Dubai 2011

Friday, 30 December 2011


Just a few photos from my holiday in Dubai over Christmas, was so nice and relaxing, so lovely to get away from England for a week. Totally wasn't long enough, but it did give me time to do some much needed thinking and evaluating. The first two photos are the view from the garden, we stayed at my cousins house on Palm Island, beautiful! Me and my brother in the pool, he pushed me in so i literally just jumped on him. Went went to the top of the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa, Tom Cruise jumped out of it in his new film 'Mission Impossible'... CRAZY STUFF! Then there was Christmas day, which is weird when your in the sun in my eyes.. your meant to be snuggled in your pjs not out wearing next to nothing on the terrace in the blinding sunshine haha! My cousin Kaitlin, took me to a party with her and her friends, was really nice, everyone is so wealthy! Free Moet Champagne, White Wine, and any other alcoholic beverage you can think of! They had a Pizza Express at this party too, could literally make whatever pasta or pizza you wanted! We went on a Desert Safari trip too, they're always fun. Crazy driving over sand dunes, then free shisha, free lebonese buffet, free henna tattoos... well i say free, but it was all part of the package. Was great fun! Don't be fooled though, the desert is freezing cold in the evening!
Really bonded with my whole family over this little break, was much needed, don't remember the last time we did things as a family! I've only been back for not even 48 hours and i already want to be back there.. it's beautiful and i would definately advise you to go on holiday there!
Here are a couple of my outfits from the holiday:

Blouse: Charity Shop. Skirt: H&M. Shoes: New Look

Top: Topshop. Shorts: New Look. Bag&Shoes: Boutique

Maxi Dress: Select


I'M 18!

Monday, 19 December 2011


Sounds crazy right.. ME... the big 18. But, yes it's official i was 18 yesterday! When it hit midnight i went to a local club with a few friends, it's not exactly possible to properly celerbrate your birthday on a Sunday evening now is it! So i suppose i celerbrated it on Saturday evening from midnight onwards, and i'm celerbrating tonight too :) I did have a very good night though, minus the fact that i kept allowing people to buy me birthday drinks, and me being the naive moo that i am excepeted every single one. Me and the floor did meet once that night, and i have a very huge black bruise on my leg from where i fell, ohwell haha. Note to self courtney, do not mix your drinks, it never ends well!

So yeah, i had an eventful night and i spent all of yesterday nursing a hangover, which i never really get, typical for me to get one on my birthday haha! Went for a lovely meal though which definately helped the head! I was totally spoilt present-wise... like majorly spoilt! I haven't take any photos as i had to move it all into my room asap to make sure the house is tidy for Dubai on Wednesday, but if i just give you an outline as to what i got, i'll take a few photos and post before i go away too though.

- Fujiilm Finepix S200 EXR camera.
- Canvas with a photo of Brody on it. (my puppy)
- A toy that looks like Brody with a name tag on it!
- Photoframes
- Shot Glasses
- Ipod Docking Station
- Champagne
- Charm for my Pandora bracelet
- Pair of shorts & a top

and some other bits & bobs, i literally bawled my eyes out, i was so over-whelmed with everything!
Here are a few photos from my night out. I'm wearing a dress from Miss Selfridge.



Tuesday, 13 December 2011

So i did another disappearing act.. again. I seem to always do them when things in my life start getting really hard to deal with.. smoooooth right!? So, to update y'all... me & my long term boyfriend have decided to end our relationship due to several reasons. My birthday is fast approaching, as is my holiday to Dubai. I'm missing my Grandma like crazy. My medical problems are still not that good, and i'm worrying about my family. Still doesnt' make up for my time away, i know.. but i'll be back with a bang. 2012 will be a good year for zee blog, i can feel it! Oh god, you know you've been a bad blogger when you can't even find any recent photos, oh my things really have been bad haha!

So, you can't really see it very well in this photo, but i got my hair dyed today, the usual blondeyness, but there are some reddy-brown bits running in through it. A tiny bit of a change. LOVE my hairdresser, i went in there and was like 'just cut it off and totally change it'... i think we can safely say i get just a teeeeeeny bit impulsive when things are running smoothly. But yeah, love how well she knows me, and she gave me a teeny change, with a trim, :)



The wishlist

Monday, 5 December 2011

My 18th's birthday is fast approaching, it's literally only 13 days away and i cannot wait. I just want to have a good time, enjoy myself, have a few drinks and be around my good friends & family. It's so weird to think  that i'm going to be an 'adult' in a few mere days. Things have already started changing, i had to change from a 'child' therapist to a therapist from adult services today, and it's just to weird to think i could LEGALLY go into a shop and buy alcohol and cigarettes.. life really is passing me by rather quickly, flipping heck.
Anyways, like most typical girls i suppose i have a rather large wishlist of things i'd like to open on the morning of my birthday :D

- SLR Camera
- Selection of photoframes
-Gucci Guilty perfume
- 18th helium balloons
- A nice pair of heels

To be fair, i love sentimental gifts, if someone hand-made me something, even if it was jjust a photoframe with stuck on pasta shells or something, i'd be over the moon, things that are cheaper and you've put a lot of thought into, are a lot better than an expencive presents which have been randomly bought. But, hey that's just me. :D


Littlewoods Press Day Event

Saturday, 19 November 2011



The Casual Brights & Plastics Range is full of bright & bold summery pieces. The colours emphasise that summer is dawning. This range is full of statement pieces to be worn to make a stand, hence neon colours making a comeback. The Hero pieces of this collection are the dresses, such a variety of different dresses in a wide aray of colours. All bold and bright, very obvious, yet still classy.


The Origins Range is a collection full of mustards, burgandys, and deep oranges, enhancing a major Earthy vibe. These pieces have a very Autumnal feel about them and the most obvious look to be achieved through wearing these pieces will be a bohemian look. Hippy Chic perhaps? There are many strong prints and long skirts floating around this collection.


The Lawn Games range is very modern, up to date British. Very typical 'Tea & Scones' themed. Cricket jumpers and tennis skirts being huge this Spring. Polka dots and daisy prints will make huge statements aswell as calm shades of blues along with whites, greens, and yellows being statement colours. Typical British games such as Cricket, Tennis, Polo, Croquet themed outfits are with this range are all about. The range hopes to make a huge comeback for the pleated skirt too.


The Marina Couture range is bringing back the Nautical theme which was huge in 2011. Majority of pieces are structured and tailored which automatically looks smart. Swallows and stripes are they key points to look for, and colours such as reds, blacks, blues and whites are all the rage in this range. The pieces are light and crisp ready for the Spring and Summer approaching  us.


The Ms Jet Set range is full of pastel coloured, feminine pieces. Icecream colours are a huge hit with this range, very paled down colours such as lilac. The material of these pieces are light and delicate, making crochet and lace the statement pieces, along with the occasional embellishment added to some pieces to jazz it up a bit. This range hopes to bring back light cardigans in the new year too.


The Black & Gold range is full of classic colours, black, gold and white. These pieces are very classy and very simple and can be worn for more than one occassion. The range is full of A-Line Skirts, Shift Dresses, as well as many grecian pieces. The simple pieces incorporate sheer materials and this works very effectively. The pieces in this range are perfect for Party Wear as well as for Wedding Wear.

The Oriental Floral range is bright and beautiful. Full of flowery pieces with a twist to make them that little bit different and unique. The majority of pieces are made from silk material, which gives them a light feel and look. The pieces are feminine and the patterns can be quite complicated, Japaneese inspired outfits with modern twists.


These are some photos from my day in London on the 16th November at the Littlewoods Press Day event with my friend good friend Beckie who's studying Fashion & Textile Management at University. I had a lovely day and met some lovely people as well as being able to view some amazing pieces which i've shown to you above. The SS12 Collection for Littlewoods amazed me greatly and opened my eyes to beautiful items. The prices of the items to be appearing in the Late February, Early March 2012 times are reasonably priced and will be key trends in the New Year. My favourite range is probably the Ms Jet Set range although i know that i'm most likely going to be able to wear much from this range as the pastel colours will make me look even more washed out then i do already. You can't really go wrong with the Black & Gold range is also one of my favourites, you see that dress i posted from the Lookbook.. yeah someone needs to buy that for me, because i think i've fallen in love with it. The Littlewoods PR team were lovely and welcoming, so friendly. I think what i found the weirdest though was that people actually recognized me. The last photo i posted is of myself and Daniela from Couture & Crumpets, who i met. Such a lovely girl!