Monday, 20 December 2010

top, tights - topshop. cardigain, - river island. skirt, - jane norman. necklace, earrings - new look. ring, - accessorize.

Pretty girly outfit. I thought i'd experiment a little as this isn't something i'd usually wear, but i actually rather like it! This pink floral skirt was something i purchased last year, and something that i only wore very plainly, teaming it with a simple black, grey or pink top as it would match the skirt. I decided that as i was experimenting, i was going to try and make this look girly with a bit of a college edge, the preppy i think? The long sleeve black top goes well with the skirt as it compliments the black which is on the skirt. I decided to add a bit of edginess to the outfit even though just the top and skirt looks quite nice on its own, just a little to plain. I added this cardigain which gives that american college look. The pink on the cardigain and on the skirt are pretty similar shades so it didn't clash, and the college look gave my outfit the oomph it needed. The ring i'm wearing is flowery which goes with the skirt and adds to the girlyness of the outfit, whereas the watch necklace adds to the preppy look i'm also trying to achieve. The fact i'm wearing my glasses also enhances the preppy look! They weren't wore for show either.

Decided to create a LOOKBOOK, just starting out, but please click the 'hype' button if you like my look :)


  1. i love the cardigan, normally i would never really wear such matching kinda colours, but you really pull it off. the more girlier (if thats a word) outfits suits you xx your right its like preppy girly look xx

  2. cute! love the color pink. :)

  3. loving that skirt :)
    gorgoeus outfit!! x

  4. EHEM. this is the day i came to see you! where is my mention.


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