OOTD + a few little updates

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Okay, so once again, todays outfit wasn't anything special, pretty boring, but hey it kept me warm which was the main thing in this fereeeezing weather! It's so annoying being broken, i actually have no reason to get dressed and would much rather spend my days in my pyjammas, but i don't think that would make for a very good blog post now would it. So if i'm seeing someone, leaving the house for some reason or bored, i will get dressed and do an outfit post!

Long Striped Top - New Look
Woolen Shorts - Topshop
Knitted Tights - River Island
Coat - New Look
Scarf - New Look
Gloves - Accessorize

001. So we got our first and most likely our last bit of snow here today, it was pathetic, rather amusing actually if you ask me considering everyone started to panic when it began to 'blizzard' for a total of 2 minutes! I absolutely love the snow, minus the coldness that comes with it though. The cold sucks, and makes me go blue too quickly! I think the snow is ever so beautiful, but my my when it does snow, England goes into an absolute panic haha! Even with the slightest drizzle of snow some schools shut in my area today! See look how pathetic the amount of snow we got in my area is, i'm not impressed! Not that it matters to me at the moment, with a busted leg being on crutches and a fractured wrist, i'm not exactly leaving my house for any reson, so snow, or don't snow, doesn't bother me.
002. So i'm going to spend the remainder of my Tuesday in the company of my gorgeous boyfriend, all snuggled up on the sofa, in the warmth, watching DVDs, and munching on jubblys which i've kind of become addicted too! Pretty stupid thing to become addicted to when the temperature is below freezing outside and we're eating ice lollys, but ohwell their yummy!
003. Another thing... i saw these 2 items i really wanted on the Topshop website a couple weeks ago, and as i went to purchase i saw they were both only in a size 16 and were going to disappear off the website in the next couple days, which surely they did. I really hope they come back in stock! I've been checking the 'back in stock' link on the website for about 3weeks now. Was a nice burgandy paperbag skirt & belt, and a pair of camel paperbag shorts & belt. BEAUTIFUL! please come back in stock!

oooooh and i've just realised this is my 100th blog post... yay :)

OOTD +123

Monday, 29 November 2010

since when did england become so damn cold!!
Today's outfit isn't anything special, pretty plain and simples really.
I've worn a plain black top with a pair of tweed shorts and knitted tights to give a cute little look to the outfit. The necklace is a gold chained watch with a little black bow detail, which sproused up the outfit a bit because i thought it was looking pretty dull. I decided that the outfit also needed a bit of a wintery feel to too, and this cardigain was perfect! It was something that i purchased last year and love because it's ever so snugg and cosy! The pink cast is courtesy of the hospital thankyou very much haha! I therefore apologize for how yuck my hair looks i found it so hard to even attempt to do my hair with one hand :( & i wore this outfit with a pair of uggs to keep my toes warrrmmm!

Top - Topshop
Cardigain - New Look
Tights - River Island
Necklace - New Look
Shorts - New Look

001. Also i posted the other day about how lovely my boyfriend is, and that he suprised me with presents including a pair of gloves AND 2 charms from Pandora yes!? well when i went out earlier i wore my scarf which matches the gloves he got me, oh and they definately managed to keep my hands warm, i was best pleased and majorly happy that he'd got me them, twas bitterly cold earlier. Also the charms he got me, so so cute, a little hedgehog, and another silver charm with a heart, cross and anchor on it, :) How adorable right!?

002. Pretty down at the moment following the death of my grandma in October and i've just found out that a family friend died last night of a heart attack. I didn't know him that well, but it was a shock to everyone, he was going to be 50 next week, the poor soul. It's got to me rather a lot, rest in peace brucey. <3
003. I hope you all like my pink plaster cast! They've managed to verify that i have a small scaphoid fracture in my right wrist, and they've decided to plaster it until the 14th December, so at least it'll be off for my birthday! Until then i'm just going to have to try and manage with my forearm to wrist in plaster and the crutches for my leg haha, so i'm kind of hoping, just this once that it doesn't snow!


thinks im going to keep my blondeness and just get it longer.. whatcha think!?

keep my hair this colour  and make it this long again! :(

an offer to good to miss!

i can't believe that i've only just seen this this offer.
5 for £12 on selected knickers @ La Senza.
So that's briefs, shorts, boxers and thongs...
oh yes please! pretty underwear get in my drawers!
eeeek, love for underwear shopping.

Paperbag shorts!

Oh Topshop, you never let me down!
Plain and simple, yet ever so stylish this season!
A pair of black paperbag waistband bow shorts.
They're pretty cute right?, and for only £36.00, why not purchase them!

001. i'm now going to spend the next few hours in fracture clinic to see whats wrong with my wrist after my little tumble down the stairs on friay evening, this could be interesting as its so hard to move around cos' of my leg now with a possible fractured wrist, hopefully it's all alright and they'll send me on my way. But till then, wheelchair it is!
002. oh boy, its TOO cold for my liking, since when did England turn into the new North Pole? In need of serious layers today, layers layers layers!
003. what do i get my boyfriend for Christmas!? im struggling here guys, so suggestions are more than welcome!

Music to my ears..

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ellie Goulding's got such an amazing voice in my opinion, i think she's ever so talented! She's recently released her new single 'Your Song' which was originally sung by Elton John.
But my my, i'm ever so in love with this version, she's sung it ever so beautifully and the lyrics are so meaningful! Her version of the song was used in the John Lewis Advert this year, and really makes the advert one to watch and nearlly always brings a tear to my eye. Listen to the full version here.

I hope you don't mind, i hope you don't mind
that i put down in words
how wonderful life is now your in the world

how beautiful are those lyrics!?

urban outfitters you've outdone yourself!

sparkle & fade double ruffle playsuit
navy, sand & wine.

I couldn't decide which colour i liked best, i think they're all ever such beautiful shades, and each one, if accessorized well would be a perfect playsuit this season! This playsuit could look ever so classy if worn with a pair of plain heels and a cropped blazer, or you could look ever so angelic & dainty if worn with a pair of brogues and cardigain. This playsuit is great because it can be worn with anything and still look nice! For only £55.00 from Urban Outfitters aswell, this is a definate must have in your wardrobe... the only hard part is picking which colours best!


Saturday, 27 November 2010

yes.. thats right, i have the most amazing boyfriend :)
suprises me with pressies yaaaay :)
2 little pandora charms for the pandora bracelet he bought me, and little mittens which match my scarf..

Oooh pretty!

Oh i do like this skirt, can easily be worn in the day or the night time and it's perfect for this time of year! Aslong, as you've got a pair of heels and flats with you, you can't go wrong, can still be comfortable and stylish! This skirt is ever so classy, yet cute and for only £25.00 from Topshop, i'd say that's a definite must have!

Just my luck!

Guess where I am right now?
In hospital, ugh :( I am not a happy bunny!
I fell downstairs and managed to hurt every part of my body!
They brought me to hospital by ambulance on a spinal board AND in a neck brace!
I've really hurt my right leg (one that had operation), my left ankle and right wrist :(
I can't be dealing with a possible fractured wrist/ankle!
I'm so angry, fed up + unhappy :(
I've had my xrays, just waiting for results, and even though I'm in a bad already, waiting time is still 2/3hours! blah.
Keep your fingers crossed for me!



Friday, 26 November 2010

Lipsy £45.00
Well you would make the most perfect New Years Eve Dress.

i want to be able to walk now...

I'm getting really bored and fed up of my crutches now, they've been my trusty companions for the last 6weeks, and i really don't know if i can handle another possible 6/7weeks on them!
I would actually like to be able to walk for My Birthday(18th December), Chirstmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.
But it's alright leg, you take your sweet time to recover, its not as if i wanted to dress up on these occasions, you know wear a short dress and a pair of heels, and doll myself up for the first time in what has seemed like forever. I wouldn't be able to drink anyways incase i fell either,
Thanks for ruining my December :(


she's going to be a great artist one day, so have a listen to her!
Zoey Craig
remember that name guys!
go on.. give your ears a treat!

OOTD & What's in my makeup bag!?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

So todays been an alright day, nothing special. Went to have my M.E/CFS assessment today which was alright, they were ever so nice and understanding, it's nice to have someone actually understand M.E for once. They told me i've got to really reduce the amount of activities i do in order to start controlling it, so i've got to do 30mins of a creative activity, a cognitive(thinking) activity, and a physical activity, 3 times a day. I have to spend the rest of the day relaxing, kind of boring, but necessary. Only problem is, is that they suggested i drop out of sixth form and go back next year because i'm not coping, the other option was to drop to just one alevel instead of 3. I really need to have a crucial think before the new year about what i'm to do, don't want to make a drastic decison. Not going to lie though, it was nice to hear my mum apologise for being so tough on me recently and calling me lazy, because when i told the women assessing me all my symptoms, they said that what i'm experiencing is totally normally.
ANYWAYS.. now for a nice evening in watching movies with the boyfriend, :)

Playsuit - Topshop
Cardigain - Boohoo
Scarf - New Look
Leggings - H&M

boots blusher brush
rimmel natural bronzer
maybeline dream matte mousse 021 nude
rimmel blusher 003 autumn catwalk
rimmel black soft kohl eye liner pencil
rimmel glam eyes professional liquid liner
rimmel the max volume flash waterproof mascara
rimmel vinyl gloss shiny lip gloss 770 paparazzi

spose you could say i love rimmel products haha,
did not realise how many i owned!


wow its chilly!

the coldest part of my body all year round is always my hands, they always go blue!
& what's one thing i haven't purchased yet this winter?

yeah that's right.. a pair of gloves!
anyone know where i can get a nice pair from?

Just what was needed..

green tea brought up to my room by daddy at 2am
just what was needed
something warm & tasty


Memory is your image of perfection
                                  - Barbara Kruger

a little moan

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Perfect little stocking filler

only £3.50 from Topshop!

oh mrs beckham!

isn't she just perfect?
I've always been such a huge fan of Victoria Beckham, she's ever so beautiful, and has such a fantastic lifestyle. She was a member of the Spice Girls, has her own fashion line, a footballer husband, written a couple of books, she's acted, she's got her own perfume and she's well known for her signature pout. Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do?!
She's suffering marraige troubles at the moment after a claim that her husband cheated on her with a call girl, although the claims were found false. Yet although she's suffering her own marriage troubles, she still has time to play 'agony aunt' to  her friends who are also unfortunately dealing with relationship troubles, such as Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole, Coleen Rooney and Tana Ramsey.
I aspire to be somewhat like her in the future,
beautiful, rich, thin, happy, stylish & famous.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

eeeeek, first day back at school today since my operation, not going to lie, i'm actually really nervous. It's ever so cold out too, and it's so hard organising what i'm going to wear around my crutches, and i really don't want to take a coat, although i probably will end up taking one. But yeah, thought i'd give you a little look into my outfit, the jumper even though it has many holes in it for style, is ever so warm! mmm, i'm all snugg, hehe, but yeah, wish me luck for a good first day back!!

Underneath top - New Look
Knitted Top - Topshop
Jeggings - Tesco


my all time favourite picture of us.
Things have been real tough for me lately, and he's actually been my rock!
He's kept me strong and put up with all my moods, so i thought it was only fair that i dedicated another post to him, he deserves it. I'm so thankful to him for everything he's done/doing! He really is special, i've never met anyone like him!
Bless him, he's actually just the best, without him this last month i'd be such a wreck, but he's helped me keep it together, he's been the one to cheer me up and put the smiles across my face. I couldn't ask for more from him, i'm so lucky to have landed a boyfriend like Sam, i really am!

i should be so lucky!

Monday, 22 November 2010

this would easily be the most perfect Birthday/Christmas Present
a little female golden labrador retriever
my oh my, how beautiful are they!


ooooh, i haven't done one of these in a while, so i thought it was about time i did,
i apologize for how tired i look, i didn't get much sleep last night and sat in a waiting room to see my back doctor for hours. I'm not gonna' lie, i'm also really suprised i managed to get these shorts on, didn't think i'd be able to get them over my leg as it's still swollen from my operation. i can safely say i was pleasantly suprised when i managed to get them on!

Something that made me happy today?
My consultant said to me...
 "your beautiful the way you are, you don't need improvements, plus no one likes someone whos normal"
I really needed something sweet like that, and that was the perfect little pick me up

Jumper - Vintage
Knitted Leggings - New Look
Earrings - New Look

keep me warmmm!

Easily one of the prettiest items to have ever met my eyes!
Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Jumper.
Yes, extremely pricey, if bought directly from Ralph Lauren itself, charging u to about £190 per jumper!
I've wanted this jumper for ever so long
But from a little good friend of mine called ebay, the actual jumper one i want, which is either in white or baby pink, the cost ranges between £45-£65, which is a lot better than the actual price.
Perfect Christmas gift? i think so...


let it snow,

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Apparently in the next few days, the sky is meant to open up, and snow is meant to fall.
YAY, the excitement is yet to set in :)
I lovelovelove the snow, its ever so beautiful and peaceful.
Usually when it snows, and i'm looking out the window, i'll put on my slippers and be the first in my family to run out there. I think it's lovely, watching the snowflakes fall is ever so magnificant.
Snow is going to be such a pain this year, as much as i love being in it, and watching the snow fall, i need to stay indoors wrapped up this year with a green tea. I really can't risk slipping on my leg which is obviously very likely in this snowy icy weather which we're awaiting.

i have a hair dilema

I get bored with my hair colour ever so easily!
I cost my mum a bomb, because i can't dye my hair myself, i'd make the biggest mish-mash of it ever, and we'd end up getting it fixed at the hairdressers anyways, so we usually go just straight there. My hairs been practically every colour apart from something wacky like purple or blue. It's been Extremely dark brown nearlly black(natural), dark brown/chesnut brown, light brown, red, ginger, and blonde.
 I'm currently blonde. The last time i had my natural colour was around the time of Christmas 2008, so that's about 2 years ago. Not going to lie, i'm not jumping from blonde to black, my natural colour makes me look so washed out and pale, but not even a nice pale. So i'm thinking of possibly going a light brown.
So after chatting with my good friend Luke Sussex about what colour i should dye my hair i decided that i'd do this this post and ask what opinions other people think. Luke thinks i shouod either go back to my natural colour or dye it light brown.

What do you think!?







i'm totally stuck for what to do...
i'm thinking the light brown, but then others are saying "no your natural colour, go back to that", others say ginger, and others are saying to stick with the blonde..

opinions really are welcome!


Oh Music, it's funny isn't it. How we can relate to so many of the lyrics that these artists have ever so carefully thought up. I bet if we were to search all tracks throughout the ages, we could most probably find a song that could relate to many moments in our lives. The happiest moment, the saddest moment, the funniest moment. The moment when you feel so low and that theres no escape, and the moment when you feel on top of the world and think that nothing can ever go wrong. There will most likely be a song out there somewhere, that some creative artist has managed to produce that you will be able to relate to. All music is usually in relation to one thing or another, the main focus usually being on love. And obviously there are many different genres of music such as classical, pop, r&b, hip-hop, grime, rap, and thats only to name a few. And there are so many artists all over the world, legends even. Music has actually got me through some of the hardest points in my life. I've actually been that inspired by the music and the lyrics that i've managed to turn things around. It really is shocking that music can have such a big impact on your life and influence you in such ways.
What inspired me to do this post?
Two beautiful songs on my itunes which happened to play one right after the other. They both have such beautiful messages which kind of corrospond with eachother but the genre of the music are total opposies. 
 Katherine Jenkins - Angel
Skillet - Hero

Katherine Jenkins sung the song which was first released by Sarah McLaughlin, 'Angel'. Katherine sung this song in the most beautiful tone, her voice is ever so unique. The song expresses the fact that you should feel comfortable in the arms of angel, and the line 'in the arms of an angel' is used a lot throughout the song. I suppose you could relate the word angel to any loved one of yours. You should feel comfortable with them, as the song also says, and be able to escape any unpleasent situation and trust them. The song is truly fascinating. To listen, click here.
Skillet sung thes song 'Hero' in such a different style to how Katherine Jenkins sung 'Angel', but there is still a message behind the song. In my view, the song expresses how no one is perfect but they are ever so close to perfection, and that they must not give up. 'i'm not superhuman' reinforces my thought on that. 'i need a hero to save me now' is a lyric used throughout the song, everyone needs a hero, everyone needs someone they feel that they can rely on. To listen, click here.
Both these songs are two favourites of mine, though the message in each is more or less the same, the way that they are produced to the audience differently, makes them ever so different. Obviously to each induvidual the song may have a different meaning to them. This is my opinion on them though.


lovely jubbly!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

i think this is love
even though the weather is freezing, and these are icelollys,
i really couldn't care when it comes to these little beautys


Friday, 19 November 2010




I think we all have our own views on what beauty is.
 Some will say beauty is from within, whereas others will say that beauty is only skin deep. Some will find the extremely thin beautiful, whereas others will find the extremely curvy. I personally believe that there is no wrong or right answer to what beauty is. I think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is a characteristic which everyone perceives differently. Everyone views beauty differently, and theres nothing wrong with that, and just because in your opinion you do not find someone beautiful, does not mean that they are not, because someone will find them beautiful. Beauty can also come in many forms, some of them being seduction, satisfaction, attractiveness, knowledge and pleasure. This reinforces my statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because everyone is different and different qualities will appeal to diffrerent people. Unfortunately, beauty is very stereotypical, and majority of people will say that just because you are  pretty on the outside means that you are beautiful. I don't think that's right in the slightest, because in many ways knowledge is much more beautiful, and useful then just having good looks. If you judge people just by their looks, you could be classed as being rather ignorant. What about people whom have been in serious car crashes or had a traumatic experience which has caused them to lose whatever looks they had? I feel sorry for these people, no, i don't pity them, i genuinely feel sorry for them. Imagine how they must feel now, knowing that society may brand them as being ugly because they've had to have their face reconstructed, or have had part of a limb removed due to a serious disease or traumatic event. It just shows us how shallow society really is. Society is also really ignorant when it comes to race and colour too. What makes the black different from the white? That's right nothing! I understand that everyone has their type, but that doesnt mean that someone whom isn't they're 'type' isn't beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own induvidual way, and although everyone likes to say that they themseleves are unique, which technically could make everyone the same, everyone actually has their own unqiue qualities, and this is what makes them their own induvidual person. Just because someone becomes a beauty queen or a supermodel, does not mean that they are beautiful. For some, yes that is beautiful, and that is beauty, and nothing else matters and although yes, they have a stunning faces or body, do they aquire other traits such as knowledge and courage?
everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it