Really should know better..

Monday, 31 January 2011

skirt + tights: Topshop
necklace: Tiffanys

This tulip skirt is one i bought ages ago, but i'm really into my skirts at the moment, anything which isn't the typical tube skirt i want. So when i remembered i had this, i was rather happy. Usually i'd keep the outfit simple when wearing such a striking skirt, as not only has it got a lovely shape to it, it's also got a unique pattern. I opted for this dark pink long sleeved top as opposed to my usual black one. Thought it gave the outfit a bit more life. I kept jewellery to a minimum too wearing my gorgeous horseshoe necklace and one rose ring.

I've actually been having a real bad day, feeling rather under the weather. I woke up in a real good mood as well! Me and Sam have been together 5 months today, and although it's not a big anniversary date, just knowing i've got him is enough to put a smile on my face! But no.. i had to have a bad day didn't i :( I braved school for the first time without my crutches today, which was not smart as i later found out. I stupidly attempted to walk home, and even though it's only about a 5 minute walk, i did not make it and my leg gave way. A really nice guy ran over and made sure i was okay and he called my mum for me, and an off-duty police man passing by stopped and stayed with me until i was ready to go home. An ambulance was called as obviously i was on my own, on the floor in the middle of the street. The paramedic gave me gas & air, mum got me in the wheelchair and we went home, i was literally a 30second walk from home, so i was not happy and i really did not feel like going to hospital. I'm so unlucky, i think i'm going to compare myself to Bambi from now on, she was very clumsy and unlucky too! So now i'm on the sofa, about to play Sims 3 feeling very sorry for myself!

Yesterday evening at like 9pm i got a call to say i was about to be stolen by 3 friends and be taken to the cinema haha! We went to see 'Love and other drugs', wasn't my choice, but it was a great film. Jake Gyllenhaal is serious eye candy in it and Anne Hathaway is such an amazing actress in my opinion. I felt i could really relate to the film, it was very touching and cute, yet still had some hilarious moments! I won't give away what happens in it and spoil it for you, but it's quite soppy! Also, my friend James (the most amazing Gay boy i've EVER met) was wearing a cape. I've never really been a big fan of them, but after seeing him wear it i've decided i need one of them in my life. When we left the cinema i was freezing and he left me wear it, and i so didn't want to give it back to him. He's got amazing fashion sense has James, i'm envious of all his knowledge and possessions! 

Anyways, i hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a great week,

Kiss me quick

Sunday, 30 January 2011

top + jumper + skirt + tights: Topshop
boyfriend: mine :)

I love this skirt, it makes me feel so girly! It reminds me of the type of thing you'd see on a porcelain doll. Decided to wear this jumper tucked into it with a black top underneath, not only did it keep me warm, it also gave me the 'innocent girl' look i was going  for. The jumper, although has many holes in it as very warm, only thing i hate about it? Fluff goes everywhere! But ohwell, good ole' selotape gets the fluff off my clothes. 

Sams going to kill me when he realises i've put this picture up too. We took a couple and he was like "don't blog them or put them on facebook" but, look at him, he looks SO cute, so i totally over-ruled his decision and blogged it anyways, and yes.. he is wearing my Hollister jumper too haha! Had a really nice relaxing evening with him yesterday and today we watched The Longest Yard last night, and Harry Brown this morning. Two very good movies actually, would definitely advise you watch them, i was pleasantly surprised that i liked them, i'm not really a movie person. Although, i do really want to see Black Swan! I felt i had to be nice to him today, at like 4am this morning, he was asleep, i couldn't sleep, so i kept poking him and tickling him as i couldn't sleep, haha! It's fine, i love him really <3

Also, apologies, i planned to do a 'week in photos' post today, but as my M.E has been really bad, i had no photos besides one of some melon haha! So i'm start that again from tomorrow, also i'm going to do a FOTD post some day of the week, perhaps friday with friday follows? Anyways, hope you've had a lovely week!

Just hold me..

Saturday, 29 January 2011

top + tights: New Look
skirt: ASOS
cardigan: Bik Bok

Look what i found right at the back of my wardrobe.. this bright blue cardigan! It's pretty huge on me, but i really like the colour, probably the brightest thing i own if i'm honest. Its really striking,and added the necessary colour to the black and white outfit,which looked a bit boring. Wearing a nice selection of rings jewellery wise, didn't think a necklace of bracelet would of worked. I had literally just blow dried my hair and it looked horrible, so i used John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Agent Perfecting Creme and used some of it on my hair it into a high messy bun. Would recommend it for anyone with dry hair, it's keeping my hair in some-what good condition at the moment, i seem to be moulting, swear i'm going to end up bald, my hair is everywhere!

I genuinely don't have anything to say, my mind is so boggled, my M.E's been pretty bad last few days, and i didn't go to school at all last week hence why i've been totally absent and not blogging. Think i'm going to get back into my pyjamas, get a nice cup of green tea and play sims 3 on xbox, it's been the only thing keep me relatively sane this week!

It's like americaaan honey

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

top + leggings + cardigan: New Look.
ring: Marks&Spencers.
 bracelet: Pandora.

I unintentionally based today's outfit around the colour purple, many different shades of the colour. I love this top, it's newly purchased and a size 12 because i wanted it to be quite baggy and to sit a tad longer then if i'd of got it in my usual size 6/8. Quite a preppy look, decided that wearing my glasses really makes this look without over-doing it. This purple ring has such amazing detail, looks very vintage, which totally contrasts my gorgeous modern charm bracelet. The knit cardigan looks makes this look very casual yet still fashionable. I'd wear this outfit with little ankle boots, possibly biker boots too.
As you can see, i have two wrists on show! Considering it's a wrist splint, i can take it off to take pictures with as long as i'm careful, definitely prefer the pictures without the splint on!

Oh my, i've only just realised it's Valentines day soon! I've never been a huge fan of Valentines day, perhaps it's because i've never really done much on that day. If your single, people hate the day, they're overwhelmed with a feeling of loneliness, whereas if people are in a relationship, they're spoilt rotten. My opinion? It's just another day in the year! One single day in the year shouldn't mean you have to spoil your loved one. Don't get me wrong, what girl doesn't loved to be spoilt by her boyfriend, but if your in a relationship with someone, it should count everyday not just on the 14th February. I love my boyfriend all year round! <3  But... i did see this on the Topshop website and have a giggle! 
Knit your own 'perfect boyfriend' for £8.00 anyone?

It's taking me higher

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

cardigan + necklace: New Look
top + skirt +tights: Topshop.

I chose this outfit very quickly this morning, i had to be on my way to fracture clinic by 8am, crazy early and Sam stayed last night and was in bed, and i didn't want to have the light on for too long, so i chose quickly, how nice am i haha! Think the outfit turned out very nicely, although i apologise for the bad quality, they were taken very early, and the lighting was horrible! I love these tube skirts, they're so versatile and can be worn in a casual or smart way, the must-have in every girls wardrobe i think! This is the chunky knit i bought from New Look the other day, i told you it was more of a purpley colour than it looked in the original photo, i personally think the colours very nice, matches my nail varnish actually which happen to be a lilac-berry colour.

Anyway today i had fracture clinic. Good + Bad news! Good news? I finally got my pink plaster cast off, as my fracture has healed, good riddance plaster cast, it was so itchy and annoying! Bad news? They told me they reckon i've also torn a major ligament too, typical! So i'm in this stupid wrist splint again. I've got to have an MRI scan, which takes 4-6weeks for an appointment to come through, appointment wont be for like 2 months, then takes around 2 weeks for results to come through. So i'm looking at not finding out what's wrong with my hand for 3months.. that's like end of April! Yes, as you can probably gather, i'm not very happy!

Totally different subject, i've done something good old thinking today about my life and how i want to suceed and do well. Not let things get the better of me, stop being such a pushover and stop letting people walk all over me, learning to control my emotions and my temper, and focusing more on the important things in life. Oh, and prioritising well! I think my first step is to get as much of my health sorted out as possible first. I was also given the option the other week at family therapy about retaking up Individual therapy. (i stopped it due to the fact my therapist was a twat, trust me!) I was given therapy due to how badly i was bullied, and still find it hard to deal with stuff such as my emotions and stress. The family therapy is for a different reason that i'd rather not broadcast. But i'm definitely considering having individual therapy again, depends we'll see. Parents won't let me see the woman i used to see 6months ago though, when i say she was a twat.. she was disrespectful, judgemental, ignorant, rude etc. Everything she's not meant to be! She definitely knew how to make me feel ten times worse about myself and if i saw her now, i'd most likely end up throwing a chair at her. (Oh god i sound crazy, i promise you i'm not!)
On the plus side.. GUESS WHO'S BEEN BAKING GOODIES?!?!

Honey Flapjack
Seriously it takes absolutely gorgeous, definately would recommend making for a small party perhaps. Fruit could be added to this, but i opted for just the plain honey version.

 Chocolate Chip Cookies
I didn't add in enough chocolate as i was meant to as i didn't have any more, but they were actually very chocolatey, and taste nice. A cute little treat, easy to make too.

Hello first VLOG post!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Look who finally had the guts to finally do a Vlog post for you all, it's my first one, and thought i may as well give it a go. I've been debating doing one for a while as i've seen quite a few people post them on their blogs, and as i was bored with nothing to do, thought i'd do one myself. I apologise for how i look by the way, i  have NO make-up on, and i definitely need to apologise for that, i look yuck! I'm wearing my gorgeous Hollister jumper and was just lounging around so that's why i look like this. Also, my webcam quality is not that good, hence the bad quality video.. sorrryyyy!

I started off the day by doing some school work as i'm so behind each minute is precious catching up time, then went to the toilet then was going to get dressed and do an outfit post to show you some of the items i bought yesterday properly. When i was in the bathroom though, i slipped and hit the back of my head on the corner of the bath, and now have a big bump on my head the size of an egg, OUCH. Also landed on my leg, which really hurts now, but ohwell. I realised i have 10 lessons at school next week, but can only attend 1, maybe 3. I have SO many hospital appointments! Fracture clinic, Physio, Doctors, Ultra sound. I have no lessons on Wednesday and my doctors appointment is a t 9, so going to try and go in then. Usually i'd be over the moon that i have these important appointments and will be missing school, but as i'm so very behind, i'm pretty annoyed about it.

Decided that i'm going to consider doing a 'Face of the day' post every Sunday perhaps, as it'll be the end of the week, and make a change from my outfit posts, also will include 2 or 3 to follow in that post, what do you think of that idea? May also start doing a week in photos but, i'm not entirely sure about this idea. This is not me copying anyones idea, i will embrace their idea and make it my own. I want my blog to be mine, i do not intentionally copy anyone, and if i like someones idea which i may like to use or feature, i will tend to ask them first.

But yeah, let me know what you think, of this Vlog post, if you want to see more of them, anything you'd like me to include, etc. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE ON MY BLOG! I want it to appeal to you, my lovely readers and followers, and i'm interested in your opinions. Anything your getting bored of? Anything you'd like to see more of? Let me know your ideas, and i'll put them into a poll which i'll link on my sidebar for you to vote for what you'd like to see more or less of. Whichever wins, i'd be sure to post more of or stop using. 

Feel free to leave me a comment on  Formspring, and majority of questions asked here will be answered, and then the question and answer will be posted onto my FAQ page. 

Managed to persuade the mother...

Friday, 21 January 2011

Me and my mother went out today and i somehow persuaded her into taking me into New Look and La Senza to get a few bits & pieces. I was very pleased, but to be honest, everything i bought were necessity's besides my pretty peter pan blouse. Very happy with these buys :)

Long knitted black jumper. It's quite thick & is most likely going to be very warm and considering i go blue rather often, this is hopefully going to stop that!! I like the length of the jumper too, sits just past the hips.

Baseball jersey top, how pretty! They didn't have my size in stock unfortunately but i wanted it for a while, so i settled for a size 12, will be able to wear it tucked into something or as quite loose. And the burgundy colour is lovely, one of my favourite colours at the moment.

Peterpan collar blouse, i love it. Saw it the moment i waked into the shop and HAD to buy it. How pretty is it? The ruffles look quite nice without being over the top, and the shade is just off-white. New favourite item of clothing i think!

Aran cable knit cardigan, AT LONG LONG LAST. The cardigan is actually a light purpley colour, but for some reason looks brown.. i will take an outfit post with this on to show you the proper colour. It's knitted and quite thick, so it will be nice and warm. 

Knitted tights, Piggy slipper socks and Knee high socks. YAY.
How cute are those piggy slipper socks... adorable right?

So the two pictures above of underwear that i bought from La Senza. I got myself measured so finally bought 4 bra's which fit me properly. There all quite simple pieces of underwear,and the first picture is 2 pair of underwear in black & white. I think every girl needs a pair of white and black matching underwear sets. The second picture is a turquoise and fuchsia set of underwear, i don't understand why the photo showed the underwear up as blue and red though, useless camera! 

Baby, it's cold outside

I couldn't think of a better title for this post then 'Baby, it's cold outside' i stepped outside, and i felt as if i'd just walked into the Arctic. Blimey, it's freeeeeezing here in Hertfordshire today! Don't worry, when i go out to school later, i will be wearing my coat, it's definately needed!
top, snood & tights, - Topshop. skirt, Jane Norman. cardigan, Next. uggs, UGGaustrailia

It's time like these that i realise how essential it is that i buy a chunky knit cardigan, i really couldn't care less about the price at the moment, but i can never find one that goes with my outfit. I found this cardigan at the back of my wardrobe which i bought about 2 or 3 years ago, it's still in good condition, and although it knitted, it's quite thin, therefore yes.. i still freeze! This floral skirt i'm wearing is pretty cute, very girly though. Tucked in the most simple black long sleeved top, it goes with everything, and considering i only paid £10 for it was worth every single penny! Also, i seemed to be really camera shy today when taking these pictures, i think it could be to do with the fact that i was pretty tired, and the sunlight was reflecting into my eyes, but ohwell.

So, went back to school on Wednesday, and oh my, i am so behind, and considering i do not deal with stress well at all, it's hit me pretty hard. From not having to think about much over the last four months following my operation, then spending four hours at school on Wednesday and Thursday, having to retain a huge amount of information.. yeah very stressful. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to my work too which doesn't help, i just really need to get on top of it to be honest. It's taken such a toll on my M.E aswell, i'm exhausted, like absolutely exhausted, hoping that will improve too!

I just wanted to bring up some of the hate comments i've been getting on formspring, about how i 'moan' a lot about my problems, and should just post it on here? To clarify, yes i do moan about problems i have, problems i find hard to deal with etc. But, sometimes i moan just in a way to let out some of the emotion and anger i'm holding in. By doing this it does not mean that i want to tell everyone about my problems. Some things are better left unsaid in my opinion, and i, like everyone else AM entitled to a private life which i don't care to share with everyone. Thought it just needed saying as the comments are very unnecessary. Also, i had a couple mean comments about how in order to promote my blog, i should comment on other peoples. I try to reply to every comments, just because you follow me does not mean that i was necessarily follow you. If your blog really interests me or appeals to me then yes, i will follow. If not, i won't. But i reply to more or less every comment. That's another thing which really annoyed me, just for the fact that i think a lot of people will share similar views on this.

Want you to make me feel like i'm the only girl in the world

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

top & cardigan - New Look. skirt & tights, - Topshop. shoes, - Urban Outfitters. necklace, - Tiffanys.

Went for a 'doll' type look today unintentionally judging by what i'm wearing. Love this skirt i'm wearing, a big fan of this coral colour, its just lovely! The top i'm wearing, which is tucked into the skirt, is actually quite long. It's from the New Look summer collection 2010, it's quite..its quite floaty, and maybe that's why i don't actually think i've worn it till today. Much prefer it tucked in as the top of the top is nice, the bottom.. not so nice! Wearing this cardigan again, i just think black is so versatile, and goes really well with everything, i'm always black tights too. Perhaps it's time i was a bit spontaneous and tried something different?! Not that you can see  very well, but i'm wearing a little flower vine ring, and my horse shoe necklace too.

Had parents evening at school today, went to talk about my A-Levels and how, well, i thought i was failing everything considering i haven't been there since October! I've 100% dropped Psychology now till the new school year begins in September as i've missed way to much and already an exam. Carrying on with Media and Drama though which is a great positive, very behind in Media, so much work, but Drama should be alright. Pretty excited about going back to school though, just hope i don't burn myself out which is very typical of me. I'll go in all guns blazing and last like 5 mins before my M.E gets the better of me. Think i'm going to have to create some lists and timetables to make sure i don't overdo it !

You see right through me

Monday, 17 January 2011

top, shoes & cardigan, - New Look. skirt, - ASOS. snood & tights, Topshop. ring, - Accessorize.

I've gone for real block colours in this outfit, the hot pink, white and black. Personally, i think the colours really compliment one another. The white top i'm wearing is long sleeved, and just really simple. There is nothing exciting about the top i'm wearing. I've tucked it into this hot pink tube skirt, i like the hot pink colour, it's very striking! The skirt is really nice, but it is quite short, so i've had to sit it in the exact right place for it to not show too much. I'm wearing 80denier tights with this outfit, i thought knitted tights would be a bit too over the top. Opted for my long black cardigan which is actually real warm, thought it looked quite cute, i didn't really want to add much more colour so stayed as simple as possible. Saying that, i added this light mocha coloured snood, it really brings the outfit together, and i defnately prefer the outfit with the snood. Would realy love this outfi with a pair of black court heels, would make the look very sophisticated, but instead i'm wearing black ballet pumps. On my finger i'm wearing a little coral rose ring, and i'm wearing white nail varnish. Must say, this is actually an outfit i really like. It's very versatile!

AHH, i really need to go shopping, like SO badly. I don't think i've bought anything clothes wise this year yet! I'm in London, literally a 10minute walk from Oxford Street on the 2nd of February, i think i'm going to have to drag my mother to Topshop with me, and make her spend a bomb on me, haha! I need new clothes, prefrably some items in dark orange and plum!

Also... was just wondering.. if any of you would like to promote my blog? I have 3 blog badges which can be found on the PR & advertising page. Really trying to get my blog 'out there', see if anyone else is interested in the type of stuff i talk about etc. Let me know if you decide to put one of my badges on your blog. Many thanks!