousers for £45.00 want NEED. A friend of mine told me they'd really suit me, and after looking at them everyday this week on the Topshop website, i've decided they need to be mine!

8. One of my 7 cats, a tabby 3 year old called Barney! He's the most daft cat ever, as you can see from this picture! He's the biggest one out of all my cats but so gentle, so pathetic haha!

9. I went to a party for the first time in about 4/5 months, i enjoyed myself which i didn't think i would as i thought i'd be more concerned about staying on my feet, but it was good! Was really nice to dress up and wear heels and just drink away all bad thoughts!