New Years Eve Dress!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Classy, Simple, Cheap
Oh, my 3 favourite words!
This black cotton bandeau is from Miss Selfridge and is only £10! I've had mine for a while now, but not really worn it, i think first time i wore it was in Kavos, and i strectched it to make it a big longer, so when i just tried it on, it sits perfectly, not too revealing, but still shows enough for that sexy look! (AND hides my scars from operations yaaaaaay!) I'm hoping to wear this on New Years Eve, with my oversized grey boyfriend blazer that i purchased from H&M with a pair of pretty silver earrings, silver bracelets and a gorgeous pair of plain black heels. Sexy and Elegant i think!? I prefer to wear plain black clothing instead of an item that is decorated in sequins or what not, so a plain black bandeua and heels will be perfect, no chance of me going over the top either! Also accessorizing with my pink plaster cast and cruthces, but ohwell!


  1. ahh i have a dress like this, but its from f21. It's so easy to style.
    & same, i prefer just like black outfits for special occasions, they're just so much easier xxx

  2. AH, this SO screams "Little Black Dress." Perfect for New Years! And ah, you're so keen. Haha. Should I start planning for my own attire?

    You'll look fabulous.

  3. your outfit sounds absolutely perfect, can't wait to see photos! what a perfect dress :)


  4. Pretty - you can't go wrong with a simple LBD. Sally x

  5. What a gorgeous dress. I wish I had the balls to wear it!

  6. Wow your outfit sounds perfect and so well styled the dress is beautiful. I have not even thought about my New Years Eve outfit yet xoxo

  7. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! As you know from my 10 guilty pleasures, I love LBD's so naturally I love this post. =]

  8. That dress is stunning, and I love the way you plan to accessorize it!


  9. The dress looks lovely and I really like the sound of how you plan to style it.

    I'm sure you will look gorgeous


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